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  1. Fuck it.  Bad mood or not - I'm going to put my laptop in my bag, go, plunk down at my favorite coffee shop and start on a new story.


    Mac's tale, Dissonance revved my engine as it concerns character development and complexity baked into those same characters.  If you've not read it, you should.  It's good, and it deserves some reads.

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    2. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      @MacGregI seriously don't know how you can put down a story like that.  You've got the recipe dialed in.


      I get people who ask all the time if I have stories that I recommend, once they get through everything I've done.  Totally going to point them at yours.  Mainly because my readers tend to enjoy complex characters.  I thought I did that well in my work, but your guys in this tale are very convincing human beings.


      Of course, I'm going to encourage you.  I want to read more!

    3. MacGreg


      I was bogged down with work and college classes for 2-1/2 years. That's what really took the wind out of my sails for the story. But those characters have never been far out of my mind. Ben and Travis will return soon.

    4. MichaelS36


      It is a great story ... I hope you'll finish that next chapter soon, Mac.

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