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  1. Hey...sorry it has been a moment since I updated. Dad is now off a few machines, but no changes. we talk and share everyday with him, it has been just like he is SLEEPING and can wake up at any moment he just hasn't  yet. Some things are said redundantly in hopes that it will connect...! A good friend of Randy's called and they spent a few days together which was needed to clarify why Randy had pushed him away, Randy was just trying to protect him from the abuse Randy was going through, and didn't  want to see Dave get embroiled in for fear he may get hurt too. So I let them have some time while I stayed with dad. Got his bills taken care of on line from his room while I was with dad . We did sell the house and we are at this point leasing it from the developer's, they have given us time to look for a new place (which is needed with all going on) I did come home last week to a very serious discussion between Randy and Dave, they didnt hear me come in. Dave was trying to move in on my man, and Randy just told him he was very happily married and if he came here with intentions of trying to break us apart he could leave, that was my cue as I entered walked over and gave my husband a big long kiss. Seems Dave figured he gad no chances took the hint stood up and said he had to go! The last we have seen him, and I told Randy I did hear and the remarks and was glad he said what he did. So life is good, even as dad goes, he is not suffering in anyway, Randy is registered in Virginia for College in the Fall and life goes on. We are thinking of looking for a house there and trying to find out what will need to happen to transfer dad to Virginia when that time approaches or even if we can...? Right now we are both exhausted and tired and plan to just take a couple days for us to have some deep passionate time with each other. I waited till Randy realized Dad is stable and more "sleeping " as, the Doctors put it and it would be fine to take a few days away which we both really need to re-group. So ahh Dad is stabile  we are trying to refresh our bodies and stamina all the best information I have and share for now "life goes on" as Dad would say "things will happen don't panic... just go through it...!) Never knew what all that meant until now !!! Sounds like a wise plan love and hugs to all Kyle and Randy 😗😗😗😗😗

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    2. Daddydavek
    3. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Love all three of you, Randy, Kyle, and Bob.   :hug:  :hug:  :hug:  Thank you for the update, and I'm glad that Bob is improving.

    4. Caz Pedroso
  2. Thanks for your input I have read them over and over and all have been encouraging. I did check with the doctor about an eeg, and he has assured me it shows brain activity (thanks kitt) I also asked if the equipment dad is on is helping to sustain him in anyway. He told me that some may to a degree and that would be the "fight" part others were not crucial to his existence and I really spent the day asking many questions to gain some clarity of the task and possibilities and while it is becoming clearer to me after Randy and I talked my gut instincts have given me answers, and words to share with dad. You all have been so kind to humor my pleas for your insight and wisdom and it has made me do my homework to find the best choices for dad. Randy and I share and converse but I feel I will need to make whatever decisions  are to be made, and convince Randy to trust me in what that may be. I THOUGHT ABOUT the cheeseburger kitt and well it's  possible I may sneak one in along with some popcorn  and see if it works?  DEFIANCE did contact me (thank you to whoever notified her) she is a sweet and caring women and I know they have a bond. She also gave me some help in what to ask and all of your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED I feel that its all instrumental not just in finding avenues and support for dad, but even in your support of Randy  and I😗😗😗😗😗 Defince told me to tell him " TO FIGHT DAMMIT" but it also hit me to apply it to our own personal thoughts I do keep telling that to all of us and has helped Randy and I to keep focus. So while nothing has changed with dad "YET" it has helped to to regain a second wind for Us, and finally I have asked for anothers doctor opinion and that gives us more hope I had asked about pain and does he feel it ? We were glad to know that he's at least at the point not suffering! So it off to the Hospital for another day thank you again,  I know I keep saying that but really I don't  think we can say it enough or rightfully share our deep love and appreciation for all of you. Love and hugs Kyle, Randy and dad

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    2. Thirdly


      Much, much love to you guys! Keep hanging in there.

    3. dughlas


      Glad you're feeling you have a better understanding of the situation. We're here for you guys if/when you need us.

    4. Edward


      Thank you for keeping us updated to Bob... I can't even begin to tell you conversations I've had with him. Keep going strong. We are here for you :heart:

  3. Hey kind of bummed today we spent the week end with Dad talking, hoping and praying. The Doctor approached us and said we needed to think about the next step, something about disconnecting some of the life supports and see if he breaths and stuff by himself? We handled the Sale of the house okay, but this*** this is a "totally" different choice to make that will require more thoughts. I wanted to update his status, I must say our brains are working overtime.  Not the kind of news I wanted to share !! But it is a possibility. Randy  tries to be strong, but I see how it effects him for real. I mean just the thought of it alone!! Is sadness in itself, I asked thr Doctor what would happen and he said he will either fight to live....... or Die the choice will be his not the equipment. That all just sounds too final! I don't want to be selfish, just not sure either of us are quite ready to give up and take a chance on letting him go? One of the hardest  trials face us, and even though I trust his Doctor. I think we need another opinion and really asking you his friends and family your thoughts he trusted you and well I think we are asking,for your wisdom to help us. I am not sure, but hopeful we are mature, strong enough to make this decision and humbly  ask your thoughts he trusted you so we are. Thanks for recieving him, and us into your lives. Love Kyle and Randy

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    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Take as much time as you need to think.  :hug: I'm hoping and praying that Bob will put up a fight and continue on, but whatever happens, happens. We share your pain. Bob is a part of our family, and you are, too.   :hug:

    3. jamessavik


      My older brother passed away Jan 3rd after a year long battle with cancer. Thankfully, I didn't have to make the decision you are asked to. Last August I flew out and donated stem cells. They say that is what got him through the end of the year. There's no WAY I'll feel good about losing him but, at least I did all I could. If you can say -yes I did do all that I could- then be at peace. That's all you CAN do. Losing people is the hardest part of life. I can tell you that time will make it better and, it doesn't get any worse.

