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  1. Marius


    Jack has it bad for his best friends brother Luke. Too afraid to confront his crush, or how his best friend Jarod will react to him being gay and not having told him, he grabs what little happiness he can by being the rebound guy to Luke’s exes every time he dumps someone and using Luke as his inspiration for his comic style drawings he does for art class. As a bit of a loner, when his parents are having trouble and when Jarod gets too caught up with his new girlfriend to give Jack any attention Jack is forced to step out of his comfort sone. He gets himself invited to a concert with Luke and this is where the real roller coaster drama starts It’s a well written, cute story told from Jack’s point of view, a character you can’t help immediately fall in love with. The story is a bit short and leaves you wanting more, but that’s part of the great thing about it. It’s really just a short window inn to the Jack’s story of finding himself and coming out officially. And maybe he finds himself a boyfriend along the way;)
  2. Marius

    Chapter 7

    Sweet ending❤️ Can’t believe it’s over already though, makes me sad since I’ve developed a real soft spot for Jack, and part of me feel there’s a few things that didn’t get tied up or was not fully explored, but I do like the ending a lot, and the story and writing style of it. Looking forward to your next story
  3. Marius

    Chapter 5

    These weekly updates has become one of the highlights of my week. I’m just so in love with this story. The characters, the humor, the humanity and unperfection of the main cast. Loving the story development and this chapter had some grate quotes! Great writing!
  4. Marius

    Chapter 3

    Another grate chapter. I love how real Jack feels when you read this. It feel there’s moor of a story to the “club of Luke’s exes” and the rumors about Jack. I was thinking this during the last chapter, but it’s interesting how Jack is a sort of self made loner, you get hints throughout the chapters of people reaching out, but he always question their motives, like Jerod’s girlfriend. It will be interesting to see if she reaches out to him again, maybe trying to help Jerod reconnect with his best friend. I honestly think Jerod is just giving him a little space after their fall out, and don’t know quite how to fix things.
  5. Marius

    Chapter 2

    I’m thoroughly loving this story right now. Can’t wait to see what more you got in store for us!
  6. Marius

    Chapter 1

    Grate first chapter!
  7. Marius

    Chapter 6

    Fantastic as always. Hope this means there will be another chapter in Becker soon? As for which timeline, that’s kind of a hard question. I kind of love all 3 for different reasons. As we get to see more of Kevin’s side and background it’s getting harder to see where I originally hoped the story would end, with Kevin and Becker back together, don’t know if I’m still rooting for that now. I do know I’m not rooting for team Duncan though. Looking forward to the next chapter!
  8. Marius

    Candy & Kisses

    Stumbled over this story today and found myself not able to put it down. Love the characters and story so far!
  9. Marius


    This was the perfect ending for this story. I’m so sad that it’s done. Going to miss that feeling whenever I got a notice that a new chapter was posted. Hope you continue writing. Would love to see another story from you ❤️
  10. Marius

    Chapter 5

    So good to see this back! Loved every word of it. Happy we get a bit more of an inside look into the mystery that is Kevin Malley
  11. Marius

    Chapter Twenty-Nine

    This was such an emotional chapter. Great work! I think you did the right thing by not ending it where you originally planned, this flows beautifully, and feels like a more natural ending to a chapter at this point in the story.
  12. Marius


    Thanks for this story❤️ Has been a wonderful journey. Did you say you were doing a spin-off? I hope it’s about Simon❤️
  13. Yeah, and Becker’s not really had a lot of experience in the romance and broken hart part of life yet, having been so closed off from his romantic feelings. I actually think you got some of that showing trough throughout the story. Though you don’t state it directly, it showed in how his relationship with other people and how he reacts to them, one example beeing in his relationship with his siblings. Yeah, nothings quite like that first time someone brakes your hart, but will be interesting to see how they grow as they get themself picked up. Thanks for these stories, they are well writen, easy to get addicted to and it’s been so nice to get to see Kevin’s view of events throug him getting his own story. Looking forward to following what happens to them, and hope you give us more stories in the future.
  14. Love this story! Poor Becker, he still got it bad for Kevin. Looking forward to seeing how things with Conner develops...
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