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  1. I like that last bit in particular: "If there is such a thing as just a friendly fuck, that’s what this was. And Johnny has to admit . . . he liked it." 🙂 Nice start.
  2. Wayne Gray


    Did it? Huh. It's almost like I left things open intentionally!
  3. Wayne Gray


    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Some things take time. Internally, each had to work through some stuff ... and they did. And if you can invent an extra day a week, I'll work on getting that new book started. 😄 Thanks for the nice comment, and for reading the story.
  4. Wayne Gray


    Thanks for the comment, Bft. Lee did indeed walk away from Eddie, and all that he had promised. But Lee is still having some trouble with self-worth. He's feeling guilty for what happened to Avery. He's still reeling from losing Greg (even though that is fixed now). With time, maybe he'll get it figured out. The next chapter will tell. Well ... mostly. 🙂
  5. Wayne Gray


    I'm a writer living behind the redwoods. Quillwood is a natural choice. I get color on 17 March! I can hardly wait.

    © Wayne Gray

  6. Wayne Gray


    Thanks for the comments, and for reading, David. I like this one quite a bit. Yes, there are things that bother me, but overall the messages I wanted to convey got out there. The big one: Redemption is possible, but often only with patience.
  7. Wayne Gray


    I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I hope you continue to do so. 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting.
  8. The title coupled with the poem make for an emotional punch. It's a good poem. Well done, tim.
  9. Wayne Gray


    Thank you, ZekeNix. I’m happy you liked this little story. I rather like it too. 🙂
  10. Wayne Gray


    Thanks for the comments, Rigel. Avery finally let Bill and Anna love him. More ... he allowed himself to love them back. That has to be one of the scariest things he has ever done, but he took that leap. And they are all better for it. Joseph's partner and his coworkers accept who he is. They've known for a while, and they value him regardless. They are there to see their brother marry. It is that simple, and that sublime at once. Harlan is a complex little piece of quartz, isn't he? I can't call him a gem; he'd roll his eyes at that. Smoky quartz. Yeah. Let's go with that. But
  11. Wayne Gray


    Thanks, Michael. I appreciate that. 🙂
  12. Wayne Gray


    Thank you. I really tried to add more, but it wasn’t working at all. I know it could have been done better, but ... for now, it’s a little beyond me. As for Mamma G and her story. Honestly, I’d rather tell that moving forward from this point in time. I’d like to do it in a way where anyone could read it without having previous experience with the series too. Bits of the past would be revealed, and background filled in, but from this point in time. I need to think about it. Thanks for the comments and for reading. 🙂
  13. Wayne Gray


    You're right. Lee needed to move on. He'd been "kept" for so long, he didn't know if he was capable of living on his own. He and Avery needed to meet again. It's one of those things that just had to happen. Whatever comes now, things will be as they're meant to - finally. Thanks for reading and for the comments. I appreciate them.
  14. Wayne Gray


    I think you and Mamma G would get along. 😛
  15. Wayne Gray


    That’s so very sad. It will take time for hearts to change. It will happen, but yes ... it’ll take time. As people find their courage and empathy for others, the conversation will shift. This requires more people to be freely out, because without that, families don’t even know their loved ones are gay. They’ve no idea their friends or brothers are wounded by their words. I hope things get better soon. People deserve that.
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