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  1. Chris  L

    Chapter 69

    I think this is the first time one of the kiddos has said "I love you" to anyone. The first time, with the first kid, to the first dad. Heartwarming!
  2. Chris  L

    Chapter 68

    After a lot of hard work and love, Brad & Co received well deserved bragging rights to someone that can definitely help along the way. I've always found that when someone has an amazing vision, slowly but surely many others lend their support to produce an even more amazing outcome. Think of Malala Yousafzai, Nobel recipient for Peace advocating for girls' right to education. Leonardo da Vinci, one of the greatest intellectuals of the world. Marie Curie, Albert Einstein, etc etc. Each of these individuals had a vision, worked tirelessly toward that vision, and made the world a better place
  3. Chris  L

    Chapter 67

    Good will always prevail over evil!
  4. Chris  L

    Chapter 66

    I often wondered how stupid and morally corrupt these criminals were and then it dawned on me, anyone stupid enough to buy a child as a sex slave is about the dumbest damn idiot on the planet!
  5. Chris  L

    Chapter 65

    So many lives impacted in such a positive way. It's truly amazing the smile, laughter, hug that one person can bring another .... whether its Brad to the kiddos or the young man to his boyfriend or just each and every one of us ... that just lends life that much more happiness and will to live and thrive.
  6. Chris  L

    Chapter 64

    Barrels? Where does it ever stop? 🤢
  7. Chris  L

    Chapter 63

    Heartwarming chapter full of love, care, and concern .... while also stomach churning that families would sell their children knowing full well the future that's in store for them. I'm not sure who is worse, the families selling or the criminals buying. Nauseating!!! I would starve and die before the thought of selling one of my family members even entered my mind!
  8. Chris  L

    Chapter 61

    Egg rolls, dumplings, crab rangoon ... I just had breakfast but drooling after this chapter! Duck sauce .. YUM!!!! 😁
  9. Chris  L

    Chapter 58

    I was good until the anchovy pizza came out! LOL!!!! LOL!!!
  10. Chris  L

    Chapter 57

    With the history of the kiddos being transported and not being told where they were going, I have to wonder if Brad keeping the trip a "secret" was in their best interest or raised their anxiety levels beyond measure. I would probably say the latter since the silence was mentioned.
  11. Chris  L

    Chapter 56

    Like Bill suggested, it struck me odd as well that Sewing and Knitting were offered to the girls - maybe that's just the audience Brad was in at the time. Some of the most amazing welders have been women while some of the most creative fabric designers have been men. I'm glad Brad's mom hit the reset button for me to focus back on the primary function of Sanctuary. Often times, an organization or individual looses site of what's at the heart of making everything tick.
  12. Chris  L

    Chapter 54

    Another heartwarming chapter of rescuing, protecting, and loving those who have nothing to offer in return except their love and appreciation.
  13. Chris  L

    Chapter 52

    "He shot the kid" 😢 It wasn't enough that the kid was emaciated, he had to be even more cruel to him and kill him after such a long suffering. While Brad is focusing on rescuing the kiddos, keeping them alive, and helping them to become healthy and happy adults, I'm leaning more and more toward a missing aspect. While I oppose vigilante justice, eye for an eye retribution, and barbarian actions in general, I can't help but wonder what would happen if there were a UN sanctioned elimination team infiltrating these rings and leaving no prisoners while ensuring the safe transport of the kiddos to
  14. Chris  L

    Chapter 51

    For some reason I get the gut feeling that Emily is going to be reappearing soon as the instigator of trouble looming on the horizon.
  15. Chris  L

    Chapter 50

    I was thinking along the same lines as Tony, why build a trade school when there's already vocational technical schools in place. No need to duplicate services, just add to what isn't there. On another note, when Brad was talking to Aaron about needing a doctor to check everyone over, that had to have felt like a slap in the face to Aaron. He's a Nurse Practitioner that is fully qualified to evaluate, diagnose, manage, and discharge patients with a supervising physician in many states. Just felt like an ouch that I'm sure wasn't intentional but had to have felt a bit demeaning to Aaron.
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