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  1. That's awesome that you get it. It's hard to explain, it sounds like I'm bragging when I say stuff like "it didn't take effort". That piece didn't take effort. The rest? The rest is a slog!
  2. Thanks, Mac! I will work with my buddy, Jonathan on it (after Bled the Blood he asked if I had anything else for him). I feel like it has a bit of merit. We'll see where we end up.
  3. Wayne Gray


    Are you... are you trying to use logic? I'm just checking here. 🙂 Thanks for commenting and reading, @droughtquake. There's more frustration ... err, story to come.
  4. Wayne Gray


    They're only 500 lb animals. You got this, Mac! 😎
  5. Thanks, Parker. Ahhh, it depends. This is probably a chorus, and there's a lot more that needs to be written before it becomes a song. This bit hit me all at once between the eyes (it happens, rarely). I didn't have to really work for it, it was all just there. But the rest won't be like that. The rest will take time, effort, work to create. I know my pattern by now. My muse is a tease.
  6. Wayne Gray


    I was hoping they'd be there, molly. The last three times I had gone to this clinic I saw them. Today I decided to take the camera. Of course, I expected to see nothing this time, because, you know, that's how life is. But, nope! There they were. I'm glad you and Phil enjoyed seeing the picture. 🙂
  7. Wayne Gray


    Well, to be fair, their herd was there before the roads. 😉 I kept saying that I should take my camera. Finally remembered on this trip to our northern clinic, and BAM. There they were - emergency parking to their heart's content.
  8. Wayne Gray

    Wayne’s Randomness

    Exactly as described in the name.
  9. Now, that’s definitely a fun dream. ❤️ Thanks, Kitt.
  10. Wayne Gray


    I don't do too much of that "psyche!" stuff. Some, but not much. And, yes. This moment really happened. Caleb caved, and now both Wren and Caleb are sort of squirming with their own issues due to the situation. Ah, boys.
  11. You're welcome. Happy early birthday! 🙂
  12. Thanks for the listen, and for the comments, Reader. I hope your day is going well.
  13. Thanks, Thorn. Coming from you that means quite a bit. 🙂
  14. Wayne Gray


    Yeah, that’s a great way to wake up, in just about any book! Yes, they’re both confused about exactly what it is they want, and it shows. There’s a lot going on. But there’s also support available. We’ll have to see how things shake out. Thanks, Chris!
  15. I was driving on the way to our most remote site, and this melody/lyrics began to play in my brain. So I pulled off, recorded it, then continued on my way. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kzx9g8bKyTRl4pzA_OC42FGXN42vo5-n I’ll decide later if it’s worth trying to flesh out into a complete song. Maybe ask my buddy who does Folk singing for a living what he thinks. Till then, is the melody familiar to anybody? It’d suck to think it’s mine when it’s not.
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