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  1. This is a recording of these brothers (X Ambassadors) singing/playing live.




  2. I've been writing. But I can't just write my story; I have to sit down and do the work associated with that first, before things get unmanageable.

    I've already outlined. I've got up to around chapter six or seven outlined, and that's enough to get started. And start I have ... I'm beginning chapter three today. But I've yet to do my character spreadsheet. So today on my breaks, and after work, I'll get that done. Otherwise, we'll end up with characters with changing eye color, or their favorite drink will shift from chai to coffee, and we can't have that.

    This one is worth the work. I'm enjoying the process this time, and ... yeah. That makes all the difference in the world.

  3. Every time, every time I make stew from a recipe I find online, no matter how closely I follow the recipe, I end up with a pot of stew that looks like this. And yes, I followed the recommended pot size given in the recipe too.

    I actually didn't follow the recipe exactly, because I couldn't - not enough room. I skipped one of the two leeks, a cup of beef broth, and a pound of beef.

    I guess it's a good problem to have on a drizzly Saturday.

    And damn, this house smells amazing.

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    2. chris191070


      Looks amazing 

    3. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      It was pretty damn good. Warm sourdough with butter, dipped in thick, savory stew ... yeah, that was good.

    4. rewski84


      Looks fantastic. Glad it turned out well. 😋

  4. If you want something fun then take a look at this music video. 🙂



  5. Man ... I love this song and the video too. It's just so sweet. 🙂

  6. I saw this today, and it made me think about creation, and the drive to be "good." Who defines good? Who gets that power? Choosing who we trust to tell us when something is indeed "good," that's just as pertinent as creation for the sake of it, I think.


    1. Mikiesboy


      i remember the priest at church when i was kid ... he said.. SING.. God doesnt  care if you're singing on key... just sing.   Well, i dont believe in God.. but that was a good lesson. Just sing.

    2. MichaelS36


      I'm not a writer, or a poet, but  now and again, when the spirit moves me, I can do both.  

      We all should create when the spirit calls out to us. That could mean, painting, baking, building a sand castle, colouring, paint by number ... do what's in your heart. Or like tim said .... just sing. 

  7. Apparently I have a dirty mind.
    An advertisement said "Hey, Guys! Riding Toys here, get yours now!"

    And ... I did NOT think of a scooter right away.

    1. Mikiesboy


      That comes as no surprise to me. haha

    2. spyke


      Advertising always panders to the best parts of us. 😉  Keep that dirty mind dirty. I expect that "riding toys" will make an appearance in one of your upcoming stories. Lol

  8. Ohhhh ... yeah. Introspective, cool, strange, Indie. My favorite combo. 🙂

    1. Mikiesboy



    2. FrankD


      It's beautiful

  9. This one ... it starts slow. But. Wow. I love it.


    1. D.K. Daniels

      D.K. Daniels

      This is a good song. I'm a big indie-Folk fan. Thanks for introducing me to a new artist. The unique sound reminds me of the Irish band Picture This. They come from the next county over from where I live. You might like their sound too, if you are into Indie/Folk music.


  10. Listening to country getting into the spirit for the story I'm writing. And this song ... god, it's so catchy.


  11. First, I'm fine. Second .. this just wanted out. So here it is ... a tiny, unstructured nothing.


    Have you ever stared into the dark
    just praying for the light?
    Have you any hope to understand
    the absolute of night?

    We both know the answer.
    And I hope you never do.

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    2. Reader1810


      What @mollyhousemouse said goes for me as well, Wayne. 


    3. rewski84


      It's usually dark around me, so I'm used to seeing or looking out from within. I don't pray for the light. I know it's there. I see it, like stars in the distance. As a kid I always looked to the stars as my one salvation from the living hell I endured back then. The stars were always silent, though. Distant, unreachable, and silent. 

      For almost 55 years I've existed, though it's not much of a life. That's not to say my will is weak. It's actually very strong, and it's all that I have.

      Thank you for your stories. Although the characters are fictional, they touch a piece of me that takes comfort in knowing that someone like you has an inkling of unfathomable situations people can put others into, or what fate deems fit. Thanks again. 


    4. Mikiesboy


      yes, we do know

  12. How you getting on, Chris? Doing okay?

  13. Well ... 

    I just wrote the most sexually tense scene of my life that didn't end in sex.

    Oh, this is fun. 😈

    1. FrankD
    2. spyke


      Blue balls is not fun... 🤣

  14. Working on my new story. After thinking about it, and chatting with a fellow author, I've changed the title of the story to "Unlabeled Love". I've a chapter written, and my outline is up to Chapter nine. Before I write another word of plot I'm finishing this outline. I wanna get it right, and doing that is pretty much required for me to write anything beyond five chapters. Otherwise, it turns into a meandering mess and half-finished plotlines. Can't have that.

    Though, I can't wait to be done outlining, damn it.

    1. spyke


      So excited. I know you'll get it right!

      Happy Stephen Colbert GIF

  15. I'm writing. Writing. Writing. And it feels good. 🙂

  16. Tonight, I'm in charge of dinner. I'm making homemade chicken strips, and I'm attempting to reproduce one of our favorite french fry recipes from a local brewery.


    Giving these a try, with the addition of Parmesan cheese and fresh ground black pepper. I'm not making nearly as many either; one mid-sized potato each will do it for us.

