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    Eyes And Ears

    I had no idea it was possible to send a private message, of course that is a better approach. I'll definitely try that, but if it's a twitter or facebook platform, sorry I don't indulge. To the guy who questioned the "looked at" or "looked down", what you said is exactly what I said. So much anger! Grammatical errors or grammar errors, same, same. But "GRAMMER" (see above)? Gotcha there! Come on, laugh at yourself, I do it all the time, useful for brushing the chips off one's shoulders. That's why I added the "pedantic SOB".
  2. Ken Ransom

    Eyes And Ears

    Don't be mad, I really like your stories. They're fun and keep me interested. And this is going to be the longest comment you've seen in a while. (these are in chronological order): The guy really liked his BLING. how Toby had JUST disappeared earlier that night. with a taste for expensive clothes and - looking down ON everyone (at everyone implies physical height, on everyone implies contempt) but they couldn't pin that on you EVEN if they wanted TO. don't you want to learn who took the man you loved away from you? I don't want people to HANDLE me with KID gloves I have SOMEONE to give them to Can't a man leave the two of you alone for two minutes question mark Why am I HOLDING my breath? Toby whispered. See, nothing serious, just a few wanderings away from common usage, and a couple of grammar errors thrown in just because I'm a pedantic SOB. Bring back Donny Allerton! I even learned the Whip and Nae Nae. Do da bop!
  3. Ken Ransom

    Eyes And Ears

    Her's another comment you will undoubtedly ignore. Spellcheck is not enough! Especially for someone not wholly familiar with the vernacular. And being a donald about criticism won't make it disappear.
  4. Bring back Donny Allerton!
  5. "Shiny armor"? Maybe that one was intentional. But if not, you really need another set of eyes to proof before publishing.
  6. Ken Ransom

    Play Dead

    Time to find yourself a new editor, ma'am. One who knows more about the English language than just how to push the spell-check button. One egregious malaprop per chapter seems pretty sloppy to me.
  7. Ken Ransom

    Chapter One

    Story could be good, but get yourself an editor, son
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