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  1. One of my favorite stories it’s about love beautiful love
  2. Nana Atuwa


    Great story it was great to read it again missed all the characters I hope u write a story about Sho and Ivan thank you
  3. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 57

    10th timE and still love ❤️ it don’t even know why thank u I read the prequel but I think u took it of your platform
  4. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 10

    For someone who didn’t want to be gay he is sure enjoying himself 😜 am happy for him is good to let go sometimes and be happy
  5. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 20

    Love is about compromise if David was really to do something he wasn’t comfortable with why those TC feel he can’t do same what makes him think he is so special he should try to compromise if not all the time at least once every two weeks give up his control he said he allowed Elliot to top him sometimes but the man he has loved for years even longer than Elliot he can’t do it if he wants this man he should be willing to do that before he loses him to someone in England 😂😂😂 loved it still can’t wait for part 2 love all your stories
  6. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 15

    In the voice of Oliver Twist I want more I loved this so funny and exciting from start to now Regan and Gideon are so funny and I love Honey he is so cute seriously
  7. Nana Atuwa

    A Solid Bond

    Hoping u will finish the sequel soon
  8. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 18

    Ok cool can’t wait thank you
  9. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 18

    Second time reading and realized Zane is Adrian’s cousin am happy they are on the same planet would have loved it if they got to meet each other great story thank u again
  10. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 30

    Oh wow really enjoyed it loved the many changes u made the new characters and the new story line can’t wait for next one thanks mean while going to read chaos is everything again really love that story
  11. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 6

    Well that will be a bad idea or wow so excited my favorite story u have written is Chaos is everything I have read it like 10* I think it’s the only story on this site I have read this much and am getting the same feeling I get when I read it
  12. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 5

    Where is this chapter pls confused 🤷‍♀️ what happened
  13. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 5

    I got here and since I had read the other story twice it felt different so I went back to read planet redemption again u changed some of the characters and names and Danni’s power’s lock different am now going to read it like a new story look at it with fresh eyes 👀 and not try to compare both but so far am loving it so continuing to next chapter excited
  14. Nana Atuwa


    I read the first one and have being waiting for the sequel hopefully the rewrite will be complete can’t wait
  15. Thank you ☺️ I read the first one so was happy to read the additions beautiful story
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