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  1. Without thinking of them as flashbacks at the time, I am guilty of this, particularly in my first story (Catering With Benefits) where most characters got a chapter of their own past. 

    Some stories, particularly murder mysteries, will use flashbacks to give you a clue, long after you've already decided who dunnit and then you have to think about it again. I don't like being fed information piecemeal like this, it can become annoying. 

    Modern TV series are particularly fond of this. To the point where sometimes it's difficult to tell where you are in the story.

    But back to writing. I don't mind using or reading flashbacks to tell a character's history or an event that shapes the person. But when it's done just to appear arty, you loose me. The question I ask myself - is it necessary to further the story, or is it just used to fill a blank page. One further observation to throw in - life is lineal but memory can be anytime.


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  2. I may be a bit late coming to this topic, but here's my two cents worth anyway.

    I discovered GA during the pandemic, so there's a positive to start with. 

    At the time I was writing a story about a teenager coping with the pandemic in Sydney, Australia. It started off as a silly idea and progressed to a romance naturally. Thankfully the disease was well managed here and we did not have large numbers of deaths or civil unrest. I wrote the story to reflect the times and included references to real events and news snippets. Then I discovered GA, half way through my story and started posting. I was amazed at the interest and caught the friendly bug, that of being a GA author. So all good news.

    When I finished The Covids, I went back to a couple of stories I wrote two years ago. When writing them they didn't have a date, other than being current. Then when I included some real events the story was dated. Fortunately it started in 2017, so I had a few more covid-free years to work with. I merged the two stories and have now posted them complete while I work on part three which brings my up to 2019. That's dangerously close to 2020, so 2019 may be a busy year as I slow the pace. I don't think I will write anymore about the pandemic. If my story goes into 2020, it will be as the style says "fiction".



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  3. What are your thoughts on writing stories on the run. I did this with 'The Covids' and found myself responding to readers comments. I then decided I would not do it again.

    I am currently publishing stories that have been pre-written, however readers still make comments that I take on board, and sometimes respond to those comments by adding to the story. This was especially so when I published a couple of short stories with new characters. Readers requested to see more of those characters, so they will appear in future chapters of the ongoing story 'Catering with Benefits'. 

    While I don't expect readers to influence the direction of the story, it s rewarding when they voice their approval of new characters and want more of them. 

    Is writing on demand a thing?

    Readers and writers please let me know of your experiences on this subject. 

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  4. I guess I'm still a newbie, been a member since September. Just discovered this topic when looking at the profile of a new reader of my story.

    I started writing a few years ago when confined after some surgery. I thought I would just write a short story to fill in some time. Then 80,000 words late I realised  I had written a book. I published it as an ebook on another site. Then I found  a second book inside me, and after that nothing for about a year. When I was grounded by Covid lockdown, I had a silly idea about the name Covid and wrote a short chapter about a teenager who had a problem with his name. I sent this to my friends and got a good reaction, so I wrote another chapter and so on. When I discovered GA I published a few chapters to test the waters. I was thrilled when I discovered that people liked my story so I continued to write  in real time. Thank you to all the members who have supported my writing and  thanks to those that run this site and give amateur writers an outlet.. 

    Of course the story takes place in my home state of NSW Australia, where daily Covid cases are now down to zero, restrictions minimal and we are returning to normal. As a result The Covids will soon end and I will move onto a new project. 

    Regards, Bill

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