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  1. Ugh. *Dies of happiness* Loved this chapter. It was everything I wanted it to be and so much more besides. Nice work @Mrsgnomie.
  2. Dazzling13

    Chapter XVIII

    I really don't mind the broken rules, hehe. You are really enlivening my days.
  3. Dazzling13

    Chapter XIII

    For sure. What made Greg change, is my biggest question now.
  4. Dazzling13

    Chapter XIII

    The more I get to know Gregory, the more I dislike him. Gah! What an annoying bully. Mr. Montgomery is something else entirety, lol. Crafty old man.
  5. Dazzling13

    Chapter X

    True. And I actually don't think Seth and William will have any problems with him. After all, its in the past. So instead of giving into the blackmail, maybe he should trust that they care for him enough to ignore his past, and just tell them the truth.
  6. Dazzling13

    Chapter X

    Oh yay! Wonderful news! Let's just pray that your computer doesn't malfunction or anything.
  7. Dazzling13

    Chapter X

    And I enjoyed that one too, immensely. But after reading it a couple of times, its nice to know that you picked up where you left off, so many years ago. I hope this one won't take that long to complete.
  8. Dazzling13

    Chapter X

    I was so excited when I saw you'd uploaded this new story. Really captivating start. Can't wait for the next chapter.
  9. Dazzling13


    Hehe. This doesn't seem at all fair to the poor man.
  10. IRA is hilarious, hehe. Loving the story and the rate at which you are writing it.
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