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    5 minutes ago, BHopper2 said:

    OMG! LOL... I used to call a close friend of mine Adorkable. Thanks for the memory.

    I'll also echo what the others have said, you are very handsome. Your husband is lucky.

    Adorkable is an awesome word.  Perfect for certain friends.  🙂
    And, thanks!  I've never thought of myself as anything but "all right".  It's the beard.  I'll never shave it since it covers so much of my face!

    3 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

    You could have just put it on the table and taken by the pic ... LOL

    Then you couldn't see it "in action"!  I didn't want to deprive anybody of that.

    2 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

    Such a cuty

    Thanks, Chris.  But I was trying to show off the shirt!  Concentrate on my cleverness!  LOL, oh god, I really am laughing ...

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