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  1. Beautiful ending to a beautiful story thank you 🙏🏾
  2. Am happy he finally told the truth and is getting help am so happy for him that he is getting all the love he deserves
  3. I read a story recently on this about a guy who for 12 yrs had been running from everything and everyone because he thought he had killed an abusive dad who killed his mom but actually they father was not dead but in jail he had been running for nothing looks like that’s what the protagonist is doing he hasn’t even bothered researching what’s been happening in his past maybe he would not be in as much trouble as he thought he was I really feel sorry for him been so scared in the bubble he created
  4. Nana Atuwa

    Walk Away

    Are there no good ppl who will at least listen to him and find out what is wrong instead of just making assumptions it’s like he has no voice there is always two sides to a story isn’t it
  5. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 17

    I almost didn’t finish it it was just too much in the beginning I don’t think I can allow myself to be blackmailed and I will not advise anyone to allow it to happen because if Hunter had put his fear aside it wouldn’t have happened that way but am happy it turned out ok in the end I don’t usually read stories like this happy I read this one thank you
  6. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 51

    Well I love all your stories all of them you are one of my favorite authors now As a proud Christian I am ashamed of the ppl who came before as who didn’t represent the words of Christ right all Christ ever preached was love for everyone no matter who they are or what they are not once in the Bible did he discriminate he loved ppl who wanted to kill him he said love your enemies so it breaks my heart when I see the hate and pain this so called Christian leaders promote thanks for a beautiful story about love love for everyone no matter who you are God bless you
  7. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 1

    Love your stories but this hmm it would be so easy if you lived on an island 🏝 jail is not really fun I think you crossed the line on this one
  8. Will you write a story about Kaplan and Cyrus like give a back story about his life and his relationship with Kaplan I will love to read that
  9. Am back reading it all over again was wondering if you would be writing about the lycan summit and if it’s possible to introduce our friends from running with the pack ? Thanks
  10. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 3

    Am surprised he wasn’t taking to the hospital to have some medical attention and get a sexual abuse kit done
  11. Nana Atuwa


    Nice story reminded me of KIAO lots of similarities but I like this as well thanks
  12. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 42

    Am confused 🤷‍♀️ how can Sawyer’s mother be a wolf and he is not I don’t understand will we find out why? Soon
  13. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 32

    I think if he had completed the mating bond Sawyer would have been better I don’t know why he wanted to wait I think his would have canceled The bite by Irwin am sad
  14. Second time reading still love it I was really sad we didn’t see the Adrian character again any great ending thanks
  15. The nativity of Andrea and Antonio is astonishing how can a young poor boy somewhere blackmail his rich parents and force them to let him marry their son I just don’t get it I just feel sorry 😢 for Praveen
  16. The problem is Aiden did leave his driver and no one knew where he went that also went against him you never really told us where he went when he left his driver
  17. Another great story have u ever thought of writing ✍️ a telenovela because you stories read like that the last chapter read like an action movie 🎥 really exciting thank you
  18. Nana Atuwa


    Thanks another beautiful story from the camp it’s nice when ppl have a safe place to go. In Ghana 🇬🇭 an lgbtq 🏳️‍🌈 center was opened last Sunday morning and just that afternoon the police closed it down and there is no one to fight for them am so sad 😞 I have been arguing with ppl all week some say they should be beating up and killed and some I like why with so many beautiful girls they want to be gay some also say protect your little boys and I say with that logic we should protect little girls from them because if been gay makes you want little boys then been straight can also mak
  19. Nana Atuwa


    Welcome back I missed this guys nice to read about them again thank you
  20. Nana Atuwa

    Stephen & Anton

    Great story it was so nice to meet some old characters again and some knew ones And being a Ghanaian 🇬🇭 I was happy to read about my country in here thank you
  21. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 25

    Another great story it’s been fun reading it I laughed I cried I awwwed yh it was everything thank you and it ended on a high note so great thanks again
  22. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 4

    So far great I love all ur stories so.. yh Just don’t love Bev as a best friend she. Is not a good one she only needs Spencer when she has nothing else to do you don’t invite a friend to a party and leave him immediately u enter not cool he should stop being friends with her
  23. Nana Atuwa


    Love this ending it was great to meet the children and I love the happy ending you gave Petr and Riku and everything else was wonderful to read thank you
  24. Nana Atuwa

    Chapter 4

    I just realized something the other day that the things that some “Christians” are fighting so much against just affects the individual (Homosexuality and Abortion) it doesn’t really hurt 😔 ppl around what instead they should fight against a things that affect the community, and the world like gun volience racism discrimination sexual and physical assault this are important things ppl should fight against it really breaks my heart in the Bible it says work out your own salvation not someone else’s and judge not so you will be judged but I don’t think they see that in the Bible do they
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