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  1. WATER Where associated thoughts, experience related SENSE
  2. LOVER Love oneself. Variety essential re PLAN A
  3. FREAK Favours romance. Experimenting a kick LOYAL
  4. XEROX Xerox. Easier remaining on X SMART
  5. CATER Clean abodes tenders equivalent regimented MINDS
  6. TERRY 'til early removals reorganising yanking HOUSEmove
  7. ROOFY Requirements only one-minute frequency you TROJN
  8. GROUS Graciously reclaims outlandish utterances spoken INJESt
  9. LOSES Lesson ommited: Sex Education Snakebites PRCTL
  10. COCKS Curing of cocks killing snake-bite SUCKS (What did the doctor say? He says you're gonna die.)
  11. TREAD The real extra activity desired ISFUN
  12. TIMES Talk is meaningless, engaging speaks MORES
  13. DANCE Dynamic arts normalizing cultural expression MOVES
  14. VIRGI Virtual imaginary reality grants innumerable KUDOS
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