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  1. Thank you so much! Well, now that Liam learned the truth of how Sascha never really betrayed him... Hormones kicked in. And what can we say, sometimes animal instincts kick in.🐾
  2. Not a three-way relationship. Just a three-way experience. Liam & Sasha have some 'history' not boyfriends. No "Full on" history either. Thank you page SπŸ’–
  3. Thank you very muchπŸ₯‚ I'll just give everyone, including you especially, a little spoiler. Liam & Sascha, before Liam believed he betrayed him, used to be somewhat, more than friends: kiss here & there, hold hands etc. Not boyfriends, really. Just that special & unusual category we can all say we've been in... As for Sascha's Father you'll meet him in the next chapter, actually. No, not a mafia man. But, definitely a man of "Black Paper" persona, if you know what I mean.πŸ·πŸŽ©πŸ“œ
  4. Chapter 15: ~The Deadly Medley~ A few minutes after we settled on a movie to watch, particularly, Donny & I who chose it, I heard my Momma. *Thunk Thunk Thunk* Hearing her footsteps go from the first floor to the basement, where we all were, for some reason, gave me anxiety. Actually, there were many reasons. She appeared with a warm grin and a tray full of 4 glass filled with homemade lemonade, and a giant silver colored bowl full of popcorn. "Here ya go kids!" "Maaaaaa." I said in a little whiny tone, insinuating how I, one time, told
  5. Black Paper

    3 Musketeers

    Thank you! Yep this Chapter is mainly a precursor to the following two. To sense the feelings of tension. Some Foreshadowing as well. People tend to only write chapter reviews as I suppose they barely even notice story reviews are even available. Which I do not mind. Once again, thank you.🌟
  6. Black Paper

    3 Musketeers

    It also hinted Sascha's home life a little. Which I'll touch on later. Your feedback always brings me inspiration. Thank you.🌴
  7. Chapter 14: ~3 Musketeers~ So, it was all set. As Donny, Sascha, Liam, & I were heading to Dairy Queen after our Trick Or Treating session for our ice creams, I couldn't say the awkward silence was THAT bad; it could have been worse. What was more interesting to me than anything else, were the empty glances that I was able to catch of Sascha looking at Liam as we walked during the night. The looks he gave him, when he thought no one was looking, seemed like he both had alot on his mind and also nothing on his mind all at the same time if that makes any sense at all; which
  8. The reality is, all authors and artists only want one true thing: we all strive for someone to feel something from something we've created. And the validation that we receive from feedback via comments and/or reactions gives us the validation that someone has received something from something we've created. All stories have pieces of us authors, hidden, inside of them whether it's certain characters, certain scenes, etc. And by having others love those characters and scenes, they are secretly loving us, because, we are in them. If certain people do not like the thumbs up reaction, I simply rec
  9. Most of those are one shots to which case it's acceptable. As a writer, poet, and author, myself, I'm simply stating my personal literary opinion. Stay safe. Stay loving. God bless. I understand your viewpoint. Everyone's different. Everyone's hearts are different. Everyone's desires are different. And, how we respect one another ultimately defines us as people.🌟
  10. I'm going to have to formally disagree with you. Scotty Lynch has been introduced from the very beginning as a main character of the story for an important reason. And the reality is, I suppose you could say, it was Tristan's destiny to find someone for him. I believe the main characters of this story are not just Jesse and Tristan. That would very quickly become boring and useless as a story plot. That wouldn't be much of a story at all. I believe it's Jesse, Tristan, Scotty Lynch, and Artie. The foundation of a good story and a plot is at least four or more main characters in it otherwise th
  11. I mean, he was cute, sure...I'm not blind. But as I watched Artie shiver and wiggle and basically fall apart right in front of my eyes...I began to wonder if I was missing out on something all this time. Of course you did, you half-wit. Scotty Lynch is Com's best character ever created, besides Tanner, and I won't tolerate any excuses. but when Scotty grinned at him and asked, "Can I see more of the drawings in your notebook?" Com, you better stop writing cute sh++ like this, because, you're giving me heart palpitations.❀️ Love this story. Love this chapter
  12. Sascha has already technically shown Billy how he feels about him in Chapters 9 & 10, particularly, when he tries to kiss him and held his hand while they were alone on his bed. So, Billy knows that he's interested in him, or at least pretty gay for the most part. The question is, what happens to Sascha, now? Thank you for reading and your great feedbackπŸ’ŽπŸΈπŸŽ Here's an apple martini. Something I'm sure Billy's mom doesn't mind having once in awhile, whatsoever.πŸ˜’
  13. Your soul tells you that, because it's obvious Sascha is a lost soul in general. Billy is one of the only people who sees that and so do you. 🍎
  14. @Philippe Wow thank you so much for the exceptional examination of the chapter, relationships, and the overall plot of the story, itself. Wait till you see when they.... start unwrapping their Halloween candy 🍭🍫πŸ”₯
  15. You won the award on September 9th. Interesting, considering, that's my birthday. And, The Artful Dodger just so happens to be one of my favorite characters of all time.

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