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  1. I think Penn is James Lafferty and Nash could totally be Ryan Phillipe but with straight blonde hair. Or! Travis Schuldt!
  2. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 1

    As long as you’re not focusing on grammar and such lol
  3. 1) Penn has been in love with Nash since forever. He could've easily proposed but I think they both knew there was value in Nash being the one who took that step, for Penn's sake. 2) I haven't thought about celebrity look alikes. Gimme a minute!
  4. Miss you @mfa607 we need to catch up. Shoot me an email! Also, there’s a SYWM update on the works. Just for you
  5. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 2

    I love a good brooding guy.
  6. I can’t listen to that song without thinking of them. I actually have part of a SYWM update done. I probably won’t finish it until after I get the current story done, but it’s definitely in the works!
  7. Not sure if you read my past stories but I'm a glutton for the long road. For the most part, my life has been remarkably uneventful. This is how I add excitement in my life. With that said, the story I was working on before re-writing the last several chapters of Knott isn't such a long road...although I'm only half do done...*shrugs* I could be wrong. But lets be real. I just don't think Nash could've jumped from Lee to Penn without issue. I think it's very unrealistic. Especially since his relationship with Lee was so different than he had with Penn. I don't think Nash could've handled it. He needed to straighten himself out. I stand behind that.
  8. Im also in that camp. My oldest boy is 12 and we talk openly about it a lot. Do I want him to have sex early? No. Do I want to find out he’s sexually active while on vacation by finding a hidden box if condoms? No. But do I want to always be someone they feel comfortable coming to and do I want them to practice safe sex always? YES!
  9. April 6th. I agree, no need to change last names. But for Penn I think it’s more than just a name. After all these years I think it would be normal for Penn to wait some sort of claim on Nash. Even if it was Penn changing his name to Cushman, which, despite to potential name calling from his brothers, would make him happy as a clam.
  10. Next one has been started, maybe half done, but I haven’t touched it in a while because I ended up rewriting the last 5 or so chapters of this story last minute. So, I need to go back and rework it.
  11. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 26

    Wonderful chapter. I hope their relationship grows. Lex needs a good father figure to help heal his emotional wounds
  12. Mrsgnomie

    Chapter 26

    You didn’t know what a bear claw was?!!! 🤯🤯🤯
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