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  1. Chris  L

    Chapter Eleven

    Oh hell yes, every time I've headed over that way I've been fortunate to remain a bit healthy, but now after 8 years, I keep finding more and more yumminess while there. When I found hopia, being healthy just went out the window - I kept telling myself the beans were healthy! LOL!!! . All their wonderful pastries and foods just make me crave it now that much more. If you haven't tried a Brazo Mallows Cake, try opioids instead because they'll be less addictive! LOL!!! LOL!!! If only I could have some good Pancit right now ... ❤️
  2. Chris  L

    Chapter Eleven

    I am definitely going to get fat if Freddy keeps going to that damn bakery! LOL!!! Having returned from 2 months in the Philippines doing volunteer medical work, my mouth watered a chapter or so ago when Ariel made Pan de Coco as that was part of my meriendas everyday ... along with pandesals in the mornings for breakfast ... OMG, yes, I made some after that chapter. Rick and Freddy are definitely keeping it interesting, and good for each other, but what I found intriguing was Freddy's father ... a quite man, validating his son, and running the peace between his bible thumping opinionated mother while lobbying the sheriff to bring his son back to town. Still not sold on that damn kale spinach swirl of puke but liking him nonetheless. GO ARIEL!!!
  3. Chris  L

    Chapter 1

    Holy crap that was a great story! Always the hopeless romantic here and finally, the Cinderella ending a gay couple deserves as well. LUV'D IT!!!!
  4. Chris  L

    Chapter Ten

    WOW, from hating you to humping you. One has to admit, Freddy definitely gets to the point without beating around the bush. Another great chapter that is light hearted, makes one chuckle, and keeps that anticipatory factor alive just wondering what craziness, that's believable, is going to happen next. LUV IT!!!!
  5. What a joy to read 'BEST MEN' and experience the healing / validating process unfolding right before our eyes. I too am definitely looking forward to your next chapter and thank you for sharing your gift of prose with us all.  

    1. Superpride


      Thank you very much for providing your thoughts on this story since every comment boosts my motivation to write. And thank you for expressing why you like reading Best Men. I really appreciate it. More chapter are on the way 🥰

  6. Chris  L

    The Waiting Game

    WOW, did not see that one coming - David Marcossi! .... and Corbin on the humpity horse once again. David is definitely coming across as a likable character and someone that is very intriguing all the same. Genuine, caring, concerned, and naive in so many ways. The awe of innocence. I like him! Corbins first IFC meeting went off without a hitch, taking the advice of the VP to lay low, yet he caught the eye of someone ... a Chip of sort. The banter back and forth to The Homestead was intriguing to say the least ... maybe even flirty. A hand, a thigh, and what next? Those long road trips in the car when a hand just seems to find its way there. Damn, that brought back a memories! Thank gawd we never crashed! LOL!!! LOL!!! And then there was Pete .... Oh Boy! 🙄 FANTASTIC chapter as always. Definitely got spoiled during the reading marathon and now can't wait for the next installment. Oh, and happy National Donut Day everyone! 100 year old recipe and going strong!
  7. Chris  L

    Aged to Imperfection

  8. Chris  L

    Aged to Imperfection

    Guess that makes two Okiegrads binge reading. Haha!
  9. Chris  L

    Aged to Imperfection

    Austin, the great sage! Sometimes, often times, people come into and through our lives that mold us and shape us into who we are today. I can see Austin, Roberto, and Hutch are Corbin's molders at this juncture. Finally the clay is getting a little less watery, more moldeable, and is beginning to form into the impressive individual he has the opportunity to become. No one could've said it any better than himself, when with David, Corbin acknowledged he was maturing, taking accountability, ownership, and responsibility of his actions. This is the Corbin - a fine young man - that one would hope one day he would grow into. The prassy, sassy, chug-a-lug is finally growing up. Though, I wonder, would Pete have made it to this point on his own? When insects are drawn to a light do they really have a choice? One might argue yes but the reality is that when two magnets are in proximity of each other, there is a force that cannot be denied. I actually think and believe that had Pete and Corbin met and just allowed the friendship / relationship to evolve along a natural progression that Pete might have been more open to a loving, enveloping, caring, nurturing mate than the often hateful, reactive, bitchy bitch that he encountered all too often. Peter was scared shitless and confused about the boner moaner in his pants after he kissed Corbin the first time and it sure didn't help instill any confidence for Corbin to rip him a new asshole when he was already disturbed by what had occurred. All that would do would be to make one withdraw even farther from the feelings that he may have had in the first place. I think Pavlov reiterated that for every college freshman through his reinforcement studies. All that said, I'm glad we are where we are, moving forward in a positive manner. Definitely looking forward to seeing who's sitting on Corbin's bed. Is it Pete? Possibly. Is it David, still there? Very likely. Is it Lee, to scratch an itch? Practically. Maybe it's Mike? A little too early yet. Lastly, Nick? For amends? So I wonder what it is that Pete wants to talk about since the Freshmen are occupied, Nick has pledge duties, Mike's still in lockdown, and, from Corbin's intuition, Peter would've been at the dinning hall during the time he was there ... except he was the surprise, in private, sitting on Corbin's bed, waiting .... Yes, enquiring minds want to know
  10. Well, Hutch has been tainted and honestly, I would've expected more from him. He seemed like someone that was above all that. Guess he got drug into it whether he liked it or not. Honesty just isn't a trait I see going here. On another note, while the sexual adventures of Corbin got my ass pounced on, I stand by a HUGE different between the sex we see here between Corbin and David and the sex Corbin had in previous chapters. Sex there was just "using" someone for Corbin's own gratification or need. In this chapter, the sex Corbin had with David was something completely different - it was a bonding, truthful, mutual, no hidden agenda that the reader is made aware of. A great read and so glad we're getting out of the mire hatred and more into what caught my attention in beginning to read storyline - the emotional tie the writer envelopes the readers into having with characters. Maybe the reason I despised the bitter-bitch Corbin chapters is because those aren't feelings I'm accustomed to or try to emulate. Definitely beginning to like David more and more and the new path Corbin and Pete are taking. For once, Corbin is having a conscience about the actions he's taking. While not completely, based on the venomous engagement with Hutch, much better. Refreshing and reading on.
  11. Chris  L