    4. Daddydavek


      Some wonderful advice, but you know you have to go with what your heart tells you.  Follow your heart and you will always be right with your dad.  

  4. Hello first I wanted to let you all know that I obviously found dads password, I spent some time once I got on here just figuring out how to navigate the site and well it brought tears to my eyes to see all of his friends concern, and now I understand his passion a little more. He has always voiced his great respect and asmiration for his GA friends. With school and work I don't  know how much we can visit, but will keep everyone updated as it progresses. Unfortunately No changes yet and Tandy and I have been tradi g of spending time with him co tinually speaking things that we knpw he can hear just can't  respond to.  Thanks for your concerns of Randy and I, Dad has been so good to us a d we cant even begin to fathom life without him he has continually been a great and superb mentor to not just Tandy and I but continues with the others at his old work. Rand is taking it VERY hard, and has been struggling at his classes lately as well as work I am sure... so much change  and plans. So much I want to say to all of you for being supportive of him even through his eye surgery and recovery. He has greatly expressed his love and fondness of you all (its just nice to feel the support ! ) a.d we really appreciate you all for being steadfast. I know through his gmail Defiant 19 has been trying to get in contact with him, he has daid he loves her like a Sister so if do.e one could please let her know I would certainly appreciate it. As time permits I may check in periodically just maybe to get to know you all a little better, like all families he has remarked on, several who he are his favorites not that he hates anyone I don't  think he could.  AnyhowI must leave for now to the hospital so Randy can get gis shower and rest thank you so much for being his Family  later peeps Kyle .

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    2. bignick


      Thank you, Kyle, for taking the time to keep us posted. I understand it's a difficult time for you guys, but know this: neither of you is alone. We're a big family here, and since you're Bob's children, you're a part of it too. Please, remind Randy that sometimes we need to be strong for others and this time your dad needs that strength. Good luck with the realtor and everything else. Take care of yourselves and tell Bob we're waiting for him. :hug:

    3. Kitt


      Have you tried waving a good cheeseburger under his nose? A very close fried of my husband spent 3 weeks in a coma after brain surgery. Hubby said enough ad did just that.  Friend started reacting to stimula almost immediately and by supper time was hollering for that cheeseburger he had smelled.


      Seriously, we are all pulling for him. Let us know if we can help at all.


    4. Caz Pedroso

      Caz Pedroso

      I haven't been on here much and only found out from Page about this yesterday. Please tell him my prayers are with him and don't forget to take care of yourselves and each other too. :hug: 

  5. Hey, Bob.   :hug: We miss you so much. We're all praying for your recovery, and we hope you'll be back with your family soon.   :kiss:

  6. Dmrman

    Story banner /photo.

    The Banner above is the one you want...??? if it is I will see if I can do something with it and send it to you...!!!
  7. Dmrman

    Story banner /photo.

    2 things you can download it to a file take it to MSP (Paint) edit it and save if that still doesn't work you can make a copy go into Properties and remove or change the Values... I had the same problem for a while and it seemed to take care of it...
  8. I see you have been working the Pecks again...!!!!!!!:blushing::lol:

  9. Today Maybe... but what about in the Future...???? ... like, say Maybe Tomorrow...???
  10. Droughtquake doesn't know you... Had a meatless Monday on Thursday affair thing... Maybe you better explain The time Issues... ARC is that like an AiRomatic...Carrot...? Like a fine wine Aged...??? sorry just had too...!!!
  11. Dmrman

    Chapter 19

    ehhh... ummm... aaaa.... Scandalous... intriguing, and when the hell is the next coming out...?????
  12. What a true blessing... Mothers!!! and to reflect our hearts with the Miracles they always produced in our lives, their endurance, and perseverance... I lost mine in 2011 shortly after my accident and loss of eyesight... but even then she still inspired me to never give up, and today you have reminded me how in every way she was always there for us and never stopped no matter what Loving us... I did recognize all she sacrificed for us growing up and knew No matter what I could never repay her, or even begin to and to Mom It never Mattered...!!!! thanks, Gary...
  13. I fully get what you're saying... its almost the same as certain people will say "You're stupid" which is a loving way to say you're Funny, or crazy in adoration for people who hang, chill together a lot...😁😄🤔😊
  14. Such a Good lead up to the Main thought... sometimes we do tend to get caught up in what's wrong and don't realize others do see it... and in love try to help us... I think the First shock was from the view he's not here and doesn't understand what I have to go through on wash day... I mean there is a broadness of possibilities but then the reality People do Care about our struggles...She has a great way of drawing you in and keeping you reading... I would say she has a skill she needs to pursue...!!!
  15. Dmrman

    Just one moment

    Wow... Everyone here has focused on one great point, and Summarizing it tells me something I have known, but feel the need to share..."The fact is we all were designed to need each other not bleed each other... It is so amazing how many people just think of themselves, in certain instances yes... But the overall is we are destined to need each other and All our qualities we have just a form of enhancing those around us...encourage, and Love Without conditions... I have met a lot here and they are modest... Another fine quality...not tooting our own horn...!!! Strength in Numbers... Like a cord of rope...!!!💖💖💖💖
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