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  1. 62Sooner

    Chapter 37

    I won’t lie and say “well worth the wait” because I hate the waiting. But damn what a great chapter. Poor Zach is on such a wild roller coaster and Brody is his security or safety net on the ride. I felt so bad for Brody, he clearly knows Zach is up to something, something that is life altering and Zach gives him the credit. Credit for what? Brody doesn’t seem to handle this part so well and we can only hope that the courage he has given to Zach does indeed payoff. BUT, why do i have this nagging feeling that this Mr. Raffe character and his apparently lack of respect for Zach or at best indifference, will just ignore what Zach writes. Zach is putting all his marbles in play with someone who has shown him no respect. That is brave and truly a sincere cry for help.
  2. 62Sooner

    Chapter 57

    How the hell I missed that chapter, I'll never figure out....must have had my head firmly lodged up my ass. Great chapter update on Richie....What are these weird issues going on with his cross-over? You better not make him weird or a copy of Alec...I'll hunt you down, Boys Town isn't that big Ha Ha!
  3. 62Sooner

    Chapter 57

    Thanks Comsie, of course now I remember about Doc. I guess I need to go back and read the other chapter because no bell went off with your explanation about Richie. Can't wait til next chapter when he and Justin are reunited. That could go really bad or be such a huge uplift.
  4. 62Sooner

    Chapter 57

    Ugh I stay so confused....I don't remember what Justin did to doc? Someone help me out. Also I asked about Richie last chapter or the one before and someone said he was mentioned a few chapters prior to my comment, led me to believe Richie was already awake. ugh I stay so confused!
  5. 62Sooner

    Chapter 20

    Just let yourself into someone else's home without even bothering to knock. Nice friends the brat has.
  6. 62Sooner

    Chapter 18

    My sister is 13 years older so I never had to grow up with a pesky sibling, if anything that is how my older brother considered me to be. I know I'm about ready to pound Sarah's face into the ground in a cat fight yelling "he's mine, mine, mine, now fuck off bitch"!
  7. 62Sooner

    Chapter 15

    Comsie, I've made single donations in the past, years ago. I looked on Imagine's website and clicked donate only to get a message that the site couldn't currently accept donations. I found one other place, but it appears PayPal only. Do you have a way to accept credit card recurring donations?
  8. 62Sooner

    Chapter 13

    These boys are just so freaking adorable. Love this story Comsie. I know I say that about anything I read that you write, but seriously, this story and Billy are 2 of the sweetest.
  9. 62Sooner

    Chapter 9

    How did I miss this previously...Shane is a ginger...Oh damn Deme, I'm jealous jealous jealous. I've always wanted to play with a ginger...for some strange reason my husband seems to think if I do that would be cheating. I think it should be an exception in our marriage vowels.
  10. 62Sooner

    Chapter 7

    OMG! Deme and Shane are so cute. I love the time spent at the park and oh my making out in the dark basement, just WOW. Being in the dark probably helped them both with their nerves and allowed them to proceed with out the awkwardness that might have been present otherwise. Great great great chapter Comsie.
  11. 62Sooner

    Chapter 6

    These chapters keep getting sweeter and better. I love how this is progressing. Its the sad thing about same-sex attraction, you are scared of your feelings and sometimes can't express yourself to the other person when you don't know how they truly feel as well. Its scary to lay it out there and not know if you are going to be rejected. This is true for str8 kids just starting to date or get to know each other as well. But with being gay, you don't even know if the other person is gay or str8 and trying to figure that out can be frightening as hell and if you get wrapped up in the other person and they aren't gay, its just crushing, maybe worse than just being rejected for other reasons. I really love the flow of this story. Can't wait to see what develops at Deme's home.
  12. 62Sooner

    Chapter 4

    Comsie, this was a very sweet chapter. I hate that Shane might have some doubt clouding his head. Maybe its Deme's culture and his just overly friendly, but it sure seems like he is sending strong signals to Shane.
  13. 62Sooner

    Chapter 1

    yet another one have started more than once (I can this about several actually). I do find it more enjoyable on this site than Nifty. I guess it is just so much easier to leave feedback. This is a sweet story and I look forward to seeing how far I get this time, perhaps I'll catch up to current chapters.
  14. 62Sooner

    Chapter 36

    You know forget what I said about this particular story having a conclusion. I’m so drawn in, that it could go on forever. I do want the father to be hit by a bus, but I want to see the dynamics of these 4 boys develop further with the now shared knowledge. I especially want to see a love story with Brody & Zach. So yeah, let’s destroy dear old pops and move on to something really great. Now I shamelessly plug for another chapter, is today too soon? tomorrow?
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