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  1. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 17

    Another great chapter in this brilliant story of Lord Granger. Your insight in telling this story is what makes it so fascinating for we readers. You are a true master of your craft. I look forward to more of your genius.
  2. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 16

    Another masterpiece in the tales of Lord Granger. I have been off the internet for the last week and a half doing a pilgrimage from the west coast to southern east coast. I am happy that I did not miss out on this well written chapter of this most wonderful tale. Thank you for this gift you share with us. Your devoted fan.
  3. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 15

    Another of your fantastic chapters that shows your genius in the thrilling adventures of Lord Granger.
  4. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 14

    Another chapter of intrigue. A lot to think about in this chapter. You leave all who read your works excited for more, Keep up the brilliance!!! Your devoted fan!
  5. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 12

    As always, brilliance personified. The wait, was worth the genius, you display in your writing. Thank you, to my favorite author. Best regards!
  6. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 59

    Another fantastic chapter. Hope you are well! Seems as though everyone has expressed my sentiments previously
  7. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 11

    An interesting chapter concerning Granger and Cavendish! I await more!!!
  8. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 58

    WOW,real excitement! An exciting chapter
  9. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 10

    Thank you for another brilliant chapter in Granger's life. A wonderful Valentines gift from you. I truly love your stories.
  10. 75yearoldsage

    Northern Exposure

    Thank you again for another great chapter in Grainger's life. I would also like to express a "Thank You" for the update to Black Widow!
  11. 75yearoldsage

    Black Widow

    Thank you for another great chapter to your story. Happy New Year!
  12. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 50

    Thank you for another chapter in the JP saga, I hadn't realized it was there till this morning, after reading Northern Exposure yesterday. Wishing you the best for the Holidays and the New Year ahead. EJ
  13. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 7

    Thank Mr. Arbour for another chapter in the life of our friend Lord Granger. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year! Hopefully you will be able to write more this coming year. From your devoted fan.
  14. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 3

    A BIG Thank you for your stories about VUN!!! Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year!
  15. 75yearoldsage

    Chapter 6

    Thank you for another great chapter in Granger's life. I am sure this adventure will be as fascinating as his other trials and tribulations. Great job!!! Please keep it coming!

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