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  1. Technology improves leaps and bounds. Often improving on tedious tasks and replacing outdated processes. Another thing that improves is accessibility with the technology. As a blind individual who is fiercely independent... this is a welcome benefit of technology. Things like Alexa help me do 99.9% of things for myself. Technology is also allowing me to interact with the world at large on a greater scale. An example of this will follow. Ford is working on a smart window that has vibrating sensors. Along with vibration, description is given to blind passenger as to what they are passing. This is amazing and a pretty ingenious use of technology. Riding in a car can be dreadfully boring for a blind individual. Let me know what you think. Feel free to add more examples you’ve seen. Ford Smart Window: https://www.engadget.com/2018/05/01/ford-smart-windows-help-blind-passengers-take-in-view/
  2. Popping in before I travel. Sending you all the safest, and warmest holiday wishes. May your holidays be filled with love and joy... Also, the happiest beginning to 2019.

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    2. BHopper2


      Merry Christmas, jp. Stay safe and warm.

    3. Dodger


      Thanks JP. Good to hear from you. I hope you enjoy your travels. :heart:

    4. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      Merry Christmas, my friend, hope you have/had a safe journey and have a great holiday.  :hug: 

  3. BlindAmbition


    Thank heavens. Someone intelligent and with who you don’t want to poison their coffee. Stupid is never pretty.
  4. BlindAmbition

    Screening Queens

    You’ve already set this up fabulously Brian. Will this going to be a vacation of accidental love, or follies?
  5. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 2

    There’s no mistaking the meaning of “I’ll open you up”. No shame in sex shop shopping. Maybe Officer Goodbody can assist and liberate Josh. The shop could help him open the possibilities.
  6. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 1

    There is nothing worse than paralyzing anxiety. Officer Kevin seems interested. He just may be the confidence and center that Josh so desperately needs. Very relatable.
  7. BlindAmbition

    The Story

    Wonderful story. The loose ends and unanswered questions are oddly satisfying. The promise is constantly evolving with no end in sight.
  8. BlindAmbition

    It Feels All Right

    I love the originality of this story. The descriptions of this magical land. No doubt it’s special. Sam and his clan provide the humans gold. A symbiotic relationship. Nice to see Tequkwan want to keep on the salamander tradition.
  9. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 5

    Bartles & Jaymes... the high schoolers cheap buzz... *not that I’d know* There are some relationships that always seem wrought with missed opportunity. I hope they meet on the same page. I feel Chuck is leaving more unsaid.
  10. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 4

    What a lovely tribute to friendships and bonds. While it was In a dream, Chuck will be there to catch Lee. He even nudged an unaware Lee that it was safe to share his secret.
  11. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 3

    This was a wonderful chapter. You expertly capture the familiarity of their past and uncertainty in the present. I really enjoy the nostalgia and raw emotion.
  12. BlindAmbition

    The Story

    Sweet and positive. Sometimes the impossible might not be so impossible.
  13. BlindAmbition


    LOL! Oops, that wasn’t a hand I grabbed. 🤩
  14. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 15

    Never lose hope and dreams.
  15. BlindAmbition

    Thaw is published!

    Congrats Puppi! That’s fantastic news.
  16. BlindAmbition


    This was a fantastic ending. Captured the charm of Napa Valley and SF. The perfect locale to blend their loves of wine and architecture. Enough romance without being too sappy. Great installment papi.
  17. BlindAmbition

    Tech Tuesday - Story Archive Next Version

    There is also the Manage followed section under account. Content Stories section.
  18. BlindAmbition


    Loving this reception. Secretary Clinton acknowledging the pot... hilarious. The golden shower remark, now that’s a party. Never seen that at a reception. LOL! Damian is still a douche. No class, no personality. Cristina could do way better.
  19. BlindAmbition

    ATGB X

    This was a beautiful chapter papi. The simple, but powerful vows. The loving honor given to Liz. The outfits were descriptive and very visual. A complete not to one of my favorite books. Very Hamptons, very Brooks Brothers.
  20. BlindAmbition


    This was a great chapter. Good to see the gang together. Always like appearances from Harley, but Carlos is giving him a run for the money. I say we randomly place Carlos throughout GA stories. 😉
  21. BlindAmbition


    Rugby and hot, sweaty men on the field and dance floor. Sign me up papi!!
  22. BlindAmbition

    Ask an Author 2.0 - #9

    Enjoyable as always papi. I always find the act of writing fascinating. Similarities and differences in approach.
  23. BlindAmbition

    What Were They Thinking??

    It amazes me sometimes how clueless people can be... the utterly ridiculous and stupid things people do. We’ve had America’s Funniest Videos, Stupidest Criminals, and people giving their kids a hit on a joint on YouTube. I came across this special guy this morning. An FBI agent in Denver accidentally shot someone in a club... How?? Good question! Dumbass did a backflip and gun fell out of holster. *SMH* . I thought we could amuse ourselves with the ridiculous and moronic. Please share your favorite moments. Link to story: https://www-m.cnn.com/2018/06/03/us/dancing-fbi-agent-gun-discharge/index.html
  24. BlindAmbition

    Chapter 7

    The beginning shows any society has trouble balancing progress. There was a lot of teaching with pillars and tree. Prism was taught serenity, mindfulness, balancing energy with mind and body. He basically received a Tai chi lesson. Good teaching for anyone.
  25. It doesn’t matter how well you know computer electronics, you need a PhD to setup a new printer. Not even that means success.

    1. MacGreg


      Nope, can't help you there! 

    2. Daddydavek


      I have mine hard wired connected to my desktop.  Anything I want printed if it's not already on my desktop or available through Google Drive, I put it in drop box and retrieve it on my desktop and print from there.  Setting up wireless printing is different for every printer and routers can make it next to impossible. 


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