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  1. HanselMuffin

    Idee Fixe

    Oh-oh and who is this new beau? Rick's future love interest? I sure hope so. I really liked this chapter, but it ended too soon! I was a little taken aback when it was revealed that Rick had used the help of that masseur, but also, I was a little happy for him. At least, he hasn't spent his whole life being celibate. Looking forward to more soon.
  2. Woah, Jake is terrifying! If I were Kayden I'd hyperventilate. I hope he will not hurt Kayden in any way.. I really like Trent and Kayden's relationship, though; they're perfect for each other. I'm also glad that Ian is starting to change for the best ^^ I still have hope for him and Audrey. Great chapter--my favorite yet. Can't wait to read chp 4 from Trent's POV.
  3. HanselMuffin

    La Calunna

    Willy Kohler needs to pay for what he did. I feel so bad for Rick-- his suffering is greater than I'd previously thought. I hope than he will soon find the happiness he deserves. Great chapter, I can't wait to read the rest of Rick's tale.
  4. I remembered this story like a few days ago, randomly-- how that math teacher was a d-ck towards Torrin/Trent and I thought maybe the was jealous of him because he himself had a secret crush on Kai/Kayden lol I'm glad you decided to take a different route; previous Torrin/Trent was bad.
  5. I'm so glad you're back! I gotta admit I had been waiting for 'Breaking Bad' to update; I really liked it, but I do find this one as interesting as the original version. Great start, I can't wait to read the rest! ☺️
  6. HanselMuffin

    Chapter 23

    Ahhhhhh, I really loved this story! I read it in one sitting, and I enjoyed every bit of it.
  7. HanselMuffin


    Is it wrong that I wanted Owen and Denis to get together?? Even after finishing The Long Way, I can't bring myself to like Aiden?
  8. Hey there! yep I'm a TianShan supremacist x)
  9. Hey there! yep I'm a TianShan supremacist x)
  10. Oh My God 19 days!!! and about the better couple too!!
  11. They didn't say "I love you" But overall this story is amazing, although the ending is a bit rushed, and I wanted to read more!
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