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  1. Calissaja

    Chapter 21

    I went to the Edinburgh Tattoo a couple of years ago and it was incredible! I live in NE England so it's only a couple of hours away but I'd lived overseas for a long time and was never home at the right time. The atmosphere is unreal and the sound of the pipes and drums reverberating around Edinburgh Castle is just gorgeous. I hope you get to go soon!
  2. Yikes, that's a lot! Take care!
  3. The perils of globalism. When @Mrsgnomie says ‘tomorrow’ and I realise that I don’t know which time zone she’s in and therefore when I should start checking every 10 minutes!
  4. I can't tell you how many times I checked whether the new chapter had been posted! Well worth the wait, although please don't make us wait so long - my nerves can't handle it! I feel bad for Penn. He's behaving like he's in high school because his emotional development ground to a halt when he loved and 'lost' Nash, married Cam on the rebound and never moved on. It's as if he's frozen in time: no sexual/emotional/romantic relationships, just Nash on a pedestal. Then when he finally gets his teenage love he's totally self-absorbed and naive and doesn't think about what Nash needs/is going through because he's never had an adult relationship. Even at the end when he says he's lost everything, he's not thinking about what Nash has lost and had to recover from. Nash, I don't know. I guess he was working with the information he was given but he didn't ask enough questions. I suppose after his experience with evil Lee that he couldn't face dealing with any more apparent betrayal and needed to save his own sanity. However, from everything we know about Nash it's in his nature to fix people (kids with the same emotional development as Penn!) so it's no surprise that that's his first impulse, but I was hoping that he'd maintain his new sense of self-preservation. I'd like to think that he and Penn could find a way back to each other but I wish that Penn had been able to fix himself rather than Nash always having to put people before himself. Maybe they'll both surprise us.
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