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  1. JasperP

    The Waiting Game

    Oh, they both are for sure. I guess I experienced literally nothing like this in college. And I worked on Wall Street pretty successfully for a long time and never really experienced anything like it. Old Dominion is quite the training ground! Although I imagine most of the student body goes happily through life drinking, studying and shagging.
  2. JasperP

    The Waiting Game

    I liked this chapter quite a bit. Corbin remains tough for me. I can't imagine living my life quite so transactionally. But he makes for an interesting character!
  3. JasperP

    Aged to Imperfection

    This is easily one of my favorite chapters yet. Seems to show a real maturation in Corbyn - like maybe ending up in the hospital was a genuine low. Not that I expect it to be all uphill for him from here, but something has definitely changed. My guess is that it's Pete. This was pretty much a Pete-less chapter. I don't think it's why it was one of my favorites, but it's interesting nonetheless. Looking forward to the next installment!
  4. I think that is Corbin's biggest problem actually - that he "believes in what he's going after with conviction." Even when people point out to him that his behavior isn't good, he is mono-focussed and it seems to often work to his detriment.
  5. I feel like you must be the Corbin character, which puts me in a tough spot because I really don't like the Corbin character. That said, I probably wouldn't like myself much in college if I could look back on it now. lol At some point Corbin will be right and Hutch will use the Dave hookup against him. Or maybe Lee will? Or maybe even Dom if he and Lee bond over their big/little relationship. So much drama I'm glad my university didn't have fraternities! I like Dave and he may turn out to be the most loyal character of all. At least I hope he does. Not every single person can have multiple agendas, can they? It would be nice for Corbin to have a low-key fuckbuddy, especially one who is a good lay! (Very hot scene btw.) I also noticed Amanda's disappeared. Corbin has now burned through Amanda, Hutch, the Dean, that entire sorority whose name escapes me, Nick (maybe the worst mistake Corbin has made imo) and others. That's an awful lot of carnage for Pete's sake. 😁
  6. JasperP

    Tear Night Pt 2.

    I binged this entire story in a few days. Great writing and great character development. Took me right back to college - minus a lot of the alcohol. I mean, how do they even live with so much booze in them and blacking out nightly? Corbin remains simultaneously one of the most and least likable characters, which is tough to pull off. He can be amazingly cruel - his treatment of Melanie, his cruel breakup with Nick, his power play with Hutch of all people. I'm not sure I've seen the amazingly kind side of him yet. Sure, we've seen him help people out using his connections, but even that is mostly self-serving. Guys who go through life like him either grow up or end up very alone. Pete's speech may be a bit of the wakeup call Corbin needs. Maybe he'll realize that it's not always just about him, that he is burning a lot of bridges and the body count is already quite high - Amanda, Dr. Watson, Hutch?, Nick, Mike, etc. Corbin seems finally to be tearing himself apart, both physically (he ends up in the hospital) and emotionally. He's been careening the entire semester and something eventually has to give.
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