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  1. akuhata

    Reality Check

    Loved this chapter, thank you. The final mystery has been solved. Ryder has let his final piece of wall down and invested so much trust in Teddy. Now Teddy is going to have to really rise to the challenge, there's no going back from here.
  2. akuhata

    All for One

    Teddy seems to be constantly setting himself up to fail. He invites Ryder into situations where he can show him that he's willing to stand with him, then freezes up and the moment is gone. And once again he was let off the hook so to speak. Ryder has nothing to forgive because he expects nothing less. And to think, Ryder was more upset over Teddy allowing Blake and Mike to rough up Teddys' ex. Another great chapter, thanks.
  3. akuhata

    The Black Sheep

    Two out of three aint bad....was worth a shot but trying to get Ryder and Mike together was probably never going to work, too much bad history. What surprised me most was Ryder speaking out and actually giving it right back to Mike. Now I'm worried about what Mike will do next. Ryder keeps saying he's not into the music for fame and popularity. I believe him. Therefore, I'm confident, whatever his future career, he won't leave Teddy behind. Think this was a favorite chapter of mine because we got to see Ryder show some teeth. Get him riled enough and he get dish it right back. Always the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. Thanks for the chapter, more of your best.
  4. Great story. I really feel for Ryder, it's going to be hard following this one. And yet, I can't not help but read on.
  5. With all his problems, to see Ryder treated that way is sad. Worse, they were sorry for upsetting Teddy and probably didn't give any thought to Ryder. Anyway, on a lighter note, for the dads' sake, they better get together. Think as far as Harrison is concerned, this is the one and noone else will ever compare.
  6. akuhata

    Campfire Songs

    Wow. You've done it again Ace, created a character that I can relate to. Looking forward to seeing how you handle Ryder, this one is special, so please be nice.
  7. Great chapter. I 'm guessing it's probably not my type of music, but even so, I can appreciate someone who puts on a show and gets the crowd going. Ryder certainly seems to have a gift for that which obviously surprises everyone. Seems sad that so few know this side of him and judge him too quickly without getting to know him.
  8. akuhata


    Hehe yeah I feel so spoilt, I guess being late to the party isn't always such a bad thing
  9. akuhata


    Really warming up to this now. Yeh I think Teddy is slowly making headway. Ryder just dropping by out of the blue suggests he might be feeling something, especially hoping Teddy would not discontinue their friendship. Great seeing another set of wholesome supportive parents. Loved the dad trying to push him on a date. This is gonna be another one of your goodies, Thanks Ace.
  10. So Teddy is getting the blame for being in the dark and not knowing Ryder at all. Yet one of his best friends, Blake, has been friends with Ryder all this time and seems to know a lot about him. Not meaning to point fingers but maybe if Blake had mentioned something sooner.....I mean it was only a chance encounter in the cafeteria that got Teddy involved in the first place. What if...what if.
  11. I hated Hartley from the first, for obvious reasons, he came across as a devious manipulator not to be trusted. His actions in the previous story proved he was a self centered dick willing to sacrifice anyone for his own ends. Unfortunately there's a lot of truth in what he says. If I could believe that his end game is to right the wrongs and make change for the better, then like Dustin and Ryder I think I too could be swayed to look to him as the new champion to fight evil with evil. Hartley reminds me of a certain someone from the bible who tried to rise above himself by deceiving others into following him.
  12. akuhata

    School's Out!

    Ok so not quite what I'm used to from you, but after two chapters it's looking like a good read. What probably stuck out most for me was how Ryder pointed out the double standards in the way he was treated compared to Teddy despite them both being gay. Looking forward to reading more.
  13. akuhata

    Family Man

    WOW what a journey. It just seemed to go on and on. And you know what, I didn't mind at all, in fact I didn't really want it to end. Thank you for writing this great saga. I look forward to starting on your next lot of works. The underground trilogy was one of the best stories I've had the privilege of reading on this site. The characters were real and meaningful. Every emotion was experienced through all the highs and lows. This was story telling at it's brilliant best. Well done to you.
  14. akuhata

    Pillow Talk

    And now he may even be starting to take his big brother role seriously, nice touch at the end.
  15. akuhata

    Baby Steps

    The car scene was my favorite. Just like old times, the banter between Riley and Carter, reinforces why they make such a perfect couple.
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