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  1. Thomas tried not to take phone calls while he was driving, unless it was Jared or Jonathan, so by the time he got to his office, there were voicemail messages and emails banked up awaiting his attention. He dialled up his voicemail account and heard the following “You have fourteen new messages. First new message.....” “Good morning Mr Steadman, this is Hilda from St. Martha’s nursing home, please call me regarding the planned presentation for next week.” “Second new message....” “I need to speak to you urgently regarding Mr Price’s visit to St. Vincent’s shelter, there may be a
  2. Wombat Bill

    Bar Talk

    I have no idea who these people are and won'even bother looking them up. They sound to be of no consequence.
  3. Oh, they're back already. GREAT!
  4. Wombat Bill

    Bar Talk

    Yes, @ReaderPaul the 2 Js do seem to be skating on thin ice. Will it be Thomas or Craig who breaks that ice first? @Summerabbacat, you do disappoint me. It is ABBA's multi-generational appeal that was the reason for choosing their songs. is the teaser at the end of the chapter an indication of the imminent collapse of the Steadman/Haynes relationship? Perhaps, perhaps not.- Brave prediction. And thank you not, for that image of "other' bleaching. I'm sure it will stay with me all day. Some astute observations @NimirRaj, if you are right, there could be relationship brea
  5. So, @Summerabbacat it's a big thumbs up for Juanito, now rescued, rehabilitated, and almost revered. Yeah I've gave it a try, but am no competition for our @ReaderPaul, the awesome, artist of alliteration.
  6. Not sure I like the change. Yes, the 'Check it Out" change is good. However, all the icons look the same, especially on small screens. To older eyes they all look like smiley faces. The previous icons were immediately identifiable. Bring them back please.
  7. Edward asked Juanito “How are your plans for the gay and seniors’ functions going?” “Pretty good really. I’ve got two Abba songs to sing for the seniors. Something not too upbeat and a bit old, but I think they’ll be appropriate to a political function. I’ve learned Take a Chance on Me and The Winner Takes it All.” “And for the gay function, are you going to debut One Eata?” “I’ve rehearsed a few songs but still a bit nervous about frocking up.” “Don’t be, if you’re not nervous about singing then it should be even easier when you have a mask to hide behind.” “Really?”
  8. Juanito arrived home around midnight, absolutely exhausted after a very long day of lectures at college and accounting work at Poppy’s after college. Romel had gone to bed earlier, but Edward stayed up late watching old episodes of Midsomer Murders, which he had previously seen but could never remember whodunit, so to him they were always a new mystery to be solved. He had a particular reason for staying up tonight. Almost zombie-like, Juanito went to the fridge for orange juice, said hello and good night to Edward, in the same sentence and disappeared into his room. Edward wait
  9. When Price arrived at work, his secretary was busy on the phone. He nodded good morning to her and headed for his office as she tried to get his attention, while simultaneously trying to end her phone call. “Yes, I’ll give him the message, Four Corners program is it?” She dropped the phone and raced after her boss in an attempt to speak to him before he saw the newspaper on his desk. “What is it Prism?” “I just wanted to warn you that today’s newspaper is...ah...somewhat...that is it will be...upsetting to you.” “What are you babbling about woman?” “See for yourself Mr
  10. Wombat Bill

    Some Good News

    Some interesting observations about the Prices, @NimirRaj, @ReaderPaul, & @CaJu. Popular opinion seems to be that Price does not have what it takes to be a politician.
  11. Wombat Bill

    Some Good News

    @Wombat Bill rarely (if ever) introduces a character into his works and then gives them nothing to do. @Summerabbacat's comment is from the previous chapter, commented upon here as it would be a spoiler if put at the end of the previous chapter. When Johnson was replaced by Jared, and his name mentioned, it was so Jared would have to do something difficult to prove himself. There were no other plans for Johnson at that time. It was only later that Johnson said I have a motive, an itch that needs to be scratched. Just another example of how the characters sometimes write the st
  12. It took Jonathan a few days, after the publication of the newspaper article, to calm down enough to speak to his wife. “Nia we need to have a serious talk about what happened.” “Good, I have been waiting for you to apologise, about time.” “Apologise!” “Yes for calling me an old boiler in public. What were you thinking of, making a statement like that on a night when you were supposed to sucking up to those that you want to vote for you. I could scarcely believe my own ears.” “Then did you hear yourself call me a poofter?” “Only after you insulted me, you set the t
  13. So, that's one vote for Virginia, one for Bernard and @Summerabbacat 's vote yet to come.
  14. Oh so true, and haven't we seen a perfect example of that, in real life, over the past four years.
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