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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey Sid,

    I checked out your page when I saw you were following my GA page. Welcome to the site. I hope my efforts here entertain you. Don't hesitate to click on the 'envelope' icon and ask if you need help. Just keep in mind I am not really tech savvy, but can maybe offer some guidance in getting the right answer.


    1. Sid


      Thanks for the message. I am a loyal and excited fan of George Granger and am currently of chapter 3 of Odyssey and am loving every bit of reading. I am an historical fan so the Bridgemont series is just my cup of tea.

      You have done a fantastic job with this series and am loving all of it. The only complaint I have is that I stay up until early hours of the morning reading as it is very difficult to tear myself away from the next event in Sir Georges life. LOL

      Looking forward to reading more of your working after completing Bridgemont.




    2. sojourn


      Sorry, I was kind of embarrassed and so flattered that you confused me with Marc Arbour. He was the reason I joined GA

      I can tell you now, his stories are the greatest. I have read everything he has posted in the Grainger and "Cofessions of an Academic Predator". That last I skipped over for a while because of the title. I still think that is the wrongest title he could have chosen.

      Actually, I can feel it. Enough time has passed so I could really enjoy reading all his stories again.


      again, welcome to GA,



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