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  1. Chris  L

    Chapter 7

    Forward looking and enjoying every minute though, I'm concerned about Jeff, knowing Claire's ashes are in the very lake they're going to visit in Italy. This trip could be a time of intense feelings for Jeff. I'm sure a great joy will be felt just having a minute with Claire and telling her all about the boys. Connection and closeness are amazing emotions but also a two edged sword bringing great happiness or immense sadness. Hopefully the prior will prevail here. 🤞
  2. Chris  L

    Chapter 5

    Young love, such a beautiful thing. Like the sun rising, "the greatest sight nature has to offer!" I anticipate Jeff is old school and doesn't want his home turned into a brothel, but who couldn't support young love between two young men that's obviously in love with each other? Guessing this is exactly what got Toby tossed to the curb initially but undeniably, Ron is not only a lover but also a confident to be trusted. I'm not sure many teenagers or adult are comfortable just telling someone they were contemplating suicide the way Toby shared it with Ron. I'm pretty confident Jeff also realizes that with Ron being there, Toby will heal and adjust more by having those around him that love him and there's no question that Ron and Jeff both do.
  3. Chris  L

    Chapter 4

    Couldn't agree more❣️ This mentality is waining in the distance as the "new business mentality" takes over. Customer service is the exception as opposed to the norm and loyalty to the company and brand is being replaced with the illusion of greener grass and dangling carrots. Nowadays, when someone truly exemplifies caring and ownership, I ask for a supervisor and praise that individual with constructive and quantifiable feedback so that the behavior might be acknowledged and replicated. I've literally stopped escalating and complaining at this point, I just hangup and hope to get someone better on the next ring up.
  4. Chris  L

    Chapter 4

    If only more would first, understand what they believe, and second un-shroud organized religion for what it really is there would be so more happiness and compassion embracing the world instead of the separation and exclusion that so many in the world believe in. CLJ said it very well, (paraphrase) one can't pick and chose just to suit their purpose. Faith is an amazing thing. Religion not so much. Thank you for sharing your soapbox
  5. Chris  L

    Chapter 4

    “Most investment firms believe they need a lot of upfront capital, money,” Jeff is a very wise Financial Advisor, anyone looking out for the investors best interest can start with anything and make it something. Very much enjoying these stories, they incorporate the compassionate as well as the common sense sides. While it takes nothing to help someone, through good financial planning having something does help. 😉
  6. Chris  L

    Chapter 3

    Acting humanely in an often inhumane world, how refreshing! ❤️
  7. Chris  L

    Chapter 29

    Young adults, reasonable rates, knowledgeable manager and staff, new equipment and facilities .... how could this gym not succeed! Though, 60 members @ $50/month just to pay the salary ... how big was Clarion again? LOL!!! Though, to date nothing has really been about ROI but what makes them happy. I'd imagine investments are producing way more monthly disposable income than need be concerned with expenses. Luv the fun and business aspect of the story as well.
  8. Chris  L

    Chapter 27

    The way to a man's heart is through his stomach ... the way to a boys heart is through 4 wheels. LOL!!! LOL!!! ONLY KIDDING! I can only imagine Jeff kissing the car as how happy he was and, knowing Alan, it probably wasn't a beater while definitely practical. Just curious though, driving around for 3 months to all of the historical sites, what's the new car got on it know, about 25,000 miles? LOL!!!
  9. At one point in this story I was a bit confused - Marcos and Ramon. Maybe a typo or foreshadowing, not sure but confusing nonetheless. Very enjoyable reading the story unfolding. The love between Luis and Aidan is amazing and so very intense. The heart goes pitter patter more than just a little.
  10. Chris  L

    Chapter 26

    Wow, while I wondered why the adoption was only in Cody's name, I think it was pretty clear that the judge overruled Child Protective services just to award Cody legal custody, I can't imagine what would've transpired had both their names been on the adoption papers as a gay couple - a damn coup probably. Would one rather the boys have a loving home with two loving parents or two names on a piece of paper than can, and probably will, be amended in the near future to include shared custody / guardianship? Thinking from a big picture approach and immediate outcomes, I easily accept the former. Let's be totally honest, just looking at the state America is in right now socially, discrimination against ALL persons of a minority is alive and well. A hyphenated name IS a big deal when dealing with ruthless students as well as some insensitive teachers. I think CLJ clearly indicated a teacher had already explained what being a foster child meant resulting in Nels and James being treated as somewhat second class by their peers. I make this observation in retrospect of how they shared with their peers they are now Cody's sons. From that, I gather there was some discrimination suffered by the boys from their peers. In regards to Cody being a gold digger ... OMG and WOW! I recall the story clearly indicating that it's what Alan wanted and he was trying to figure out how he could get Cody to leave his working job so they could be together. It's not like Cody is just sitting around the house doing nothing, he is very much an equal participant and provider in the relationship with a full-time job of father and student. I would agree with CLJ that in an age different relationship, the older tends to be more nurturing and compassionate wanting the younger to have the opportunity to succeed and achieve without as many struggles. The younger either takes the opportunity, as Cody has, and excels or, like others, abuses the support and ends up destroying a potentially beautiful relationship.
  11. Chris  L

    Chapter 24

    So enjoying this story and the great memories of London and the UK it brings back. I think the kids will learn there's some really great food and then there's things like kidney pie, haggis, and black pudding. Problem with the next few chapters coming up, I'm going to have to be sure and eat before reading, especially as we begin our culinary tour through other parts of Europe. YUM!!! Hahahaha!!!
  12. Chris  L

    Chapter 23

    Hahahaha!!!! When I saw that GIF the first time, I literally laughed out loud. LUV IT!!!! 😂 🤣😂
  13. Chris  L

    Chapter 23

    Flying is the BEST!!! Especially the first time!!! This family vacation brought back so many fond memories from childhood as well as the many enjoyable trips across the pond. What struck me was the pleasantry of the clerk recognizing Alan ... London hotel service is beyond reproach! I always look forward to Conrado greeting me by name on arrival while also making sure every detail is taken care of. After reading this chapter, especially with the state the world in in right now, I'm feeling a vacation coming soon! ... in full hazmat attire of course! LOL!!!
  14. Chris  L

    Chapter 22

    Holy macro batman, Dad and Pops are filling the house up and Andy is all smiles. Opening home and hearts to two young men entrusted in their care, a new brother for Andy, Rich coming on the scene more and more, as well as a wilderness of opportunities for the boys to grow up in. Add to that a month in Europe to open young minds to new cultures. Just an amazing story of compassion, love, and caring for one another and others. Truly, two cups overflowing and touching so many lives in such positive ways. ❤️
  15. Chris  L

    Chapter 20

    It's frustrating that some have prejudiced views of what loving parents and a home should look like. Clearly, over the last couple of chapters, we've seen the love that Alan and Cody have to share as well as the warmth of a nurturing home environment. Clearly, Andy, Jeff, and Rich are proof of the love and validation that these two gentlemen provide to them or they wouldn't feel welcome or keep returning as often as they do. As a positive thinking individual, I see and UP-SIZE coming to a house near you! 😉
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