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  1. Milo is definitely my favorite character! I just ADORE him very much. "But it was Kai’s heart, right? Not his. He was a phantom living in a shell that didn’t belong to him." Oh-oh. The angst is on its way, isn't it? >.< Things would be so simple if Seb just stayed inside Kai's body, and vice versa. Everyone would be happy haha Poor Kai can't keep up with Pepin and Conrad. Are they actually gonna end up in a three-way relationship? I don't think I would mind lol even though I want Kai and Conrad to be together.
  2. Please do! 'Seb' fits him so well because he's just that cute. I'm sure his subjects were wrong about him; he couldn't have been that cruel to Conrad- or maybe he was. We still need to know about what happened between them. Especially how Conrad ended up being his slave. He is so different when he's with Milo, and he seems to have feelings for him. I can't get enough of their interactions. Of course, Kai managed to get the dragon's tears in the end. I should've never doubted him. Oh, how awesome would it be if he befriended the dragon and somehow, she let him ride on her back. I'd do anything to fly on a dragon! lol How many chapters have you planned for this story, if I may ask? I don't want it to end anytime soon, to be honest! Thank you for this chapter; I can't wait for the next one!
  3. Aevylio

    New Feelings

    Sebastian made a friend! Beatrice seems like a nice girl. I hope we'll see more of her after the concert. Also, I love how Sebastian reffers to Milo as his boyfriend ahhh! ...I want to see Milo taking a shower, too. I feel you Seb. I wonder if dragons are shapeshifters; human by day, dragon by night? Getting their tears in their human form wouldn't get Kai in pieces, haha.
  4. I really don't know which pairing I like more, so I'll just say that I absolutely adore the four guys so much! Kai getting worried over a hurt Conrad and starting to feel something more for him--he's even going to face a dragon to save his life! (I wonder how he's gonna manage to make a dragon cry though!) Also, I can't stop grinning at Sebastian. I mean I can't believe he called the teacher witch hahaha and I love how he says the most embarrassing things with a straight face. Poor Milo turned into a blushing mess.
  5. Aevylio

    An Ember Burns

    Alright, time to wipe the stubborn tears and reread this amazing tale from the beginning. I couldn't have asked for a better ending. I mean they got MARRIED!!! I am not ready to say goodbye to Grant and Troy and their small clique. I can't express how much this story means to me—even though I only happened upon it a few days ago. But I know I'll keep rereading it for a long long time.
  6. Now I know what the title refers to! *chuckles* oh-ho Conrad laughing softly at Sebastian even though he just got stabbed~the man is whipped! Also, Dragons?? I just know Kai will be more excited than scared of them...the boy needs supervision before he gets himself killed lol. I also love how Milo and Kai's family seem quite adjusted to this new Kai haha And Tani, sweetie you're too young to be reading yaoi!
  7. That make-out session was steamy lol poor Milo can't keep up with this assertive 'Kai'- well, Milo knows how to be bold when he wants to. Argh, I can't wait for Milo to find out about Sebastian, although I enjoy their current relationship a lot. But, I wonder how his reaction will be~ would he want Kai back or would he rather keep Sebastian? A song about his what??? I can't with this world! lol I haven't read such a fun story in a while. I keep checking for updates everyday haha!
  8. I was grinning throughout the chapter ahahhaha kai and his two (maybe more?) suitors~ I can't wait to see how their relationship will develop, now that 'sebastian' is different. Also, hopeless Sebastian trapped inside Kai's body is a trip lol Milo is definitely gonna figure everything out soon. And then he'll realize his feeling are not mutual... that's so sad. I can't wait for the rest!
  9. Oh, I love this first chapter! I've tried some Isekai anime and manga before and I would think to my self, "This would've been more interesting if they were gay!" So thank you for granting my wish, haha!
  10. Aevylio

    Tues: Kayden

    Phew the exchange with Kayden's father went better that I expected. But the man has a serious control problem, ugh. The needs to calm down and to treat his wife with respect and to get off his kids' backs. I'm starting to like Ian more and more; I can't wait for him to find the right person!
  11. Merry Christmas ⛄ Oh Lord, I finally managed to sit down and read the chapter! So, starting with Kayden, I can't believe Trent talked him into doing that! So risky, my poor Kayden is so...docile. I wonder what he's going to make him do next... I hope Trent is not actually leading Kay on and he'll fall for him as well. Yep, I'm totally rooting for Ian! Who would've thought? Thank you for this chapter ☺️
  12. Aevylio


    Heinrich Senior is the worst kind of parent. The only reason he wants grandchildren is for them to inherit his business... Rick needs to cut ties with him-- what he should have done ages ago. 'What you need is supervision.'... I was so mad when I read this. Actually the whole conversation drove me mad. No wonder Rick has little to no self-esteem; his own father had been belittling him his whole life. I'm a little sad there was no piano teacher to make Rick's day. I can't wait for them to interact more, and maybe HE would ask Rick out.
  13. Aevylio


    I think what Rick needs is not a hookup but a therapist. In my opinion, a professional's input would help him better than 'imaginary Marshall'. That Rita woman never reads the room, does she? I was glad she didn't see him the first time, but of course it was short lived; she materialized out of thin air to torment him. Rick needs to turn her down for good since he apparently neeeverrr made it obvious he was not interested in her. She's so irritating! ---But now, after reading previous reviews, I only hope I haven't judged her too harshly if it turns out she has other motives that could work out for the best for Rick and herself. Even though, I think that is unlikely? I mean how did she find out they play for the same team? I so invested in this story, haha! Can't wait to read the rest.
  14. Aevylio


    Rick needs to work on his self-esteem, but I think the journey will be long before it gets better. I hope someone will be there to help him--a mysterious caramel skin adonis, preferably. I'm glad he decided to do something unplanned for once even though it didn't end up as planned. Great chapter as always ^^ thank you!
  15. Aevylio

    Idee Fixe

    Oh-oh and who is this new beau? Rick's future love interest? I sure hope so. I really liked this chapter, but it ended too soon! I was a little taken aback when it was revealed that Rick had used the help of that masseur, but also, I was a little happy for him. At least, he hasn't spent his whole life being celibate. Looking forward to more soon.
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