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  1. Do Canadians really add 'eh' after a sentence, or is that just a creation of authors to place the reader into the Canadian mode? misterwill2@live.com
  2. The origin of the word groyne is old Latin meaning a 'pig's snout'. The American spelling is 'groin'. But the idea of feeling up somebody's 'groyne' is indeed humerous. Dodger, you have an ability that is 'out of this world' as an author and your puns and little jokes along the way make fascinating reading. Sorry to hear about your personal woes, but hope all is better now. Mt Will
  3. Will Hawkins

    AOC 1

    Asparagus, no, not so common, but it is a vegetable that as a kid, I liked and we had it for dinner sometimes. If memory serves me right, the only common vegetable that I did not care for was peas. Not becuse I do not like peas, but I would prefer to eat them raw, right out of the pod and in school when they were served for lunches, they managed to cook them to death. There were many good vegetables that, by the time they were served up at school, after having been on a steam table for an hour, were pure mush.
  4. Will Hawkins

    AOC 1

    This is the first time I have ever heard of the Navaho Radio talkers called 'Wind Talkers', but the term makes sense, knowing that these Native American radio operators during second WW, used made up words for warefare items that there were no Native terms for. Why is it that every time a meal is mentiond on GA it always includes green beans and mashed potatoes. Now, believe me I have eaten my share of these two vegetables in my life, but even I had some other foods for dinner … how about a baked potato and asparagus? Too exotic for GA authors?
  5. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 7

    It is one of the advantages of being the 'Old Troll' that my comments are not made for publication. I would never publish a story I had written without using a spell-check program like Grammarly as I realize my own failings. I only comment infrequently as a rule, picking out ONE error and try to do that as politely or as humorously as possible. My suggestions as far as an Author's work is concerned are just that – merely suggestions, not meant to be 'snarky' or mean at all. If, at any time an Author objects to my suggestions, I immediately cease making them and just sit back and enjoy the read
  6. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 6

    back out throw back out through Well, the old troll FINALLY nips at your toes. It has taken six chapters to do it but the Old Troll finally strikes. Mr Will
  7. Will Hawkins

    Chapter 2

    James, you are writing a story that contains all the five elements of fiction: characterization, setting, progression, suspense, and resolution. Each one is masterfully handled. I am known among the authors of GA as the 'old troll who lines under the bridge that all authors must walk acrose barefoot on their way to publication', but in your case I find nothing to nip at your toes about. Each one of the aspects of good fiction writing is beautifully handled. Even the occasional Itallian word or phrase adds to the setting of the story (though I have to look up some of them!) To be able to
  8. When I was Robbie's age, I was in charge of a barracks full of horney 15-year-olds (as well as 7th-9th grade boys). I, personally was so physically unattractive (I had a terminal case of acne that lasted until I was 20) that I didn't have any trouble remaining 'straight' – hell, no body would have anything to do with me! But I recall a few incidents of 15-year-old hormone erruptions in the guys I was supposedly in charge of. Mr Will
  9. In this story there are several mentions of Robbie having to listen to 'O Canada' every morning over the school bitch box, I learned that there are two versions of that anthem…same melody, but different words, one in English and one in French. I assume that the version Robbie is forced to listen to, is a melody only version, as he does not speak French, but I was interested in learning that the two versions are not even one the trnalation of the other, but entirely different words. It seems to me that since the time before the age of Napoleon, the British and the French have not been able to a
  10. To a certain extent it depends upon the pose that is selected for a nude painting or drawing. In my house at this time there are approximately 50 drawings and watercolor paintings I have made over the years on display, some of them are male nudes, but in nearly every case they are suitable for public display,,,,It all depends upon the pose that is selected. Sure, several of my nudes are full-frontals, but many of them are selected so they do not show anything that would set off a Hayes Office censorship reaction, the subject being wrapped around himself so that the 'man bits' are hidden. I do
  11. Because I am reading this story in the summer (in the Northern Hemisphere, here it is nearing mid-winter – Brazil in June) I am able to move ahead from chapter to chapter without waiting for Dodger to complete other duties. It makes for more continuous reading, but interferes with commenting in a timely fashion. Two of my mates (with whom I am sharing this house) are going to be gone for a week, but the owner of the house has attempted to make adequate provision for house cleaning and meal preparation for me while they are gone. The only problem is my lack of Portuguese to communicate wit
  12. I know that it is practically universal for people to remove their zorries (and not wear socks) here in northern Brazil, but I did not realize that barefoot inside the house was common in Canada. Is this pretty universal or just a habit of certain families or certain areas? I moved to Bahia, Brazil in 2008 and have not worn foot coverings of any kind regularly since then. I joke about my toes spreading out so much that I could not get shoes on any more, but I know that barefoot in the house and in this warm area is super comfortable. Mr Will
  13. Perhaps it is my very advanced age, but I do not remember having this much trouble coming out to my parents nor to my friends.
  14. Not necessary, if there is something I do not get from the written dialog, I can refer to a dictionary of British Slang. I do recall, however, listenting at one time to Queen Elizabeth on the BBC speaking. I believe it was her Christmas message. The upper-class British accent was so thick I had to search out her speech on a German web-site and read the translation notes from the screen. Cockney rhyming slang is, if course, impossible for anyone but a Londoner to understand, but most British is at least 90% comprehensible even to a dumb Yank like me.
  15. I am becoming inreasingly concerned as Robbie's relationship with Fran continues and progresses, about the possibility of conception. Both Robbie and Fran are at an age at which accidents are prone to occur and, to the best of my memory, I have never seen the mention in the story, of either chemical or mechanical means of preventing conception. Because Fran was a virgin at the onset of their sexual relations, the possibility of disease is non-existant, (Though Robbie has been involved both back in Britain, and with a couple of characters in the story, one, at least, being of less than savory r
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