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  1. Hi there...thanks for reading. You probably worked out what's happening here. Two different lyrics for the same song. The original is first, and my own lyrics second. Camel are a superb group and I was a big fan of their's back in the seventies when I was a teen. This particular track always resonated with me, and although the original lyrics are fine, I wanted to come up with my own on the theme of Endymion, the sleeping tender youth so loved by the moon. Everything is keeping with the theme...romanticised love, so little of it found in contemporary imaginations.
  2. See the lights out on the water, Come and go, to and fro, In the time it takes to find them You can live, you can die, And nothing stops the river as it goes by, Nothing stops the river as it goes… All alone and all together, Everyday, come what may, By the time we find each other, We can live, we can die, And nothing stops the river as it goes by Nothing stops the river as it goes… (Bardens – Camel) Endymion As I watch you quietly sleeping, In your dream, Endymion, I caress your slender body with my
  3. Grey light darkening, filled the spaces Between the trees, and then a breeze Sighed cool against our faces: Our senses awakened to Nature’s caresses. Along the sylvan path we made our way, Towards the gentle murmur of the falls; Two sibling streams each coursed into a bay, The brother larger than the sister small. (From off the path the bridge bisects, We thought to capture these prospects.) Upon the bridge we marked the tangled copse, The owners of the pup in a papoose; In front three dogs upon their leashes stra
  4. Remembrance is the book of memory, From which we read our past in sentiency: And we, each day another page consign, Or from the ‘book’ some other time divine - When woodland scents perfum’d the autumn’d air, And country scenes were caught in camera stare - Fond echo of a day I spent with you, and gladly Walk again those steps anew. Pray think no ill toward my word-ly art, It warrants not a sigh or stiffened heart, but thy Cheerful eye! (Or may Heaven start to weep as Many tears it holds stars!) ‘Tis in the celebration of that day
  5. Thus our orbits briefly crossed, At first thou saw me not. Yet for the length of a tick and a tock - An arc’s slow motion upon life’s clock - Did’st thou this older spirit meet. From afar I saw thy light: Celestial, and in bloom; A Heaven’s flower of eternal beauty, Amidst the star-lit gloom. How sweet thou down-cast countenance, Framed in thy autumn-mane, Not once, but twice, this satellite, In honest resonance speak - Doth call thee beauty as thy name.
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