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  1. I liked it. For such a long, very very long story it held your interest. I found myself skipping over some of the super descriptive passages. I tend to take thing at face value so when you say something is big you don't have to say gigantic or monstrous or whatever. One thing for all it's length I thank the author for finishing it in a timely manner. It is filled with mystery and intrigue and that is what keeps your attention. I reserve 5 stars for stories that capture me emotionally. This although thrilling for the most part did not.
  2. Jon Jon

    Chapter 139 Bonding

    I don't agree with the bunch that says Daniel is a mini Don. Don is psychotic homophobe - Daniel is basically a good kid who doesn't like conflict. Nothing like Don he has very little of Don's meanness that is for sure. The pastor is a little too touchy feely for me. I think he has brain washed Mathew, probably molests him too. Robbie is just beginning to see that Sue is probably his best friend trying so hard to give him the love he needs with the passing of his mom. For sure the whole experience for Robbie is too much as he grasps at straws like Connor and Nathan when he really needs to be back in the UK with Tom.
  3. Jon Jon

    Chapter 8

    So sad, a great story started but not completed. I can understand taking a bit of a break but 4 years. I guess I should give the author the benefit of a doubt and say he was incapacitated in some manner.
  4. The story simple and direct without long lavish descriptions. ( I hate those never ending descriptions ). It was sweet the way that Blake came out to Tay. It's the land of make believe but so wonderful to see 2 gay boys find each other.
  5. I agree it's a shame Robbie and Daniel can't be together. Or can they. Daniel could be Bi or closeted Gay due to Don's homophobe influence. The fact that Daniel asked Robbie to go on the date with him shows his love and respect for his adopted brother. Maybe as much as Daniel tried being with the girl just didn't stir his juices the way he imagined it would. Nathan is too gayishly flamboyant with an agenda that really has no room for Robbie and Conner is just a big lug with a good heart but little sensitivity. So discouraging that the story has no ending yet. It's been on going for almost 5 years. I love it but it needs an end. Stopping and starting breaks the continuity. I read the first 134 chapters in the fall of 2019 and then a drip and now another. I so want to know all this boys are well and safe and happy with their lovers.
  6. Jon Jon

    Chapter 33

    It is a good move so sad I think that it is so hard to bring this story to a conclusion.
  7. Jon Jon

    My Only Escape

    I do a little bit of writing myself but I tend to complete the story. The end is the hardest part you've gotten bored with the characters but you have to soldier on so to speak. the readers deserve an ending. Sorry to say this Comicality, but I don't want to read any more of your stuff becase there isn't an end. Hey you are a gifted writer your plots and character development are great. There are times when you can't stop reading it. But for me I don't want to go through that reading to have it not come to a conclusion.
  8. I found it cute and entertaining. Well written and it moves along so. I don't like long drawn out flowery descriptions. Like the author has a dictionary and a tusaris at his side and is looking up every pretty word he can fine. No you David told it how it is without all the BS that puts guys like me to sleep. Thanks fir your effort in putting it together.
  9. Jon Jon

    My Only Escape

    It is sad - that was my second ending - Zack getting hurt or actually dying - more times than not a teen in that situation - in a nervous breakdown and gay - always hiding the real person - they do it... it is sad - but the fear of being out - is bigger than the survival instinct - probably a lot less today with the more tolerant attitude - but back in the 50's it was the norm.
  10. Jon Jon

    My Only Escape

    If only Brody's or Adam's mom were a school psychologist and took an extra look at Zack and saw the turmoil, the pressure going on in his head. If only they could reach out and give him the help he so sorely needs; get Zack and his mom out of that apartment while Zack's father is confronted. Hey looks like Zack's dad doesn't work so he should be removed. Then Zack and Brody can go on being boyfriends and after college marry and with a surrogate have a child of their own. Zack demanding it be from Brody's seed with his beautiful loving sensitive way. I need an ending. It is such a marvelous story; it develops the reader so thoroughly in the pure emotion of Zack, Brody and their friends. But it needs it's ending and please a happy ending. Before everyone is crying at Zack's funeral and Brody reads Zack's notebook to all assembled and Zack's father is found out to be the miserable excuse for a human being that he is. Sadly, that would be the case in real life but this is fiction, make it end happy Comicality. Please!!
  11. Jon Jon

    My Only Escape

    It is great story - the plot is outstanding and the characters are really good. Being a steak and potatoes man my only grip is that sometimes the descriptive is a little excessive and flowery seemly never ending at times. I found myself skipping over it as I became used to the author's style. That said other passages had me riveted to the action - the love scenes were spectacular and the sensitivity of the author jumped off of the page. It seems as if young Zack is in the throes of and emotional breakdown to compound the physical abuse of his father. I was literally 100% depressed to find at the end of chapter 32 (read in 2 days time) that Zack still didn't have the courage to get the help he needed. PLEASE HURRY AND FINISH IT.
  12. Jon Jon

