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  1. Demiurge

    Twenty Three

    @drpaladin he 100% agrees. That being said, he’s a dumbass, but he’s a very traumatized dumbass
  2. Demiurge

    Twenty Three

    @Philippe hey! Missed your feedback Thank you 🖤
  3. Demiurge

    Twenty Three

    @SnowBear yeh right? Like oh you wanna buy me stuff? Hell yeah, lemme make a list
  4. “No, moron you have to come in or it defeats the purpose!” Ophelia was glaring at him and he looked up at the store sign. It was lit up red, the black letters announcing that they were standing in front of “Filigree”. The store front’s windows had black curtains and Seth frowned at the girl. Noah was standing in the doorway, watching the exchange in confusion. “Ophelia, if he doesn’t want to come in, he doesn’t have to.” Ugh, this kid was perfect. People trying to make him do things were hi
  5. Demiurge

    Twenty Two

    @Modified Cub pretty sure Seth would still 10/10 go a few rounds with Brock 🤣
  6. Demiurge

    Twenty Two

    @drpaladin that would be so easy…and drama free 😬 @Israfil Yes, the tiny one needed to fight his own battle again
  7. Noah’s eyes were wide and he met Lia’s shit-eating grin. He scrambled forward and smacked his thumb aggressively against the end call button as the other end of the line remained silent. He hadn’t processed his word choice at first. Then his brain caught up with his mouth and he’d managed to mentally tackle the crush that’d made off with his rational thinking. He’d called Seth babe. After telling him he was going to do something he knew Seth wouldn’t like. After Seth had a rough night. Ugh, Noah
  8. Seth frowned. Well, actually, Seth sulked. He rested his forehead against the window. Their boss’ son was some kind of weirdo and as much as Noah downplayed it, he’d been shaken up for a reason. Seth didn’t like it. The car was filled with something that sounded oddly like a mix between rap and screaming? It smelled of cheap, greasy food too. They both added to the weird atmosphere in the car. He had messed up. He’d known the guy was watching. He’d known it the entire time. Was it strange machis
  9. Demiurge


    @Mattyboy I’m sorry 😭😭😭
  10. Demiurge


    He wasn’t sure how in such a short amount of time he’d gone from a virgin to agreeing to…whatever this was. He licked his dry lips and let out a breath. He should’ve started so much sooner. The hell with his family. This was great. Sex was great, or maybe it was because it was Seth? He wasn’t sure. Either way, ten out of ten, would recommend. Focus, stupid. Seth was still waiting for an answer to confirm he’d understood. Noah nodded, eyes running over Seth’s torso. He tapped his jaw li
  11. Demiurge


    Against his better judgement, Noah’d given a teenager control of their entertainment for the evening. He was not sure if it would have mattered any way. He and Seth were no match for the combined power of their adversaries. Lilith had an accomplice this whole time. Lia arrived home with bags. She’d produced facemasks, orange juice, champagne, and sparkling white grape juice for Lilith. There was now a black charcoal, peel off, concoction slathered all over his face and his apprehension was growi
  12. Demiurge


    He’d been in the office all day at this point and he still couldn’t make heads or tails of the numbers. Well, that wasn’t necessarily true. He could make sense of them, but he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to admit it to himself. Seth was sitting next to him, scrolling on his phone while he waited for his services to be needed. Noah frowned and decided there was nothing left he could do. He’d gone over these numbers over and over. If he hadn’t found the answer by now, there was a good chance h
  13. Demiurge


    @Mattyboy little bit of salt in the wound there. Haha
  14. Demiurge


    @Modified Cub thank you! 😊 @Mattyboy there will is no relief in sight from the Lilith-induced pressure 😂 Also, thank you!
  15. Demiurge


    @drpaladin ah yes the ramen. Here we have a perfect example of my strange sense of humor 🤣 I think I’m funny. @Israfil dearest Brock is not *quite* done yet @SnowBear I dunno if I’ve ever made someone fan girl. Feck yeah I feel accomplished 🖤
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