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  1. Chris  L

    Chapter 162

    Building a new college is similar to building a new house, all the fun accoutrements to choose! lol
  2. Chris  L

    Chapter 161

    The relationship Marie and Adam have always makes me laugh and smile. I do wonder though, with all the boys of the academy, it seems everyone is dating someone of a different gender and getting married. I would imagine one or two of them would have a different disposition, wanting to date someone of the same gender, and live happily ever after.
  3. Chris  L

    Chapter 160

    Dad will no longer be visiting Adam ... I'm sure that was hard on Adam after so many years of having a guardian angel and all the sudden he's vanished to be heard from no more. I'd miss that to be honest.
  4. Chris  L

    Chapter 159

    Off with the balls! 😂 Probably be a LOT less crime if Adam was in charge! lol
  5. Chris  L

    Chapter 158

    At the beginning of this chapter my heart was light and celebrating the wedding along with everyone else. At the end of this chapter, my blood was boiling - how could anyone stoop so low as to take advantage of a sick woman, essentially robbing her, and leaving both her and her son to starve and die??? FUMING!!! 🤬
  6. Chris  L

    Chapter 157

    Adam summed up the key to his success and many others in a few short words "This has been a project of love for me.” ❤️
  7. Chris  L

    Chapter 156

    Here's the Greek Heroic Code: aristos, arete, and aristeia - these three words embody what a hero is regardless of gender.
  8. Chris  L

    Chapter 155

    I like how Adam has a vision and a drive. The Board is being given the opportunity to support but he who holds the purse strings will do as he pleases. LOL!!!
  9. Chris  L

    Chapter 154

    I know how Stephen felt when the food was placed in front of him on the flight. I get food placed in front of me and I'm like WTH, a mouse would've eaten less! LOL!!! LOL!!!
  10. Chris  L

    Chapter 153

    A heartfelt reminisce of endurance, transition, love, compassion, and the bright future ahead. A great chapter to start the morning and the week ahead! ❤️
  11. Chris  L

    Chapter 152

    Adam said he "was to get a major blip" ... I'm sure Gerry's already had more than a few "major blips". LOL!!!
  12. Chris  L

    Chapter 151

    Adam got the cart a little ahead of the horse there. Hell, we all have done that in life and one point or another. Everything will work out.
  13. Chris  L

    Chapter 148

    Anxious to hear what the pressing matter the Ambassador arrived for.
  14. Chris  L

    Chapter 147

    The swift efficiency and justice of Adam. Some though will never learn ... or just damn stupid!
  15. Chris  L

    Chapter 146

    And that my friends is known as some 'whoop ass'! 😂
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