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  1. Chris  L

    Chapter 7

    ZIP BOOM BOW! Great Scott Batman, is it another Saturday episode in front of the tv? Loved that tv show growing up as a kid and sometimes the words just come back from somewhere. Haha I can hear the theme music playing as I type this. Great, now I got that song stuck in my head all day! LOL!!! LOL!!! Was Alexander poisoned or not? My personal view, Alexander died of a broken heart over the death of Hephaestion. History records that at his death in October of 324BC, Alexander flung himself on the body of Hephaestion and sobbed uncontrollably all day. Alexander died a few months later in June of 323BC. While Alexander had 3 wives and many concubines, I believe he had only one true love and that was Hephaestion - his friend from boyhood to death.
  2. So enjoyed this story. Then ending was just as Alexander's tomb in real life - shrouded in mystery (sand). Sometimes, things are just meant to be left to rest in peace and maybe that's what the sand was saying - it's time to let Alexander rest in peace.
  3. Chris  L

    Chapter 8

    Alexander the Great! Still inspiring 2344 years after his death! Excellent story! Thank you!
  4. Chris  L

    Chapter 7

    Holy crap, this is AWESOME! I never thought about the tug of war on the burial of Alexander though I do remember reading of the discourse over who would reign in his place as well as the his body. So can't wait as they uncover more. Excellent!!!
  5. Chris  L

    Chapter 6

    WOW, Zeus and Amun - Greek and Egyptian. So enjoying this mystery unfolding. Can't wait to understand the history of the temple as the archeologist undercover and share more with us. Amazing how dreams give us clarity to the complex.
  6. Chris  L

    Chapter 5

    It's amazing the lost knowledge and use of situational architecture. While it is used today in some buildings and homes, it's definitely not used to the extent it was then in order to let the maximum light in yet minimize the heat exposure.
  7. Chris  L

    Chapter 4

    So enjoying this story. It's like Sherlock Holmes in archeology! I'd be the same way, sitting on the temple at sun-up.
  8. Chris  L

    Chapter 3

    Definitely a leave of absence is in order! The excitement of uncovering something like that would definitely be hard to curtail - at least for me. Also, the patience of waiting for the sand to be moved ... I probably opt for a HUGE leaf blower but then lose all the artifacts! LOL!!!
  9. Chris  L

    Chapter 2

    So enjoy Greek history. Great chapter and eager to see what they find. Too bad school session restarting got in the way. I can only imagine how torn one must be to have to put such an exciting find on hold while letting someone else continue on.
  10. Chris  L

    Chapter 1

    I'm ready for some adventure!
  11. Chris  L

    Chapter 16

    Karma has a way of filling our lives in ways we can never imagine. It always pays to be a positive example to the world and fill it with love and kindness.
  12. Chris  L

    Chapter 15

    And now the boys are walking around with smiles on their faces and no clothes in the kitchen! 🤣
  13. Chris  L

    Chapter 14

    Momma got a gleam in her eye for Ephraim and Marco got more than a gleam, he's about to need more support in those jogging shorts if this keeps up!
  14. Chris  L

    Chapter 13

    I think Marco's feeling is a little lower than the gut! LOL!!!
  15. Chris  L

    Chapter 13

    Throw away kids aren't an option and a deep faith would be associated with no religion that taught that!
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