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  1. My summer classes is my main focus right now, so that is why I haven't posted anything substantial since July 7. However, these classes end this Friday and after that I will return to writing and posting new chapters for this site, specifically for Best Men. Thank you everyone for your patience. 🙂

  2. Wow! I have a 100+ people following my story Best Men. I’m so happy to know that people are reading and enjoying the story I crafted. I also appreciate all the comments and reactions to this story as well. This really motivates me to finish writing it. I’m already planning another novel-length story that involves ancient gods and a drug called utopium. However, I want to hold back on posting the first chapter since I want the other story to be near in completion before posting a totally new story. Hopefully, it will be just as popular. Thank you for all the support and expect more chapters to come 😄

  3. Hello, everyone! I've been gone from this site for a long time, only checking in at least once a day ever since I last posted on this site last year. I'm very sorry for my absence. School has been on my mind for a lot of that time I've been gone which involved plenty of stress and moments of whether I should take college more seriously or just abandon it all together.

    Well, after taking a vacation to the Philippines for a month, I feel more rejuvenated and more determined to write stories that I will post on this site along with doing my college courses. I'm already writing a new story, and this story will be written in a way similar to episodes of a television show. I'm doing this so that if I take a break from writing, which most likely happen again, at least the chapters or episodes can be read like semi-completed works. 

    I hope to publish the first chapter/episode within this month, and that will be my main focus. My other stories I have yet to complete will continue to be on-hold. I'm sorry for that as well. However, I hope you all find this next story to be interesting too, and that I'll continue to be part of this great community even during these trying times. I've posted a topic in the Writer's Circle, so check that out if you want to. Looking forward to future interactions with you all :)

  4. Hello, everyone! I'm very sorry for my departure from this website. I've been dealing with heavy writer's block as well as my college classes. However, I was able to write the next chapter of Bound By Blood and will post the chapter sometime today. I'm not promising to publish more chapters right after, but the story is near the end, and I want to remain motivated to finish it. Hopefully that happens, and I can add another story to my completed list. Thank you for your patience, and I'm looking forward to the responses for this new chapter. 😀

  5. Hello, my fellow readers. I just wanted to say that I’ll be posting the next chapter of Bound By Blood by the end of this week. I also wanted to say that I won’t be posting a new chapter every day since I want more time to polish them before posting. The story is close to being finished though, and I hope you enjoyed the story so far since the finale will definitely be an exciting one. 😁

    1. Will Hawkins

      Will Hawkins

      Your comment about this series nearing an end is somewhat disturbing as I, for one, have been following its progress avidly. I have been negligent in my long life of reading not to have educated myself on the mythology of vampires and lycanthropes. This series is an educational process for me as well as entertainment. I look forward to each new chapter.


    2. Superpride


      Don't worry about this story ending too soon since I'm already planning a sequel, but it'll follow the exploits of another character who has been already established. Can you guess who? And I'm very glad that I got you interested in the myths involving vampires and lycans and hopefully in mythology in general. I always love twisting old myths and tales into stories of my own, and I'm happy that you like it as well.

  6. I had to unpublish Cold-Blood Master since I accidently published the same chapter multiple times. Fortunately, a site administrator fixed the problem and now the story is published again for you all to read. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that my mistake caused.

  7. Hello!  I'm currently working on the next chapter of Sweetheart, West Virginia, and I will hopefully have it posted by the end of the week.  I also updated the wiki page for Hero Wanted with new pages and information, so you check that out as well.  😄

  8. I'm thinking about writing a fanfiction involving Spider-Man.  The main reason is because of the Spider-verse, which gave me the idea of creating my own characters with unique abilities similar to Spider-Man's who are part of just one universe.  Do you all think I should pursue this?  Also, am I the only person who thought that Spider-Man's name never had the hyphen until just recently?  Is this the Mandela Effect in action?  😋

  9. I'm now working on the first chapter of Hullabaloo, New Mexico and will have it post this week.  It's in first-person narration with the perspectives of the two main characters just like Sweetheart, West Virginia.  I hope you all like it!  😃

  10. My grandparents just brought a new television, and I was teaching my grandmother how to use the volume button on the remote control haha.  I love her.

  11. Returning to a story that I haven't updated for several months, Charming: The Slipper, I'm halfway through writing the next chapter, and I will hopefully have it posted within the next two days.  😃

  12. Currently working on the next chapter of Sweetheart, West Virginia, and it should be ready to post this Saturday or Sunday.  I'm also still building the world of another story I titled Hullabaloo, New Mexico, and I hope the first chapter will be written and posted in the near future.  😀

    1. Superpride


      Never mind.  I finished the ninth chapter early and now it's posted for you all to read 😁

  13. Thanks to @Myr I discovered a site called World Anvil where I have already created an introduction for my story's world of Hero Wanted.  It's named Earth 2036 and here's the link if you want to start reading about the story's world: https://www.worldanvil.com/w/earth-2036-superpride

    1. Myr


      I was doing my own research for world building tools and stumbled across it. I've got two worlds of mine to document.  @BHopper2 was also positive in feedback about the site when I asked. :)


    2. Brayon


      My buddy that I helped with his Private world, was a subscriber, and I helped out by writing up stuff and sending to him for inclusion. My own world was fairly limited due to time. Even with the non-subscription access it was a great site for worldbuilding, and sharing info with players/readers.

