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    Historical fiction set in the North America, UK, Europe... Medieval to early-20th Century.

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  1. hisworldofmenreborn

    Chapter 39

    Another excellent chapter, Sir Mark! Thanks for continuing to share your writing skills, amazing knowledge, and imagination with us all.
  2. hisworldofmenreborn

    Chapter 37

    Another EXCELLENT chapter! Thanks for your efforts, Mr. Arbour, and for sharing it with us. I recently reread the entire Bridgemont series, up to this point. It was just as entertaining the second time through it all. It was nice to refresh my memories of George Granger's background. Anxiously awaiting the next. I
  3. hisworldofmenreborn

    Chapter 28

    Continuing to very much enjoy this latest chapter in the Bridgemont saga. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Best wishes, Mr. Arbour... and to all you fans.
  4. hisworldofmenreborn

    Chapter 24

    I love the entire Bridgemont series. Thanks for keeping George Granger and his many interesting colleagues alive! (I'm especially a fan of Winkler.) It's really great to see chapters being added again. Thanks for sharing your considerable skills. Stay well! TT
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