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  1. lonerwolf_94

    Chapter 4

    i might have been wrong about the polish threesome but I'm definitely not disappointed lol
  2. lonerwolf_94

    Chapter 3

    i hope bartek gets in on the action and they rock little damien's world
  3. I'm hoping for a hot and sweaty damien sandwich!! 😋😋😋
  4. lonerwolf_94


    i can see a massive strain about to be put on artie and dizzy's relationship, adam is already watching them like a hawk and foiling any plans to be intimate. sadie is going to ruin what little intimacy they can get when adam isn't watching. sadie, like adam, also seems to treat artie like a child, someone who needs to be parented because they don't know any better. artie and dizzy need independence from those two and to start making their own decisions regarding their young adulthood. i think with this new development, artie and dizzy are going to end up unraveling, just like dizzy was afraid of with ezra having an influence on artie, unless they take a stand and say enough is enough. dizzy's mom doesn't strike me as being any better than sadie. it's almost as if she'd rather they not be together. NEWSFLASH ADULTS: artie and dizzy's relationship is none of your business whatsoever, and you have no say on whether or not they're allowed to sleep together or show affection. either support them completely or state your intentions to sabotage them.
  5. I'm enjoying Chris's new cockiness, i was getting tired of the meek boy he used to be. I'm kinda slapping my head though, three kingdoms, three artifacts, three tattoos, three voices, library directs you to three books when asked about the three different voices, three separate energy signatures..... i mean come on Chris give your head a shake man! it's right there in front of your face! instead of pouring energy into the 3 in 1 book, i think he should pour some of his soul into it instead. instead of trying to use it like it's just an item that serves a function, he should try to communicate with it as if it's a separate entity altogether. ask it to show you what's on it's pages instead of trying to force it into showing you.
  6. i thought you said that when you graduated from an apprentice hero to full member you get to pick a different name anyway? i was not expecting rampart lol not exactly smooth rolling off the tongue
  7. Adam's obsession with keeping them from getting too close is getting old, no wonder artie hasn't been comfortable with PDAs, Adam would probably come down on them. confining dizzy to the couch makes me think Adam is projecting his own insecurities with artie growing up onto their developing relationship. two 15-16 year old boys having a sleep over? sure who cares if they sleep in the same room! or even the same bed! boyfriends? absolutely not, to the couch with you! really makes me shake my head 🙄 artie needs to do exactly what he did in this chapter and call Adam on his bs more often. Adam treats him like he's a child and not a young adult.
  8. lonerwolf_94

    The Summit

    I'm beginning to wonder if victor feels insecure or inadequate being Chris's boyfriend, he tends to give Chris a hard time whenever he displays any amount of his power. he should be encouraging it, building Chris up to be as strong as possible.
  9. awesome chapter! i love that you made it longer, the 5000 words or less ones seem to fly by in seconds. it looks like Chris is slowly (very slowly) starting to realize he is no longer a little school boy and is someone of note. would like to see his maturity blossom a little more though, he still seems a bit naive and doubtful of his abilities. i find it comical that Chris's dad is still pushing the college entrance exams 🤦‍♂️ he's an elven prince, now ambassador between the 3 earthly races and the elves. he's not gonna have the time to study meaningless human subjects when he's so much more than that! why the hell is he going to pursue a petty human career when he is entitled to more money than he could spend in 5 lifetimes, and is potentially going to live 1000 years or more? get your priorities straight William, Chris is above this now. the tower will be his new school library and the hall will be his new classroom along with the sparing room. i really want to see Chris leave behind the little boy and for the man inside to emerge finally. on a separate note, I'd sell you my organs for a threesome with Chris, victor, and etalos in one of the upcoming chapters 😬😘 he sounds freaking cute!
  10. what do i keep saying? BACK TO THE HALL WITH YOU!!! lol now he needs to refine all that raw power he has swirling around inside of him. i knew i liked ethnar, he's the only one who sees the potential in Chris and can mold it due to his own significant power. everyone else tells him to be careful and not overdo it or just cowers in fear and amazement, ethnar steps up and says bring it. i wonder what those chains are all about? i wonder what would have happened if Chris hadn't of been tripped up by them setting off his magnus spell prematurely.
  11. lonerwolf_94


    I'm absolutely loving this new lian after 2 years!
  12. lonerwolf_94

    Chapter 2

    i wonder if rory and finn would adopt me lol
  13. Chris at the end of the spar: "wow i was really nervous about fighting 4 platinums, thanks for holding back though and letting me win!" the 4 platinum elves: 🥵🥵🥵🥵 i can just see it now lol
  14. life will teach much more than classes ever could. i would be as far away from the public eye as possible if i was immortal. i would have a library as big as any in the world but no i disagree that education=knowledge unless you mean self education. there's a reason the smartest people in the world have been dropouts. the educational system tried to put them in a box and they wanted to be outside of it. having a mentor and learning skills and applying real world teachings is different than what you would experience in any classroom.
  15. why in god's name would you need or want college when you have the realm waiting for you to live in for practically an eternity??? lol goodbye earth! nice knowing ya!
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