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  1. BattleLord

    Alpha Love

    I like the divided soul concept where old souls like January's who emerged into existence earlier remained until the last soul Eli emerged capable to find and unite them. January and Pax, bringing wisdom and leadership, Mat, and Quin (both having relatives they care about)family virtues, and Eli harmony. I also love how soul "vibrate" or sing to each other, allowing I am guessing for souls to find each other even without Eli's stone. Case in point of Quin and January. The elder vampire and alpha werewolf couple the pack are seeking. Other beings in the world who don't have the stones to guide them to their soulmates still are able to find them. Werewolves just have an edge up on everyone else. Good chapters, and thanks for the extra effort to bring back to back chapters.
  2. BattleLord

    Flame And Frost

    Torsten fighting and overcoming Theo's manipulation was awesome! Darren is going to want revenge, but Azariah is too great an unknown and by taking out Theo(who really was a jerk), will make all other Dragons I think twice about blindly attacking him. By coming to Torsten's aid at great risk of his own life (he knew Theo was larger than him), Azariah really must feel deeply for Torsten. I just don't think he has the emotional maturity yet to understand it... his is just weeks/months old. I am really interested to see how Torsten reacts, with Azariah just taking off like that, and I am certain half the town must have seen the fireworks, noise and possible remains of a fire in the field to explain. Likely nobody saw any Dragons but still, that was a scary battle.
  3. BattleLord

    Monkey Love

    That would be awesome to have work benefits that gave you time off to celebrate coital bliss!
  4. BattleLord

    Monkey Love

    I am guessing by the fact that no werewolves reacted, other than to congratulate Maribelle than humans as mates is normal. Can a human protect an Omega property, not the Maribelle looks like she needed protection, but society seems to be always watching and judging how Pax is allowing his Omega freedom and autonomy? Did Maribelle draw the short straw and everyone is just being polite? Was their a reason she did not bring her mate with her to see her cousin Pax and his mates? I thought his being busy moving them in to their new home was weak, considering Pax alerted her asap about both Eli and Mati. It is understandable why they hesitated with January.
  5. BattleLord

    Vampire Smuggling

    Werewolves seem very social, so I am waiting to see how their first dinner party or meet the neighbours goes over. The vamp bar was good, but I think January could really bring something a little special (besides a dish of blood sausage). I like the fun aspect of this story and really am looking forward to more.
  6. BattleLord

    Already Claimed

    It would be fair to say that Darren and Theo have a relatively close relationship for siblings (and this is not always the case for such territorial and ambitious creatures). Darren is not the only one though; he also mentions Nero and 'our eldest' in the same breath, indicating there are four brothers in their family. Their eldest was not named, of course, but you may certainly guess at that identity. It's true Theo could have asked Torsten for what he wanted, but if he was trying to escape the Conclave, why would he? Despite his willingness to trust, why would Torsten take that risk by handing it over knowing what it might lead to if Theo's intentions were not true? There would be a lot here resting on someone's word and nothing else. Also, Araziah's lack of attempted compulsion here doesn't necessarily have anything to do with his age. If you recall, he was not shy about trying to force Celeste to tell him what he wanted the previous chapter -- and by her reckoning, he was headed towards being a powerful psychic who would not have trouble compelling nor dominating anyone. The answer to this may have more to do with the particular people involved than his maturity level, though I would agree it's a point in Araziah's favour that he isn't (for now, at least) just taking what he pleases. I am curious, if dragons are born from eggs, how is the concept of siblings developed? Theo has four brothers, all of different ages as Theo is the youngest and least developed. Were they all laid in one clutch and hatched at different times? Do they imprint and if so does this imprinting cause younger siblings to feel a powerful bond of trust and need to protect? Is Theo acting to protect his sibling? Has Araziaha imprinted on Torsten and is thus possessive and protective? Is that why Araziah asks that Torsten accept him rather than take what he clearly has the power to take? Theo sees Torsten as a love interest, but we know most dragons consider intimate relationships with humans as beastiality. Can dragons truly experience love or is it genetic programming to ensure survival?
  7. BattleLord

    Already Claimed

    Shadow086 hit all of my critiques dead on with his first rely, so I'm not going to quote the whole thing. I didn't realize that Darren was Theo's older brother and that sibling relationships were so strong in such young dragons. As no mention yet to their parents, it is possible that Darren is also a parent figure in young Theo's life to have such a powerful influence over him. He could have tried asking Torsten for what he wanted and let friendship, and trust in their relationship guide him, but he didn't. BAD DECISION! Araziah as a nestling and new to social improprieties didn't force his will on Torsten, (though I associate dominant personalities with bullies, lacking empathy), so he gets top marks in this chapter. Theo had better have a very powerful special to save him as I also agree with Shadow086 the Araziah has been watching from his perch waiting to pounce on his "rival?", for lack of a better term. Araziah intends to rule the world, might as well start with Theo, and I am not certain where Torsten even fits in the story at this point, other than something Araziah feels emotionally attached to like a stuffed animal. I was hoping there was more to Torsten, even his mother is dressing and paying more attention to Araziah than her own son. I agree with spikey582: I am looking forward to next chapter, I am hoping Torsten is a "sleeping giant" character type, and that Theo's assault causes Torsten balls to finally drop. Another good chapter has us all chatting about it.
  8. Thanks for reading and 'liking' Abel III!

    1. BattleLord


      OMG this is an amazing story. I see it is complete which is why I chose to read it, but I so hope I get to the end only to find it continues expand into yet more stores.

      The psychic abilities is amazing developed and the plythera of ideas that are possible make every chapter hard to put down.


      Thank you so much.

  9. BattleLord

    Weakness And Strength

    I so looking forward to the next chapter.
  10. BattleLord

    Weakness And Strength

    Torsten's father is not mentioned and his grandfather seemed to work for the Order like Crawly. Dragons you say can have sex with humans in human form. Perhaps a dragon took an interest in mating with Torsten's mother and he is half-dragon. Might explain the attraction Theo has, his finding Aresten hatching him and raising him from an egg without being devoured. i would assume children from dragon human mating would be rare, and since the act is considered bestiality by dragons, not often done so perhaps he is the first half-dragon to ever be born. Thus creating an event which the Order did not predict and the Fear can try and take advantage of to return. Theo may also be part red dragon in that he can hear the Fear in his mind like the other red dragons. He just doesn't hear it like they do. Aresten may be more than just a random occurrence, he might be Torsten's brother from and actual relationship his father had with another dragon. The egg hidden away be his father or placed in the care of his grandfather. Waiting for a time when Torsten would inherit the stones and bring about the birth of his brother.
  11. BattleLord

    Weakness And Strength

  12. BattleLord

    Weakness And Strength

    Torsten had better be more than he appears or he is going to be pet food. Araziah did not treat Torsten more than a source of food, and a warm place to rest his head. Since Dragons in human form seem to be interested in sex and they have very solid and strong bodies, I don't give Torsten many chapters left. Throw in Theo and add a touch of jealousy and he will not have to worry about witnessing the end of the world. Looks like we wait till next chapter to see if Torsten is more than just human.
  13. BattleLord

    Chapter 50

    Awesome story, I waited for the dragons the entire time. Well done, and look forward to reading more of your work.

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