    Chapter 8

    wow what a chapter - such a marvelous scene between Zack and Brody as they exchange their second kiss, so sensual and exotic. Zack gives up his middle name and a beautiful name it is Zachary Aiden. You feel his strength of character in Zachary and his sensitivity in Aiden. There is now hope for Zack; a little bit of love dropped from haven; maybe just maybe Brody's love for him will give him the strength to tell of the horrors inflicted by his father. So sad that the father is such a villain with the mother oblivious and complicit in her inability to see the obvious. There are so many good fathers in the world but so often it the faulty ones that get the press and the mothers the love and glory.
  13. I recently read A to Z so all the characters except ADA Williams and the Defense were familiar. I was kind of hoping for a confrontation between Andy & Ray; where Andy nails Ray as the despicable person he is. But happy that Ray is nailed anyway and shown to be the coward he is. Spectacular ending that seemed to be missing from A to Z. Thanks for your hard work Parker and for allowing us to see your marvelous talent. It's all to frequent that stories like Andy's of abuse are swept under the table in real life. This one has a happy ending but it is make believe.
  14. Loved the tough English cockney talk - Little Billy is a rascle but so lovable and Chris is sure a big brother type and so level headed. Stories of mistreated boys finding someone to take care of them are so sweet. It'll be good to find out what happens.
  15. Wow a Great story, thank you for all the time and effort that you are putting into it. I have been fascinated by it for the past week or so devoting almost every available non sleeping hour to it.  I took some sleeping hours too; I couldn't stop reading it. So after reading 133 chapters and a unknown number of pages but at least 500, I was a little disappointed to see it was still a work in process. 

    One comment though in the early chapters there was a lot of redundant flashback to issues previously discussed in earlier chapters. But as the story moved on that was not the case. I presume you thought the reader wasn't starting at chapter 1. In latter chapters you did not use the flashback nearly as much and it moved the reading along much better not having to reread what was all ready known. 

    Another thing I was looking for was the character of Daniel  to take a more prominent role. Just love the fact that 2 brothers only a year apart should be so much closer. 

    It was a little like reading War & Peace but without the ending. So I have fabricated one.   

     Robbie's situation with Don exculates to the point where he dreams of being emancipated. Jo helps him with the legal side of the process.. Although Jo is no longer needed as his councilor,  Robbie gets her to be the executor of his trust fund after she helps with the emancipation hearing. This ensures, he is able to keep contact with Jo  When Tom's dad loses his job Robbie helps them to immigrate to Canada. Robbie being emancipated moves in with them. With Nathan being too flamboyant and Conner being too immature Robbie turns to his first love Tom. Tom has discovered that although he is bisexual; he has only found real love with Robbie. They become a life long couple and get married after graduating from college. Robbie maintains his relationship with his family, Daniel, Amy, Nicole and Sue as well as his other best friend Rory. Daniel has it out with Don and helps him to change his bigoted ways before he loses the rest of his family.  Little Jamie lives on way beyond the norm. Walter goes to Robbie's  graduation but shortly after passes on.  Robbie, Jo and Mr. Andrews go to Walter's funeral   Robbie goes on to follow in the footsteps of Jo & Walter and he is blessed with a career in social work helping kids and making a difference. 

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    2. Jon Jon

      Jon Jon

      Glad you like the reference - When Is the next chapter due out -  I had to do something your story controlled my life for like 2 weeks with always another chapter so I did an epilog.Now I am curious to see how it actually ends. I screwed up. I know if I am right about anything you can't use it now and if I am not right what was the sense in doing it. I guess I am not the only one - By the way your wonderful humor though out the story had me so often in stitches. Glad you posted a note here that I can reply too. I still don't know how to send a post directly to you.  Anyway thanks again for the story. I thoroughly enjoyed  Robbie and all the guys and even Nicola. Alex is a shit thou. I still would love to see Daniel have a larger role. I think he is so cute and very well adjusted in a wacky family.  

    3. Dodger


      This is a little bizarre but I'm sure Tim won't mind. Thank you for showing such interest in the Cockney Canuck. I can understand how it's possible to find a connection with a story and its characters, because I've done it myself with others. I also understand how frustrating it can be when there are no updates for a while, which is one of the things that has driven me to finish it. I'm fairly certain that I would have given up a long time ago if it hadn't been for people like you. I'm not going to say if any of your predictions are true or not, but it does have an ending, and the next chapter will be either tomorrow or Monday.

    4. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      I'm very happy to follow the conversation here. It's good to have a bit of activity on my profile. :lol: 

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