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  1. Welcome to the party bro.

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday, young man!

  4. Thanks for following me I hope you enjoy my work.

    1. keyisfake


      😍 Such sweet word to warm my heart, thank you. I will do my best.😁

  5. Hi Dmrman - I have no idea how to PM you but I would like to and ask you a few questions about content as well. Look forward to hearing instructions and further contact.

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    2. Cody Hastings

      Cody Hastings

      Thank You!!!


    3. Cody Hastings

      Cody Hastings

      Also would like to know how to submit story in process by chapter.  Thanks again.



    4. drpaladin


      The Help/FAQ section should provide all the answers to any questions you have about GA. For that answer, scroll down to Authors, read that section's info, and then read the Stories System section.



  6. Dmrman


    I almost missed the party, do hope it was a good one. A very late but heartfelt Happy Birthday wish to you. From all the comments you made, it was a smashing success. Positive thoughts going your way.


    Take care


  7. Happy Birthday, Bobber! :hug:  You're catching up. :P 

  8. Happy Birthday!!!

  9. 6576.gif Bob :hug: :kiss: 



  10. Happy Birthday from me too! I hope it's a good one 

  11. Happy Birthday!!

  12. Happy Birthday!! :wizard: :wizard: :wizard:

  13. 🎤Happy Birthday to you....🎈🎉


    Hope you have an amazing day Bob!!

    Many, happy returns. xoxo ❤️

  14. Woooooo Hoooooooo! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB! 🎂 🎉

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