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  1. Chris  L

    Chapter 14

    Just getting better and better! An angel, with an amazing tenor voice, trumpeting to the world I LOVE YOU!!!
  2. Chris  L

    Chapter 13

    It does say a lot about the love and commitment they share. When someone does something like that, it says a great deal about trust as well - the foundation of a relationship.
  3. Chris  L

    Chapter 13

    Sounds like the grocery store is getting covered, plans are in the works to start up the orchard and begin farming, and home improvement on the horizon. These boys are going to need to hire someone soon! LOL!!!
  4. Chris  L

    Chapter 12

    Some say a first time is simply the act. I say the first time is when you actually give yourself to the one you love and share that moment together. THAT is a first time worth remembering!
  5. Chris  L

    Chapter 11

    We always take care of those that mean the most to us. The grandparents are wise in setting up their estate now based on his mothers actions thus far.
  6. Chris  L

    Chapter 10

    Sounds like the grocery mart is doing quite the business and Mr Thomas should be happy. The boys are currently working 6 on 1 off so part-time help is definitely needed. Working those hours, even at minimum wage, the boys should be accumulating a nice bank account since almost everything except their lunch is free.
  7. Chris  L

    Chapter 8

    Who needs hot water when you have those two steaming the place up? LOL!!!
  8. Chris  L

    Chapter 7

    “Showering together" ... yep, that definitely took longer than the first ones alone! LOL!!!
  9. Chris  L

    Chapter 6

    Dad's support was amazing but the funny part was when they both jumped in the bed. It reminded me of doing that same thing with a friend in college - the flimsy support board broke when we jumped on the mattress sending us both tumbling through to the ground. So much for romantic college memories! LOL!!! LOL!!!
  10. Chris  L

    Chapter 5

    The newest and best addition to my vocabulary ... ass waffle! LOL!!!! LOL!!!!
  11. Chris  L

    Chapter 5

    That must be a awfully small shower or those boys haven't discovered showering together is a LOT more fun! LOL!!!
  12. Chris  L

    Chapter 4

    Grandpa is very wise in the way he's handling Tony's past. Obviously the event was somewhat traumatic to Tony so gentleness is love put into action.
  13. Chris  L

    Chapter 3

    Sometimes those connections happen and it's the most beautiful and wonderful thing to both individuals. Who know, one might've even ended up asking the other to marry him and is still walking on clouds! 🥰
  14. Chris  L

    Chapter 2

    If only more in the world has such compassion.
  15. Chris  L

    Chapter 1

    Who wants to bet his mom was a church going, god fearing, bible thumping, ass-hat? 🙄
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