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  1. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 9

    “Are you done yet?” Bryan calls from the kitchen. “Probably,” I say aloud to no one. Finding myself lingering for a moment to look around the guestroom again. The drawers of the dresser are empty, I know that, but I check anyway. The nightstand clear and the bed’s made. The watercolor picture still hung on the wall between the closet and the door, picturing a lone seabird in flight over ocean. My eyes drift to focus on that slight mar on the otherwise immaculate blue wall. That is undoubtedly mine and like regret—I can take it with me in that way but I can’t take it back. I leave, sh
  2. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 8

    lol. I would be irrational if I were a number I think. 😄
  3. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 8

    Thanks so much mrbossmant. Next chapter needs some work but I hope by next week it can be ready to post (fingers crossed!)
  4. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 8

    Hi Rockycs, thanks for the comment. I fixed the font for the text message portions (I usually have it set as a different font to show the difference, but upon first post it must have changed it) but upon posting the font formatting must have been altered. The different font hopefully makes it a little more distinct. The far right format I have been using as a way to show Evan's texts vs the responses as previous chapters the text sequences were sometimes reply, answer, reply. But agreed for this section--it doesn't quite work as the texts have spaces between them as pauses/Evan's thoughts
  5. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 8

    morning when are you back It’s strange seeing the text the next morning. I squint at it, as if I’m not reading it correctly but I am. Timestamp 8:05AM. I don’t reply. I don’t even know why he would ask. Why he keeps asking when I’m miles away and trying to get over it. I dress, shove my phone in my pocket and go to walk out. It’s almost 10. “Where you off to?” It’s Grace and I’m surprised I almost missed her. She’s cuddled on the sofa with a book and a cup of coffee. The pair of reading glasses she wears lends her an easy and uncomplicated air. “I just thought I’d take a
  6. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 7

    Thanks KayDeeMac! So happy you enjoyed the chapter. Agreed, at this point Evan doesn’t realize or doesn’t want to acknowledge that maybe what he he really needs to to learn to connect with people. Thanks for reading Arran!
  7. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 7

    I tried my best to convey Evan's feelings of failure and discontent. There will be no instances of any physical self-harm in this story, but the internship was something he did want, and that rejection and loss of a goal he had set for himself sent him teetering over an edge of sorts. And yes, of course he will take it. Trying to get him there in a realistic and in character way is the hard part. 😄 Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Israfil. More to come soon!
  8. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 7

    “Want to spot?” He’s asking me. “What?” Houston points to the metal ladder, the one leaning on the tree. “Couldn’t hurt to have an extra hand.” He says and takes a helmet out of the bin he is currently inventorying. He sprays the interior with the aerosol can just as Bryan had. “Put this on, Flip can show you the rest.” He says before going back to arranging the bins of supplies and equipment. He’s checking things off as he goes on a clipboard and seemingly keeping count of the items. And that’s all. I hadn’t even answered. “Have you ever done a challenge course like this before?
  9. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 6

    Thanks mfa607 more to come soon.
  10. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 6

    The highway ran ahead forever, flanked on both sides by wilderness and under a cloudless blue sky. Eventually, we do turn off and the road changes. Transforms from this featureless straight line into this bending narrowing path that climbed, only to be swept down again by the next turn. It is not unlike the roads near their home that wove through hills and forests, except there are no flashes of buildings through these trees. I lean my head back and breathe in the rushing air, my gaze following the empty vein in the tree canopy and that flawless blue beyond it. The rest of the world,
  11. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 5

    I close my eyes and I can hear water rushing down a drain. The shower stopped moments ago, and I hear Wrinkles shaking off behind the bathroom door. And I wonder if it is time to go. From this entire place. From this pretend I have been playing at. I hear a door upstairs open, and then slam shut. Bryan. I can’t help but to watch as he descends the stairs. It has almost been a week of me being here and already I find this as something out of the ordinary—the way he is now is hesitant with each step, even holding the railing, and it is so different from the way he normally tramples arou
  12. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 4

    Arran, thank you so much for reading so far and being willing to re-orient between the gap in updates. I hope to update soon and keep a more regular schedule as the story progresses.
  13. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 4

    The stream is definitely mild at best, but Evan's own fear still manages to throw him off balance. Thanks for pointing this out. The runner definitely offers Evan the help but at this point in time Evan is reluctant to take any bit of help from anyone. Thanks for reading travelbug! Yeah, he is honestly. 😅 Hoping he will improve with time. I certainly hope so! My personal goal was is about 2-3 chapters a month. Thank you for reading, I am working on the next chapter and hope to update before the end of the month.
  14. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 4

    I kneel to inspect the wall. Morning floods the room and highlights the imperfection even more. The light blue paint on the wall was chipped from the impact, a little bit of white powdered plaster dots my fingertip when I pull back. I brush it off on my jeans. And then there’s my phone. Shattered at the corner, a ragged fault line splinters out towards the middle of the glass face. I power it on and wait, impatient. The lag unbearable as everything struggles to update. It functions, I guess, but I can feel the cracked glass on my thumb, a reminder that nothing survives unscathed. PJ ha
  15. Ratio Harken

    Chapter 3

    I kick the leg of the table further out. The next, and then turn it upright, the metal and plastic creaking with the flip. I give it a little force on the tabletop until it clicks securely into place. “Where do you want these?” I yell up to Grace. She is hanging a large banner that reads: ‘Congratulations Graduate’ over the railing of the raised deck and the stairs down. She doesn’t hear me. I’m below in the yard assembling the tables. I drag the one I just completed a little closer, so it sits in the middle with the rest. The ground is not very even at all and mostly just soil, root a
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