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  1. The day is misty, beautiful and cool here on the Northern Coast of California.  I just returned from the walk I typically take on my break, and I got to admire the way the fog flowed through the pines and redwoods as I stepped along the path around Arcata.

    A good life is knowing you're lucky while that luck holds.  Don't wait to look back on now from some far-flung future, and think about how lucky you were.

    Know it now.  Live it now.

  2. Wayne Gray

    Loss and Hope

    Thanks for reading and for commenting, @Peterlefun. 🙂 I appreciate that you took the time to do so. I'm glad this tale appeals to you. There's more coming for our guys, so stick with me. We'll get there.
  3. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    Hey, why not? If everyone is game, make it happen!
  4. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    Time and love, that's what they all need. And they will be okay. Thank you for the great words - I appreciate that. The next chapter is a huge one in terms of what sort of impact the book has. That one drops on Wednesday, so stick around. We've two chapters left to go.
  5. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    Thanks, Parker. Tad had known for months that his time was limited. He began setting things in motion as early as he could so that he'd have a lasting impact on the world. That scene... with Stanley and Kent. I could feel both sides of that coin, and writing them has brought a greater understanding of D/s. For that alone, I'm glad that I included them in the story. Markus, yes. First, he woke up; that was victory number one. Second, he had already decided that he was going to figure out a way to live with himself. Having Shane and Heather there for him was icing on that cake, but thanks to Tad, he had already decided that he would live. I think that Tad would have been proud of that.
  6. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    You probably mean Kent and Stanley. But Nate has come a long way too. 🙂 I've often referred to Stanley's process with Kent as "build-a-Dom". I know that's a funny way to put it, but it's also pretty much what is happening. Though at this point, Kent is decidedly his own man, and he truly is the Dominant force in their lives. Stanley would have it no other way.
  7. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    Thanks, Tom! Yes... we spent chapters and chapters locked in the span of a couple of weeks. But now things and life all move forward. Christopher and Nate had the wagons circled around them, thanks in large part to Kent who has turned into this confident powerhouse of a friend. Though, it was Stanley who took the leap... took the risk, buying the collar... presenting it to Kent. Shane may not have quite redeemed himself, but he's trying. He had a week to think about things... and then when that email came he was horrified at what his treatment of Markus may have done. Markus is on the path - on the way to better things. There's more on Wednesday. It's a rather big chapter, actually. 🙂 See you then.
  8. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    Yes. A day at a time, a moment at a time. Until we're able to see the sun again.
  9. Wayne Gray

    Loss and Hope

    Thank you... ❤️ It felt a little like a house of cards... all the pieces leaning on one another to make a whole story. I'm so glad you have enjoyed it, the joy and sorrow and all. I think many look for tales which are all about the happy and never the sad. I've written a few like that myself, but I find those tales unsatisfying now. Like you, I look for all of it. I want the whole thing. 🙂
  10. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    Hehehe. Yeah, Shane got a hell of a scare. You're right - he TOTALLY deserved that. The last two chapters will have a lot of emotion. I'll leave that right there. 🙂 As for more chapters... omg, no. I have too many projects already. Though, I'm glad you want more of it. Thanks for reading and commenting. More to come on Wednesday!
  11. Wayne Gray

    Loss and Hope

    Thank you, tim. I know some of these scenes were short, but I needed all of these perspective shifts to make it work. A downer chapter... but things lighten up after a bit.
  12. Wayne Gray


    I'm glad you stuck around through the whole thing, Fae. Your feedback was wonderful, and very helpful. I know parts were not easy, so I appreciate that. Thanks, again.
  13. Wayne Gray


    Thanks so much, tim. Part of the reason I wrote this story was to educate people. I myself didn't have a good opinion of D/s, simply because the two examples I personally knew of someone calling themselves Doms were loathsome human beings. Abusers. I know better now. This place taught me better than that. And I knew I needed to teach others - anybody who'd listen. That's the entire reason for that discussion scene; it's to break it down, the spirit of D/s... the real, healthy way it's supposed to happen. You've been a great help to me in my work. I know I asked many MANY questions, so, thank you for being so patient.
  14. Wayne Gray


    Thank you for the great comment, Mike. I spent a long while on the discussion scene. I tweaked, reworded, asked for help, rewrote, deleted, and wrote some more. I told tim that my writing this and putting it on GA was a bit like giving a high-school level physics report to a group of rocket scientists. I may have done my research... but I don't live and breathe the Life. So, it's deeply meaningful that you believe this felt healthy and natural. @Fae Briona, @Mikiesboy both really helped me get this as right as I did. I spent many emails and messages honing the scene, and Fae was one of the first to read my story. So I greatly appreciate all of the help it took to get it to the place that I did. I know it's not perfect for all, but, it's perfect for Kent and Stanley.
  15. Wayne Gray

    Last Wishes

    Thanks for reading and commenting, iMarme. I'm happy that Kent and Stanley have fans. So many don't understand them (even some of those who have liked this story find their relationship strange, and foreign), so I'm glad you enjoy watching them progress and grow. Chris and Nate will be okay. They've got each other, and that's huge. I appreciate your readership. There's more to come.
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