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  1. TimD

    An Ember Burns

    Great story. Well written and marvelous description -- I felt connected to the characters. I forced myself to slow down reading the chapters to maybe 2 or 3 per day to drink in the beauty of the persons and scenery. Wayne, I await your next offering; thank you. Tim D
  2. TimD


    Thanks for a thoughtful and tender story; nicely written. I await your next story. Tim D
  3. Fantastic writing! Someone's previous comment mentioned your telling the story, not just in the events happening and in the responses each character gives, but in their feelings and emotions too. I loved your story. Although mentioned in only 2 chapters, you did Kyle good. The emotion you left us, I personally started a possible eulogy reflecting on Kyle's gift of Joy to each person he met. I didn't really do one, I'm not a writer. Other minor characters you have, you make them 'flesh and blood'. I wait for your next book.
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