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  1. Yes, I can confirm there is an bug. I've reported it to our programmer. Please be patient as it is corrected. (And you don't need to add more examples)
  2. Quite right. Yes, social media has its uses, but given a finite amount of time available in a day, content generated on Gay Authors must have priority. We simply don't have enough people to run GA and keep all the stuff going here and deal with stuff off site as well. If we had more people actively helping and volunteering on teams, volunteering for blogs, working with us to create more stories for Premium, and yes social media work, it would be better. It would be great if we had more non-authors step up so that the authors had time to author up more stories for us I should also add that I'm it on technical support these days. So, I have to do all the maintenance on the server in addition to working with our software development person. (One reason I wasn't able to finish any anthologies for the last round).
  3. Please clear the cache on your browser and see if it recurs after that.
  4. Sorry for the brief downtime this morning.  We did a major database software upgrade and the stupid thing choked and died right near the end. It took me a few minutes to figure out what the heck the issue was and fix it.  We should be good to go now though.

  5. I have not seen it yet myself (though I use FireFox on the site, mostly). I have opened a support request with the forum software folks for further guidance on how to get this resolved.
  6. @Carlos Hazday Carlos, there is definitely a bug there. I've reported the issue. Currently, the series numbers are messed up, the last few counting by 2's instead of 1's. But Hail is in slot 11.
  7. I've not seen the issue (yet). It might be a corruption in cache or a change the browser. The code hasn't changed on the site for awhile now.
  8. @Carlos Hazday, Tim would be correct. I'd need the proper order. I tested moving your top story and it worked fine. I signed in as you, and it worked fine with your permissions. Is there a specific story that is not moving? What is the order supposed to be?
  9. As part of keeping up with changing times, we have done a consolidation of forums and clubs and have removed stuff that was not getting enough use. This will hopefully consolidate our active content into less places as well as making the "Fluid View" of the the forums more useful. The changes we've made: Clubs o Closed Fanfiction Club and moved topics to Writer's Circle - Specialized Fiction Forum o Closed Sci-Fi Writers Club and moved topics to Writer's Circle - Specialized Fiction o Closed Fantasy Writer's Club and moved topics to Writer's Circle - Specialized Fiction o Closed Marketing Club and moved topics to Writer's Circle - Opportunities o Closed Tech and Science Geek Clubs and tag topics with 'tech geeks' and moved into The Lounge o Closed Premium Content Authors. New calls for Premium Content will appear in Writer's Circle - Opportunities Forums o Sports Forum - tag all topics from last year "Sports" and moved into The Lounge and remove forum o Video Gamers - tag all topics "gamers" and moved them into the Lounge and remove forum o Moved Writing Community Category to number 2 slot under GA Community o Moved Teen Spot to Community Fun and Games at bottom
  10. Me too. I'm still trying to figure out how EA will manage to totally screw this up as they have with every single Star Wars game they've made so far. (Even if SW Battlefront 2 nails the visuals and sound perfectly...)
  11. It'll be interesting. I am a Microsoft guy primarily, as far as games go. So, I'll get the new scarlet when it comes out. I'll get a PS5 as some point as well, because they will have some games in my 'must have' category. Switch is great for relaxing, light stuff. I won't touch Google Stadia with a 10 ft pole though. I don't trust Google. They'll probably shutdown their gaming service about 18 months in. (like they do with pretty much everything else they start outside of search and advertising)
  12. Myr

    Link Title Issue

    I'll probably remove the link title option altogether going forward. It was there for legacy reasons. A simple ' shouldn't crash the system. lol.
  13. Myr

    Link Title Issue

    The ' is back in the link for the moment, so the old links work. Do not edit it again for right now. I've reported the bug to the programmer. Always use the automatic link title. The bug, by the way, is that the link title is supposed to strip punctuation on its own.
  14. Myr

    Chapter 30

    I will be... with lots and lots and lots of warnings that it won't be completed.
  15. Myr

    Cover photo

    A fairly sized bug patch update to the forums has just occurred and the error was claimed to be fixed. I have reactivated it and the content is rebuilding again. Early testing is looking good. The feature is called lazy loading and it is very important for mobile devices as it only loads images when you scroll to them, thus allowing the page to load much faster.
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