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  1. I'm not looking forward to the conclusion of the Barnstable saga...as I will dearly miss theses characters.
  2. Okay, if the next chapter is going to be like that, just rip the band aid off already and be done with it...you killjoy son of a......
  3. If those two pictures are of our heros, I can hardly wait until the movie comes out...
  4. Chipplette

    Chapter 23

    If I remember correctly, Danny sank the putt with the assistance of a few minor explosions.
  5. Chipplette

    Chapter 23

    I believe this point in the story is a perfect opportunity to reflect upon history. Your closing line in chapter 23 suggest as much. "Kessler, it's only fair that since you are going to be inheriting this camp that you inherit its secrets as well. There's so much more you don't know yet." We, as your audience, need this story going forward. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce the beginnings. Despite all the "help" you have received, there's little doubt you know exactly where this story must lead to next. As one of your many fanatic readers, we must trust your judgment on how best to proceed. One thing I do know for certain, I'm not unique in that I can't wait for you're next installment, as I know it will be brilliant.
  6. Chipplette

    Chapter 23

    Well, If I consume anymore Jack Daniels and continue to comment, I fear that I may start speaking in Jackenese. Goodnight, my friend.
  7. Chipplette

    Chapter 23

    After reading comments of the many fans of this story, and of course my own reading, I find it difficult to disagree that there's an unsatisfactory ending. I grew up in the theatre. I have spent my entire life in the entertainment world. The one thing I learned early was that a successful play or show, needs a good beginning, middle, and end. I believe that simple rule applies to writing as well. You have given your audience a great beginning and brought us to the middle. To the intermission, if you will. But now that the audience has reentered the auditorium, you have left us with no second act. No ending. The audience is intrigued enough to return, but there's nothing on stage. As a writer, you need to bring this book to a conclusion. A good story must stand on it's own. As is true with a play, a successful book must have that beginning, middle, and end. Your book, as delightful as it may be, has no ending. It leaves readers with nothing other than more questions. I love the ideas of prequels and sequels, and all the possible numerous spinoffs one can contrive, but I strongly advise that you resolve this entry before moving on. I only suggest this as a advent fan of your work and with hope that you reconsider your position. I'm also glad to learn that your fingers are busily feeding your fans with continued content. I expect something on my desk before end of day.... Love-ya
  8. Chipplette

    Chapter 23

    You're a complete tease, you know that? You gets us drunk with your words, then leave us high and dry with yet another one of your damn cliffhangers. You're rotten to the core! Am I right, fellow drunkards? It's in your best interest and well being that you commence immediately with undo haste with promised trilogy. Plant your overly talented ass in front of your machine and get going. Inquiring minds want to know. Failure to comply may result in great bodily harm. That's right, I will hunt you down and chain you to your keyboard with neither food nor water until you relent. You have been formally forewarned, Mr. Nothric...
  9. Chipplette

    Chapter 22

    Indeed. Begin brainstorming my friend. All, look forward to your efforts...
  10. Chipplette

    Chapter 22

    No. No. Nooooooooooooooo…You cant kill this story off with a "fairly short" finale chapter, you cliff hanging SOB. All your chapters are short enough already, you stingy turd. We need more. Your fans demand it! Two-A-days have never been enjoyable until this story broke. I'm already shaking from withdrawals... Seriously, nothric, your story has been a pleasure and refreshing read. I look forward to future stories. You're a gifted author. PS: May I add, though I have been lurking on this site for several years, this the first time I have offered a comment.
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