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  1. Saying hi Cassie Queen. Hope all is well. 😘 

    1. CassieQ


      It's good to hear from you!  :hug:

  2. Thanks molly. For the encouragement and kind words. The hardest is the days I’m not my best, but I strive to be better. 🤗
  3. Thanks Parker. That means a lot coming from my favorite quick witted math teacher. 🤗
  4. Thanks drp. For the encouragement, and the friendship.
  5. Thanks beautiful. I’m trying. Sending hugs. Have a drink for me. 😘
  6. Yes Sir. Thank you. I do look forward to Friday. All my best to you and sean. I feel good today. Hopefully it rubs off on the Knights tonight. xo
  7. Thanks A. Greatly appreciated. Hope all is well. Sorry about your team bud. 🤗
  8. Hey Guys, I want to thank all who have reached out. It’s greatly appreciated. Even if I don’t verbalize it. Update on my anxiety progress. There’s been noticeable improvement with my anxiousness on the new meds. I’m not obsessing on everything said and done. Going out is proving difficult, but I am going out. Keeping a routine to help overcome my recent fear. While meds address my anxiety... They have shown some side affects. Disconnected and in the clouds. Leaves me feeling like I have no control. Lack of concentration has been extremely difficult... Especially when I’m accustomed to a strict, structured life. While I do my daily meditation and lists, focus dictates everything. I’ve been struggling to write. The one thing I always turn to, but I’ve hit a block. Writing journal has felt like a chore, because I hear therapist on repeat. A very dear friend asked me to write something. I’m working on it. I appreciate her effort in me finding motivation and inspiration. My therapist told me to write what you know. I have been having difficulties verbalizing. Until today. Ah-ha moment. Accountability has been thrown out a lot lately. My therapist telling me to be accountable to her and myself. Writing an email today brought out this word again. I’m being accountable by writing what I know. Accountability weaves through all that I am. I thrive, and survive on it. My lifestyle depends on me being accountable. My focus depends on me being accountable. My confidence depends on me being accountable. Everything depends on it. Sorry for the rambling, but a brief moment found my voice. That’s progress for today.
  9. Thanks molly. Good to see you. I hope the family had a good Easter.
  10. Thank you Professor. That means a lot. 🤗
  11. Thank you Sir. The encouragement and support means a great deal to me. jp xo
  12. Thank you. I’m trying. Every day is a new day. New med is leaving me disconnected and lacking concentration, but addresses the anxiety. CBD has also considerably helped with the sudden anxious moments.
  13. BlindAmbition

    Money Talks

    Thanks for the heads up Sir. Well worth the wait. These characters continue to jump off the screen. The unfolding continues to intrigue. Honest in delivery and holding no punches. As we saw with Ben and Travis... cues don’t have to be verbal. So much was said without words. I look forward to the interaction between Eric and Ben. It will be a big mistake for Eric to underestimate Ben. While Eric May think Travis is Ben’s weakness. He will prove to be Ben’s strength. Thank you Sir. I appreciate the detail to human nature, and psychology.
  14. Yes Sir. Thank you for your words. Hope you are well.
  15. Thanks tim. It’s good to see you. Never give up. Hope all is well. xo
  16. I feel like I just talked with you. I know you know this. Thank you for your constant love and support Bella Mia. xox
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