  14. I posted three more drawings I created on my iPad Pro; I hope to include these creatures in a future story 😁

  15. I just posted three drawings i created today in the gallery.  It’s mythical creatures that have been killed and used as novelty items in my story called Charming.  I know it’s a macabre concept, but I hope you all like it.  They’re still rough sketches, and I hope to outline and color them as well 😀

  16. As I continue to write Sweetheart, West Virginia, I want to write a related story and it will be titled Hullabaloo, New Mexico.  As the title implies, the story will take place in a small town in the state of New Mexico called Hullabaloo.  The story will be about time travelers from the future entering today's time period to escape the turmoil of their dimension, literally causing space to shatter like glass once they enter.  With the fear of our dimension shattering by the growing influx of time travelers coming in, many governments are enacting laws to plug the flow of time travelers.  However, it is not that simple as some time travelers have arrived to our dimension to change certain events to prevent the evils that occur in the future from happening.  I chose New Mexico as the location of the story since that is where the Roswell UFO incident occurred, which I plan to utilize in this story as well as the Grand Canyon.  Hopefully, I will have the first chapter written before the year ends, or at least post a snippet of it for you all to see if it worth starting.  😀

  17. Hey, everyone!  I just wanted to say that I'm currently working on the next chapter of Sweetheart, West Virginia and will be posting it by Saturday.  I'm trying to create a schedule with which I write a portion of a chapter each day, so 5,000+ words doesn't seem so daunting to write.  And I will post the chapter by the weekend after editing it.  Hopefully, I keep that up since I don't want long delays between each chapter and leaving all of you hanging.  Thank you for all the people who have supported my work by reacting to and commenting on my stories.  This really encourages me to continue writing even when I have a workload because of college.  😀

  18. Hello!  I just want to say that I'm currently working on the fifth chapter of Sweetheart, West Virginia and will hopefully have it posted within a couple of days.  I'm sorry I haven't posted anything recently since I've been busy with college, but I now have the time to focus on the stories on this site again.  😀

  19. Hello!  Since I'm taking a Fiction Workshop this semester, I will be working on two short stories that will definitely be different from the stories that I have published on this site since it will be dealing with literary fiction instead of genre fiction; though, I will be including fairy tale elements, but they will be grounded more in reality.  Also, for each story I will be writing about a straight woman as the main character, so these stories won't be appropriate for this site; though, I will include a gay-oriented character in one of them.  One will be based on Little Red Riding Hood; the story will be about a girl named Clarissa who is trying to prevent her older brother from robbing a bank with a wolf mask.  He wants to help their ailing grandmother since he is barely making it as a male dancer in a club called the Den, willing to become the Big Bad Wolf to help his only family.  The other story will based on Rapunzel; it will be about a woman named Callista who joins the army after living her whole life under her rich aunt's control who got custody of her after her parents were accused of stealing from her aunt.  While in the army, she meets a blind veteran, and he becomes her Prince Charming as their relationship grows.  There will be more connections to the classic fairy tales, like Clarissa wearing a red hoodie and Callista wearing a green uniform, the same green like the Rapunzel plant.  I just wanted to share that and maybe I can share this story in the future.  😃

  20. I just posted a new chapter of Halo, and I am working on the last chapter of the first part of Charming right now.

  21. After watching Black Panther again on Netflix, I got enough inspiration to write the next chapter of Halo.  Sorry for the delay.

  22. Hello!  I just wanted to say that I'm changing the direction of the first chapter of Charming: The Spindle.  Sorry for the change, but I feel like this new direction will flow better and be a better story overall.  It will still be inspired by Pinocchio, and I'm working on the new first chapter right now that will hopefully be published by tomorrow.

  23. I'm finally done with summer classes and will be refocusing my energy on writing, specifically on the stories in the Charming universe.  With Charming: The Slipper, I want to change the direction of the story from being associated with the book Frankenstein to The Jungle Book.  The first and only chapter will remain the same; it's just the future chapters and overall story that will change, and I have already altered the summary to suit this new direction.  Hopefully, that's okay with you all, and I'm looking forward to publishing new chapters in the following weeks 😁 

  24. Hey, everyone!  I'm sorry that I haven't posted any chapters or short stories recently since summer classes have been my main priority.  However, this week is the last week for my summer classes, and I have two weeks to continue my stories until my fall classes start.  Hopefully I can still post with consistency during the fall semester, but we'll see.  I'll be working on a new short story for Once Upon a Time and a new chapter for Charming during the break, so be ready 😁

  25. Hello, everyone!  I just want to say that I'm currently working on the next chapter of Charming, and the first part of the story, three parts in total, will most likely be finished in three or four more chapters.  😀

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