    Tear Night Pt 2.

    And this is the chapter I've been waiting for. Sure, some may call me a hopeless romantic and chide fun at that aspect of human nature but that doesn't mean one loses their brain in the process. Pete is my kinda guy, a feeler and a thinker. I agree wholeheartedly with his words about loathing Corbin, I too detested his actions toward Peter ... not even once considering the internal turmoil that Pete was going through inside. When someone comes to terms with themself, it's not anyone else's timeline that that occurs, it's that individuals. Also, spineless people that out others because "they" feel that's what should be done. Shame on you! Pete couldn't have said it any better, "I refuse to succumb to that and get stuck in a decision you forced me into making!" Basically Corbin, and everyone else that has demanded someone move on their agenda, go shove it up your ass. After I clear my head, if you're still in the picture, so be it. If not, it wasn't worth the time of day anyway because of your selfish, self-centered, all about you ways. Sure, like everyone I hope that the relationship between Corbin and Pete work out and they live happily ever after. Unfortunately, as much as we love someone, sometimes we have to let them go to see what the future holds for both. Kinda of like Letters to Juliet and the years it took for Claire and Lorenzo to finally come together regardless of what happened those many years ago in 1957. The beauty is that in that very wake, as a firefly sparkling in the night, comes another very natural togetherness - Sophie and Charlie. So yes, someone may chide hopeless romantic and not being realistic in todays world but I'd rebut, I'd rather live a hopeless warm romantic and happy than a calculated cold pragmatic and bitter one. It's quite evident that Corbin and Peter care deeply for each other by the heartfelt caring, concern, and love that was shared in that recovery room. The question remains whether tearing down those walls of dishonesty can now lend to building back up the fortress of love. We shall see!
  12. Chris  L

    Tear Night Pt. 1

    HUTCH, once again, shows the leadership and mental fortitude as a leader instead of a lame-ass. As tense as the relationship has been between Dom and Corbin, one can't really begrudge Corbin for the leverage move he played against Dom. Had it been anyone else, Hutch for example, I'm hoping Corbin would've just shared as a brother would. Of course, if you act like a stoic jackass the entire time - which Dom pretty much has been presented as - asking a favor is really a bitch ... especially when it's from the one person you've ostracized the whole time because you're a homophobic asshat. My question, how does one go 3 1/2 years without getting a little ... that's just unheard of. Says a couple of things loud and clear - he's a lazyass, a dumbass, or just an ass in general...
  13. Chris  L


    Good gawd! Loathing, self-destructive, wallowing, self-centered, obnoxious ... need I even go on because the dictionary is full of the words to describe Corbin in this chapter and the last few. I've honestly never seen a person act in this manner. To put others down to make themself feel better. Talk about friends, Hutch and all them should win awards to try to intervene instead of just telling him to go fuck himself and kick him to the curb. I think I might've just said fuck-off to Corbin and left it at that. How on earth is anyone friends that lashes out that much? I'm holding my breath he makes a 180 soon ... for everyone's sake!
  14. Chris  L

    The Line

    Oh gawd, not another "this is the one for me" replay from Corbin. Seriously Corb, is commitment even in your vocabulary? I honestly think Pete is now the lucky one because had you and he started a relationship, you would've cheated on him at least 3 times in the last 3 days. Pete doesn't deserve that. To try and justify it by saying it was for the fraternity, for the good of mankind, for the sake of the universe, really now, how far does justification go when you're screwing everything that moves???
  15. Chris  L

    The Bitch Is Back

    WOW! What can I say except I didn't see that coming. Nick a bottom??? Corbin a top??? Pete not even in the picture??? What happened to the paraphrase if you come with everything, I'll drop everything no matter who I'm with and be with you? And this manipulation bullshit that Corbin has going on ... if this is the kind of seniors we're production out of IFC, no wonder the world is so fkn screwed up! Everyone trying to manipulate everyone else without giving a rats ass about giving back genuinely or caring about others genuinely. If Nick's job is to "entertain" Corbin and never let it get boring, kind of pathetic don't ya think when a grown ass man can't entertain himself. The word squirrel comes to mind when I read about Corbin ... not enough attention or investment to stick around long enough to see what happens before getting smacked by a car. No offense but come on Corbin, you're better than that. Pete, step up. Nick, stop being the enabler. We won't even talk about Mike at this point who is still in jail.
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