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    Look at that, beauty. It shines so bright and yet it bleeds so darkly.
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    Narnia, Of course.
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    Reading, Writing, Watching Horror flicks, Fan Fiction and Louise Belcher.

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I don't really like talking about myself. I'm an extreme introvert who loves horror movies. I bow to the greatness of Louise Belcher. I'm an avid reader trying to build my own library because there is never enough books to read plus I like reading in the privacy of my own home. 

I have an instagram newly created cause apparently it's a thing . Follow me and keep in touch while I try to wrestle with the voices in my head: the_official_ash_phoenix

I have an absolute obsession with the supernatural, it's insane. 

I'm a huge Doctor Who nerd. I also am a Star Trek nerd, honestly I can't help it. I just love what I love. Anime is also something I'm into. 

I love both fan fiction and fiction. As long as it's something I can follow and not lost then I'm all for it. 

Writing is something that saved me so I have a deep personal love for it. I may stumble, I may fall but I always come back up. 

❝Sometimes I'm terrified of my heart;

of its constant hunger for whatever

it is it wants.

The way it stops and starts.❞

-Edgar Allan Poe

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