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  1. Great poem Gary, I loved it. It has a certain harshness and brutal honesty that fits in perfectly Some of the sentences spoken were like literally what ppl say, word by word. You simply nailed it, great job! I honestly don't get what the controversy was all about. I understand why u chose to censor the N word even though I don't think you should have to do it. I get that its because you don't wanna offend ppl. It does stick out a bit, but I don't think it takes away much from the poem itself. We all know what it means and we can just fill it the gap in our head. Also I didn't know gimp was a slur... I know what like a gimp mask is, but that's about it... Oh and sorry if I suck at critiquing poetry...
  2. Yeah I know that's exactly why I'm interested in reading it. And I do remember watching other versions when I was a kid that were darker on TV, though I cant really recall the specifics I just remember I was disturbed by it all
  3. that's cool. what are u interested in studying? I was considering going to art college but decided against it, mostly for practical reasons. And I already went to an art high school so I do have most of my basics covered
  4. well besides writing (occasionally...) I'm an artist I paint, draw, now I'm teaching myself photoshop so that's what I'm mostly doing right now. I also do chores for my parents so my day is pretty busy
  5. oh I know exactly what u mean! I live in Serbia, here even if u do manage to get a job sometimes they screw u over and don't pay u
  6. well I'm unemployed and not going to school, so no. All the stuff I do do is at home and I can do it any time
  7. :'( no! poor kitty! it makes me so sad when animals die...
  8. i slept from 2pm to 6-ish pm then ate and slept again i just sleep at odd times, i can never stick to it! so i tend to rotate
  9. awww thats so sad! is he sick?
  10. 4am, I woke up around 3 what time is it there?
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