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  1. You're a cruel and unforgiving mistress MrsG, but I don't think we'd want you any other way! I guess I know what's going on my Christmas list for all the years to come though!🎁
  2. Words can't describe how happy I am that you wrote this story. I honestly don't think I'll ever get enough of Shane and Gordy😂 A fantastic, feel good chapter to finish an incredible story. With how you build your characters and their stories, I can't help but want more of them! This will definitely be something I come back to read multiple times. I have so many questions as well! Like what happened between Drew and Nelly? What about Sammy and Mikey? What about the children!? WHAT ABOUT SHANE AND GORDY'S MARRIED LIFE! MRSG YOU'RE KILLING ME HERE!😂 I can only hope that you do more with these characters at some point, since I'll definitely be there if you do! Thank you so much for taking us on this journey with Shane and Gordy, MrsG!❤️❤️❤️
  3. AJDerek

    Fresh Start

    I know you've nailed the final chapter and I can't wait to see how you finish things off! I can only hope that won't be the last we see of Shane and Donovan, since I know I need more of them in my life! (this is basically me begging for some sort of story about their married life ok thanks :D) Absolutely loved this chapter, made me feel all sorts of happy feelings. You're quickly becoming one of my favourite authors MrsG!
  4. Only 2 chapters left, I don't know what I'll do once it's over! :( Ignoring that, I loved this chapter. From Shane's interactions with his friends, as well as him and Donovan talking about things more, I had many happy feelings reading this. I can imagine that Shane wants to slow things down with Donny so that they can focus on the relationship stuff they're not so good at (since they seem to have the sex down to a T😏). I'm kind of hoping we get a timeskip similar to what you did in SYWM, since I'd love to see Shane and Donovan getting married or trying to raise a family. You've done an amazing job with this story so far MrsG, so I have no reason to believe you won't nail the ending!
  5. AJDerek


    You're too kind to us MrsG!!
  6. AJDerek


    Absolutely amazing chapter, really well written. I'm glad Shane and Donovan have started to mend things and that they've finally admitted their true feelings for each other. Can't wait to see how things go with them! Whilst things are looking on the up, I feel like we're not done with the drama! Can only hope that it's not within the DONNAS or DAKS😂
  7. Hope the trip went well MrsG! When should we expect the next chapter to drop? Personally I'm quite looking forward to "The Fall Of Donovan"😛
  8. Nooooo, I'm not ready for this to end!! Do you have another story planned after this one, or are you going to be giving it a break for a while?
  9. I'm glad that Donovan has finally realised some issues with himself and how he treats others, hopefully he now grows the balls to apologise to Shane (and probably his friends as well). As much as I want these two to get their happily-ever-after, I think they're both not in the right place to resume their relationship, and with recent events it seems like a friendship isn't in the cards either. Shane cockblocking Gordy suggests that he still harbours feelings for him (it's only been two weeks since "just friends" so that's not a surprise), but I hope that he actually makes Gordy work for him if he wants him back. Shane is starting to realise that as much as he's crushing on Donovan, he can't allow himself to be run over. Another amazing chapter MrsG! It feels like you're setting up for Donovan to lay his heart out to Shane, and I can't wait for whatever it is that you have in store next! (Enjoy your trip btw!😊)
  10. AJDerek

    Just Friends?

    When can we expect the next chapter MrsG?
  11. AJDerek

    Just Friends?

    Oh how I hope you got Donovan to dress in drag, kind of like a throwback to what Shane told Gordy's prospects when they first went to Rafan's together! I assumed that the apologies were given during the 2 weeks that were skipped, but I agree that it'll be good to read their apologies firsthand. We can only hope that Donovan's realises how much of an arsehole he's being and starts to change his ways soon. His leaving speach was heartbreaking, since it seems like he thinks he's the only one with issues and that Donovan shouldn't have to change one bit.
  12. AJDerek

    Just Friends?

    Definitely worth staying up for! The last part with the game had me roaring! I'm so glad that Shane and Donovan sat down and spoke about things, and it's good that Donovan realises that he's been an arsehole to Shane in the past as well. It's probably unhealthy how much I care about these two characters and want them to make it to their happily-ever-after. Saying that, your club/bar chapters always have something big/interesting happen in them, so I'm already eagerly awaiting the next chapter! (Why does part of me feel like Shane interfering last time they were at Rafen's is gonna come back and bite him in the butt?)
  13. I don't think I've ever been up at 2am before, constantly refreshing the page, waiting for the new chapter to posted! Sleep can wait😆
  14. I love Shane's POV chapters. Whilst I agree the whole situation at the bar could've been handled MUCH better, as well as the Davis stuff (I hope we don't see him again but I feel like that'd be too kind of you MrsG), but at least he's desperately trying to sort stuff out by explaining things. It's nice that Allé seems to really want Shane and Donovan to work things out, even if just for the sake of closure between them. I'm looking forward to finally getting a look into Shane's past and experiences soon, let's just hope Donovan truly listens when that happens! I know I keep saying it, but keep up the amazing work MrsG!! P.S. The whole section with the kids gave me warm fuzzy feelings :3
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