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  1. soundaddict_nz

    Chapter 86

    Fantastic story,, Thanks for taking us on that journey. I am sad its over but thoroughly enjoyed it . Very emotional and inspirational. Cheers
  2. soundaddict_nz

    Chapter 49

    I'm Loving this story ! if I comment further about why and what ,,,it would be a book in itself as I ramble ! LOL
  3. Awesome chapter ! I loved the humour ! Good to see Sadie will gradually loosen up and fit in. Looking foward to more stories of Adams past .
  4. soundaddict_nz


    Brilliant chapter ! Loved the progression and hilarity !
  5. I AGREE ! a Very strange chapter that seemed to rehash alot of what has already been told,, in an extrapolated neurotic way. another entertaining journey into an over thinkers head,,,yet confusing for the story line at this stage of the story. It didnt seem to lead or relate to anything currently happening or enrich the readers perception of reasoning behind current happenings in Makarovia,,,ie how did posting Oleks meetings get received by the subjects,,what is happening to the threats ? How is the relationship progressing,,,,,,, It would be good to see more story development and a bit l
  6. soundaddict_nz


    awesome ! I wondered when the two stories would tie together. Great work !
  7. soundaddict_nz

    Chapter 21

    Bloody fantastic story ! Cheers mate ! I loved the journey !
  8. wow ! so dons joined a christian sex cult ! hehe,,,let me at him ! I'll turn him Hindu and soon have him running naked up and down the banks of the Ganga river covered in ash !! LOL ! Im Glad Nicola is switched on to robbie.poor bastard.
  9. soundaddict_nz


    great story mate, loving it. take care of yourself, anxiety can be beaten, im finally managing it after 20 + years with ayurvedic medicines and meditations for the last 3 months. daily i sit here and read others stories .relatable characters, great authors, similar experiences etc. it helps desensitize me from the abuse i suffered all those years ago. bravo on the writing ! i couldnt do that. one day i might get the story out but im no writer and i still struggle with focus lol.just gotta keep reminding yourself that you arent alone, the anxiety is all in your head .you have survived thus far
  10. Love the chapter,,but felt sad as it reminded me of having to do the same,,,,,cover, not look at anyone,,,,take dick when ordered,,,and shut up when being beaten. been a celibate ever since i escaped ,,,20 years and still attracted to men, but afraid of being touched. heavy stuff man,,,hope it gets better and an escape is coming !
  11. soundaddict_nz

    FAR Chapter 3

    wow !! intriguing ! an old smugglers cottage eh ? or perhaps built to smuggle trump outta the u.s for the sake of world peace ? who knows ! i cant wait to find out ! great chapter but,,,,,what a cliffhanger !
  12. loved the end of the election, ! wonder whats coming eh ! hehe. I did find all the memory timeline bouncing around hard to follow,, but yeah liked the tying up of loose ends with ciaran too. neat way of defining a relationship.
  13. soundaddict_nz


    awesome story. loved every chapter !
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