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  1. rustygrooves

    Switched On

    A new favorite for me - clever using the opposite perspective, and dynamic enough to reflect the rapid pace of his thoughts - it left me feeling all glowy inside - thanks!
  2. rustygrooves


    Another "complete" joy of a tale - I was, at first, a bit worried about where it was going, but where it ended up is just fine with me ... thank you sir.
  3. Cool story dude - but seriously, I really enjoyed the analogy of the garbage can and the leaking roof - so well crafted I wondered if it may have been your starting point for the whole tale - thanks for another "complete" master(magic)piece💥
  4. rustygrooves

    The Way Home

    As some previous comments I've posted will attest, I've found this story frustrating, but also compelling and well enough written to get me to its end. But once again I'm going to protest to what I don't "get" - this story, in my opinion, would have ended beautifully at the end of the previous chapter - Rory decides to stay, resolving the story's central conflict, and everyone goes home with a smile on their faces. Why in the world the author chose to conclude this tale with this horrific tragedy, with all the characters touched if not scarred by the events, well... I just found it unnecessar
  5. One thing I've yet to figure out with this story - "home" is Nevada - which just happens to be adjacent to Arizona - I mean, you can pretty much drive from Vegas to Phoenix in a day, or from Reno to Flagstaff in about the same - I've done both - so why all the drama? He could go back and forth on weekends for cryin' out loud ...
  6. rustygrooves

    Chapter 49

    Your touch is always magic ... take your time and enjoy the ride
  7. rustygrooves

    Chapter 49

    That bastard Jimmy LaDouche still needs an ass whippin' for throwing a rock through Brando's window ...
  8. Thank you kindly for this new chapter Mr. Cality - looking forward to the next and the next and the next and the ...
  9. Honestly, even Aaron - he's a lot like a boy (or two) I've loved and lost in my past - flawed but fondly remembered - I hope to think of Rory in that way by the time this tale concludes ...
  10. Poor Rory? Seems to me he is his own biggest problem - I've slowly developed a liking ( of sorts) to almost every other character in this story - except him
  11. This author has a tendency to fill his stories with very unlikable characters - in my opinion - and frankly I can't really figure out why. But he is losing me quickly - I'm at the stage where I start scrolling through paragraph after paragraph , scanning for something positive to land on - and the landing happens less and less frequently. I'm asking myself, "why would I want to read about these people and their ridiculous drama?" And again, I cant reason why...
  12. rustygrooves

    Chapter 1

    I've decided I'm only reading your stories that are labeled "complete" - and yeah, this one satisfied that criteria Sooo ... Good job fella and thanks for the reads!
  13. rustygrooves

    Chapter 9

    That was the last chapter of this story for me - I can't waste my time on a story that has not even one likeable character...
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