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  1. A word of advise. Should be faced with the possibilities of Love. Run. Run very very far away.

    Especially if it`s a menage a trois.

    RUN. Flee for your lives.

  2. Hello everyone. I will update in 5 days max. I just came back from my vacation and have yet recover from it. 

  3. Yes, I am mildly unhinged and mildly hallucinating where I think I spelled or arranged words correctly when in fact, I didnt. I have been sleeping for 2-3 hrs for 3 weeks straight

  4. Ah...shit sorry. The chapter numbering is wrong but it is the correct chapter. I am sorry, I am not tech savvy or detailed person.

    Yes I am 24 and yes, I can do basic computer and gadget repair. No I don`t have any qualifications in IT. My major is English Literature and no, again, I am not tech savvy or detailed person when not needed. I tend to just turn off my brain and went vacation mood.

    Yes...it took me 30 min every time to figure out how to update the chapters because I could not be bothered. But maybe I should...

    I apologize. Have a good weekend everyone

  5. I did it. I finished most of my pending work. Hello sweet sweet relief.

    Agenda: Write first then read

  6. Ah. Classic FM. I do not know but there is something calming when it is 2am and knowing that it's s 7pm on the other side of the world. 

    There is always something about two different people experiencing late night and sunsets at the same time 

  7. Apologies for the delay and for not starting my story yet 😂 this year have been tough..no. Just this few months have been tough but I have finished the story line for "Of Ancient Earth."

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