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  1. Myr

    Notification quirk

    I have reported the bug.
  2. Myr

    Notification quirk

    I'd check those links. It's entirely possible that they reacted to different chapters. The ones together being the same chapter and the second one a different chapter.
  3. Myr

    Embedded link problem

    This seems to be a story bug. I've let the programmer know.
  4. Myr

    Mini painting 2

    I"ve started printing my own. painting comes soon
  5. If I ever end up in that situation, something on the site breaks. Lol
  6. Hmm. This looks like it might be the best Star Wars game to come along since Star Wars the Forced Unleashed. I find the character kind of adorable too. Of course, the actor that voices him and motion captures... is Cameron Monaghan. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1185747/?ref_=nv_sr_1?ref_=nv_sr_1 Now, EA keeps screwing up game after game. So I'm seriously concerned... but my fingers are crossed.
  7. I own the games... but I haven't gotten around to playing them yet. (a very very common theme in my life)
  8. Have you seen any more issues with this, this week?
  9. I've tweaked a setting. Let's see if that works...
  10. The background processing seems to be a bit slow. I'm checking into it.
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