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  1. I think as things settle, Matt will change his mind. It's been six months, it's still a strange concept. He'll be Matt for now, but not forever.
  2. I was going to say it wasn’t even a week, but then I checked and realized it was last Monday! Oops! Aidan knows what’s up
  3. After the way @kbois threw me under the bus, of course I did lol
  4. For the record. I posted it at 11:58pm Eastern time. Just before midnight. 5:58pm Hawaiian time. #deadlinechamp
  5. Matt laughed so hard on the way home he almost crashed, twice. If only he could be more like them when he drank; happy, funny, and everyone’s best friend. Seamus’s friends spent the entire drive hanging out the window, yelling at unsuspecting bystanders. ‘I LOVE YOU MAN!’ ‘YOU’RE AMAZING!’, ‘HOW MUCH FOR YOUR JACKET?!’. It was so different than drinking with his friends. Better. It was so much better. They were almost to the loft, and Matt was still smiling when Seamus reached across the console and squeezed his knee. “Did you have fun?” “Yes, it was awesome. I was nervous
  6. Who’s side are you on anyway?!
  7. Nope. About half way. I’ve been swamped. I’m hoping to get the next chapter posted tonight but, ehh, not sure that will happen. Tomorrow for sure! And I say that with 85% confidence
  8. Just Jay, others are straight 🏹
  9. Seamus has been a bit of a loner thus far, I'm glad we could see him with his friends and see him as a whole person who is more than just a guy that revolves around Matt and Aidan.
  10. Seamus has some stuff he needs to work through, reasons why those things are difficult, and why they aren't talked about openly. We will hear more from him in the next few chapters. We'll also hear more from Jay later. He's fun.
  11. Jesus can't help him
  12. Could you share a bit more. What do you feel is their conundrum? Elephant? What should work is wrong? Just curious where your thoughts are.
  13. I had a whole, super neutral response typed out but deleted it because the truth is...two fully mature men having mature conversations right out of the gate? BORING 😂 Also, Matt has a solid head on his shoulders...it just needs the occasional adjustment
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