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  1. BHopper2

    Chasing Shadows

    Excellent Chapter, Wayne. The opening scene was well done. With as much trouble as Jed is having with his wolf, I think he'll need some more silver, or Wolfgang binds him in silver chains.
  2. Yeah. I'm still crying in my beer over that.
  3. Hang in there, jp. I got faith in you.
  4. When I first read it, I liked the story. I like all of them set in Myr's SciFi world. It's a new twist, on an old theme.
  5. You're welcome, my Brother. It's always an honor to work with you.
  6. It's on the list now.
  7. Your blog made me go check things. It was a year ago this month, that I went to that Writers' Workshop, and then rage quit my story. I actually looked at it without getting pissed, and in one archive, I found the next chapter I thought I had lost.
  8. @wildone Welcome to the club my friend... #1 Teams East and West gone...


    1. wildone


      it is raw, kind of like getting the band-aid ripped off too soon 😢 

      So far this year, in the West:

      #1 Calgary - out

      #2 San Jose - down 3-2

      #3 Nashville - down 3-2

      #4 Winnipeg - out


      #1 Tampa Bay - out

      #2 Boston - Down 3-2

      #3 Washington - Up 3-2

      #4 New York Islanders - Won in 4

      The way things are looking, the first round might take all the top regular season finalists except the N.Y. Islanders and the Washington Capitals.



    2. Daddydavek


      And the lowly St. Louis Blues beat Winnipeg Jets!

    3. MacGreg


      For me, it's been a very satisfying first round! I was uncertain about my boys going into the playoffs; now I think they might actually have a chance at this.

  9. The angry react, is because this pissed me off for you. I've had a similar experience, but I walked into it. I took a story I was writing to a workshop of other authors. I described the story, they read the published chapters and some of the unpublished stuff, and then proceeded to trash every word of it. I walked out of the workshop, thinking I will never write another word of that story. I haven't yet. Readers need to understand that what they say to us, can make us want to continue, or to tell someone to go screw themselves. I feel bad that this happened to you Wayne. Don't get discouraged, and don't mind the haters.
  10. Happy Holidays!

    To my Jewish Friends, Happy Passover.

    To my Christian Friends, Happy Easter.

    To my Pagan Friends, may you be blessed on this holiday of fertility.


    To everyone else, have a great day.

  11. Both of these are really good, #752 is really putting some ideas in my head.
  12. Le' sigh. My boys are no longer in the play offs. Say this, this morning. It gave me a chuckle. Hidden behind a spoiler, some may find it disturbing.




    1. spikey582


      Regular season Tampa Bay just needs some love...


  13. My heart goes out to those GA Members in Paris, France. It's Heartbreaking to see the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in flames.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Slytherin


      Very sad news :( 

    3. BHopper2


      I'm so happy the spokesman from Paris was wrong. The artifacts, are all fine. The fire hadn't reach the vault. Also, there's a picture posted all over the internet now, that shows the inside of the chapel, where everything is burnt, except for the Cross in the center of it.

    4. Puppilull
  14. I've found this poem enjoyable, it was a quick read, and I could see some of the imagery you use. Excellent.
  15. BHopper2

    Coyote and Raven

    I found the Coyote and Raven poem a quick and enjoyable read. I think in such a few lines, you've captured their essence from Native American spiritualism.
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