    Rounding things out with broccoli slaw in a homemade dressing (I've tried it, and at least I know that will be good!).

    I'm looking forward to it!

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    2. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      Turned out good. I was nearly led astray by the 30 minute cooktime in the recipe, but I checked the fries at 18 minutes, and they were perfect. I would have been mad if I’d have burned them!

    3. FrankD


      Where is the drool emoji? oh there it is "🤤"

    4. Rickbgo


      now  I'm hungry again, and I just ate.  😋 

  17. Cider! 😀

    1. Ron


      Vinegar! :thumbup:

    2. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      Well, we all know what happens when Wayne has cider...

    3. Ron


      What? We weren't playing word association?!!

  18. I wrote one of those scenes today.

    One of those where you sit back, read it over a few times and wonder how the hell you're going to get back to good.


    1. Mikiesboy


      You'll get back there.

    2. Ford48


      You have amazing writing abilities. Don't doubt or second guess yourself, please. I'm not from Kentucky but from nearby and I have faith that you'll keep going. My best wishes.    Jon (aka Ford48)

  19. Some songs are made for waking up to.


    1. mollyhousemouse


      That was wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it 

  20. "What kind of abomination puts cheese in curry?!"

    My next, completely new story is going to start with that line. I have no idea what will come after, but it will have a good foundation, as you can see.

    1. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      Saag paneer...? um, cheese curry should have (at least some) cheese, nes pa? :) As for Obama-nation, I say, bring it back! 

  21. 10.5 hr days for the foreseeable future to keep things running.

    If I feel a bit absent, that's why.

    Okay ... back to it.

    1. MichaelS36


      You take it as easy as you can, my friend. 

    2. chris191070


      Take Care of yourself.

  22. Holy crap.

    Wine is not NEARLY enough tonight.

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    2. Daddydavek
    3. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      I had an employee bring a gun to work.

      He has a concealed carry, and he wasn't threatening anybody ... but that doesn't make it okay.

      Some places (like schools, and places empowered to hand over prescriptions for narcotics - like my clinic) are completely off limits to firearms, unless you're an agent of the law.

      This guy ... I've tried so hard over the last five years to make it work for him. He's had so many problems throughout the years, and I've always managed to make it work regardless. He's a person who is difficult to employ - someone I thought I could coach, and slap patches on his oddities in order to keep him working and productive.

      But I can't fix this. He's done.

    4. Mikiesboy


      To be 'fixed' it takes two ... the one being fixed needs to want it and to try. He couldn't keep his end of the bargain.

  23. I shouldn't laugh at another man's pain.


    But I did. I certainly did.

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    2. Fae Briona

      Fae Briona

      Szechuan peppers have a scoville rating of ~75,000 SHU; the Trinidad Scorpion hits between 1,200,000 SHU and 2,009,231. One of the former "hottest peppers" -- the Bhut jolokia -- hit 1,041,427 SHU

    3. Wayne Gray

      Wayne Gray

      This thing just looks evil. Why? Why would anybody stick that wolverine in their mouth? lol

    4. Ron


      Oh, Wayne, Hugh Jackman... I mean, Wolverine is considered quite a hottie by those cognoscenti that appreciate his, er, rougher edge. :*)

  24. "Why can't you just let someone take care of you? Huh? Why can't you let him love you?"

    Those eyes, muddled blue and green, stared into mine. I continued. "He said he loved you. What are you going to tell him?"

    More staring, then a frown of uncertainty.

    "I don't know." It was only a whisper - all I could manage as I turned away to leave the mirror and rejoin my date in the living room.


    It's very odd the things that come to me ... unprompted and simply there.

  25. I am tooling about on the internet, looking through Pinterest at various pages that have writing/creative stuff. I found this.


    So what makes a monster?

    Man ... that's a good, unexpectedly deep question.

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    2. Daddydavek


      A retired police detective once told me "there is a little monster in almost everyone and big ones in those who didn't learn to control it as a child."   He said this in response to my question "how could anyone do that?"  He was a long-time member of our metro major case squad and had seen a lot over thirty years.... 

    3. Mikiesboy


      That is a very interesting question ... think about fictional monsters, like frankenstein's monster, or cujo ... The Monster in Frankenstein is  what he was made from, but there is part of him that is gentle. He did not ask to be what he is, he was given no choice.  Cujo also is a product of a disease, poor thing, both of them made me sad for them.

      I think our real life human killers... monsters, like Hitler and his gang, serial killers ... are what we need to be afraid ofs others too but its too political for here. 

      Sharks are considered monsters but they aren't, they are what they are and if we don't respect that, then we could be killed by them. But they are not monsters.

      My nephew was given streetproofing when he was little. His mom told me that he went through all that and then said, 'But they aren't strangers if they wear suits right?'  He was like 6yo.  It's a shame we have rip kid's innocence from them.

      Anyway.. i've gone on past my 2 minute limit..  :D 

    4. MichaelS36


      @Daddydavek  yeah, I'd agree with him. Some are worse. This one I met while working to stop child pornography.  This particular person (I use that term lightly) took me all my training not to put through the wall.  I'm a fairly calm, in control person, but what he said to me was just beyond the pale. I had to interrupt the interview and leave the room. He was a monster pure and simple. 

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