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  1. JBR1977

    Chapter 33

    Definitely sad to see the end of this story. You’ve brought us anger, tears, laughter and love. Thank you, Sui.
  2. JBR1977

    Chapter Thirty-Two

    Ethan, screw you and your cliffhangers with a double sided dildo! You choose the most irritating points to stop. 😋
  3. JBR1977

    Chapter Thirty

    The slut comments I think have more to do with the possibility of Jordan fucking Bankerboy after meeting him twice, not how long he should wait after the breakup with Noah. No one wants to see Jordan give it up to just anyone. If Jordan decides to move on with Brody, that’s cool, just date the guy before fucking. I just don’t see Jordan as a “hookup” guy.
  4. JBR1977

    Chapter Thirty

    I just don’t want to see Jordan turn into a slut. He’s better than that.
  5. JBR1977

    Chapter Thirty

    Sorry, I don’t see this as Noah having a spine at all. To me, he seemed defeated and just figured this was the best time to see how his parents would react. He hit rock bottom and had nothing left to lose, there was no bravery on his part or in his actions. Supporting fact, his bringing up suicide not only to his parents, but to Jenn, as well. His parents reaction came as no surprise. Noah said all along how it would play out, and he was right. Sadly, it’s an accurate portrayal of what many go through with their families when they come out. Jordan is doing well, it seems. Some have posted they’re worried Jordan may slut out. But if that were to be, he’d have gone home with Brody Bankerboy. But he has self control. Let’s just hope he can maintain control.
  6. I think the fight got as bad as it did because Noah was attributing more to Jordan’s words than there really was. He was inferring the worst possible intent into what Jordan said. He needs to get out of his head and into his heart. Yay to Jordan for coming out to his mom, and yay for her reaction. That’s how a real mom should react. Unlike Noah’s bigoted, religious mom. I know acceptance of homosexuality would be asking too much from her, but is tolerance too much to ask for? I know there’s a few things in this world that I’m not accepting of, but I do tolerate them. Thank the Universe for Aiden. He not only knows the right things to say, he can get others to see the right path to take, without forcing them.
  7. JBR1977

    Chapter Twenty-Six

    I get Noah being scared, but does he have to be such a vindictive bastard by trying to blame everything on Jordan? Jordan isn’t pressuring Noah to come out right now.. he even said he’d be willing to wait years for Noah to be comfortable enough to come out. I understand the fear Noah has at the thought of losing his family and education should his family find out he’s gay, but god, he’s such a drama queen. Jordan didn’t force Noah to go to the gay bar, he asked Noah if he’d be willing to go. Noah said yes. Now Noah is saying this is all Jordan’s fault because Noah said yes FOR Jordan? He had the option to say no, that he didn’t feel comfortable with it, that it wasn’t the right time for him to make that move. But no, he agreed to it and had a good time. At this point, I’m leaning towards Jordan telling Noah they need a break and that Noah needs to reflect on what he really wants. Oh, and fuck Noah for thinking Sebastard will keep his word and trusting him over Jordan.
  8. JBR1977

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    How long has that Canadian been in you? 😝
  9. JBR1977

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    ......and here comes the conflict I asked for! 😈
  10. JBR1977

    Chapter Twenty-Five

    Don't apologize to anyone for your choices in creating your stories. He “hates with a vengeance” the stereotyping that all gays want threesomes... yet he’s stereotyping you as “all authors think we want threeseomes”. Do what you want with your story and stay true to your vision. If someone gives their opinion as a criticism, thank them for their input and leave it as that. You’re the author, the creator, the god in this universe you’ve created.... no need to explain your choices to mere mortals.
  11. JBR1977

    Chapter Twenty-Four

    Also, I see my prediction of the sock issue has come to fruition. I must be a descendant of Nostradamus. Call me..... Nostradumbass. 🤣
  12. JBR1977

    Chapter Twenty-Four

    Thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. We got to see Noah and Jordan interact with each other without outside interference, Noah stepped out of his comfort zone with a little prodding from Jordan and found that he liked feeling the freedom, which bodes well for a faster coming out. I enjoy the lovey-dovey aspect.... but I’m hoping to see some conflict and excitement soon... hopefully involving Sebasturd being knocked to the floor, cuz we all know his meddling ass has something in the works.
  13. Glad to see Aiden turned out to be the open minded friend that we all hoped he would be.... and seems he has a wicked sense of humor, too, even though Jordan wasn’t falling for Aiden’s declaration of love. Hoping that the volleyball teammates will be as cool about it, or at least not total dicks, but then where would we get our drama fix?
  14. JBR1977

    Chapter Twenty-Two

    Yeah, that whole Jenn/Samantha lie definitely came back to bite Jordan’s ass. Granted, it was before he knew Aiden would be living nearby for a bit, but you never use people you know as your lie in situations like that. Glad to see the move in went smoothly, but getting into a rhythm with a roommate will take more than a few days. I foresee a few “Jordan, for fucks sake, just put your socks in the hamper when you take them off instead of just leaving them on the floor. The hamper is like 3 feet away from you!” in the future. But the fact that he made the bed after the second night together without being asked or without Noah saying anything about it, shows he’s able to change his messy habits. Good chapter, definitely looking forward to see how Jordan works his way out of this. Will he go with “This is actually Jenn, Samantha’s twin sister” or the truth? 😜
  15. JBR1977

    Chapter Twenty-One

    Bravo, Ethan... bravo. You give us a cliffhanger and make a ton of people flip their lids and invent ways to explain why Jordan would say “I don’t know if it’s still a good idea that we live together …”, each more dramatic than the previous, then it turns out Jordan’s mom just gave his ass a reality check. I doubt anyone thought that something as mundane as money would be a factor, even though it was a running theme throughout the story about Jordan’s financial situation. A few of us surmised that Aiden would be moving closer as one of the reasons Jordan was having issues moving in immediately. So good on us for that. LoL. btw, people... Jordan never backed out of wanting to live with Noah, he just said “I don’t know if it’s still a good idea that we live together …” due to his financial constraints, the fact that money came between his own parents and split them up, his not being ready to come out to Aiden, him being a slob vs Noah’s cleanliness, etc..... which would only be “excuses” if Jordan said “I don’t want to live with you because of these reasons”. They were, as he said, his concerns, and he felt Noah wasn’t taking those seriously. Noah definitely wasn’t in the best frame of mind at the time of the call, so I can see why he may have interpreted Jordan’s concerns as excuses, especially with the shit going on with his own family and thank the Universe that Jenn stepped up, however she could have been less of a biatch about it, knowing how much Noah despises being manipulated. All said and done, definitely a rollercoaster ride, Ethan. Keep it coming!
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