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  1. I have been reading the first 2 stories over the past few years (life gets in the way!). The silver lining to the current lockdown business has meant I finally have the opportunity to (sadly) finish your story, and what an amazing story! Hand on heart my favourite story I've ever read. Fantasy, super powers, space, incredible characters, action, and love. AMAZBALLs! So looking forward to this 3rd installment! Thank you for giving us this joy to read. xo
  2. Xanderuk

    Chapter 1

    Echo everyone's comments above. The only disappointment was having no more words to read. Haha is there a chapter 2 and beyond? Thanks again Cia!
  3. Hello, just wanted to followup to the above question re. Growing pains. Will it be posted here any time soon? Many thanks.
  4. Xanderuk

    Chapter 7

    I so much want to shake the living day lights of Buzz or slap him until he wakes up. Grow a spine, stop being such a freaking pushover and do whats right. Arghhhh lol Aaaanyway that outta the way, I can only hope things will soon look up from here
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