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  1. christal

    Chapter 23 Cakes and caring

    I did love this story. I'm happy to help you Tim.
  2. christal

    Chapter 23 Cakes and caring

    Mine surgery ;one of my heart vessel didn't closed before birth. So I had a small hole in my heart; that need to be repaired. The doctor had stitch the vessel together. I was only five years old at the time I had my surgery in 88. I was small and my mom told me I looked smaller in the bed, I was in and out for the first hour or two, sometimes I didn't know where I was or why I was in pain. And to have nurses help you to the bathroom was embarrassing; cause I couldn't do it myself. One after noon I didn't want to eat my lunch; I didn't like that sandwich; my room door was open and across the hall was a nurse's broke room and some of the nurses was on their lunch broke and was going in the room with pizzas and cokes. One of the male nurses saw me and smile he came in the room look at my lunch tray and said to me," um....that sandwich looked like it's no good to eat. you want to join us Christal?" I was happy I yelled "yes!" He then picked me up and took me to the other room. I eat pizza and drink a can of coke with the nurses. They was broken the rules for having me in there, but I loved it; cause I was fussed over by all the nurses. I never told on them, cause Sam had put me in my room after I ate and the woman who came in my room to pick up my tray was mad I didn't eat it.

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