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  1. 2 minutes ago, ChaosDevin said:

    Ozric Tentacles - Floating Seeds


    That's what I'm currently listening to.

    Oooh I like it, it's got sort of a... how do I put this... I could see this being used in the Menu of a fuckin good video game. Or one of those Demo Disks from back in the day that you got for Playstation and PS2. 

    As for my song 


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  2. It comes for all of us at one point or another. The dreaded writers block is the bane of any writers existence. Nothing is worse than when you're on a roll and all of a sudden you hit that brick wall where you just can't squeeze out anything creative towards that project. What do you do under such circumstances? 

    Usually what I do is I ask questions of my story and my characters until I feel out where the snag is and fill out those answers accordingly. That tends to do the trick for me most of the time, but even then it can take some time depending on how much information I'm missing to continue the story naturally. I'd be interested to hear what tricks and techniques other people have learned to break through writers block. 

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  3. 16 minutes ago, Solus Magus said:

    This sounds so...boastful but I consider this story I'm working on as Epic/High Fantasy given that I had to make so much research in re-creating a new world. And yes, the Kandric Saga is an epic story. I've read it almost ten years ago and the big skip between updates really made me forget the main plot. So, if I have time, I might re-read it again soon. I also saw your project and I could relate. I'll give it a go once I finish the first book of my story. I do hope you can check it out. And maybe, we can give each other constructive criticisms.

    Creating our own world is a fascinating project. And sometimes, I wish I could literally visit inside it to see what it would look like. LOL. I'm a fan of hard magic systems and I took notes from Brandon Sanderson to give it a balance. Eventually, I plan to make my own language but I might need help from a professional linguist. JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, George RR Martin, Brandon Sanderson and JK Rowling are mostly my huge inspiration for creating this project. 

    When it comes to characters, I don't like putting everything in "good" and "evil." Rather, I'd like all of the characters to be in the gray area wherein each person is capable of doing "good" and "evil." Even the main antagonist I have in mind is not necessarily "evil." I really think that antagonists who have so much humanity and redeeming qualities in them are the best kind of antagonists. 

    Sounds like this will be right up my alley then! I will give it a look! 

    I look forward to seeing your thoughts on my little stories. If there is one thing I enjoy it's people experiencing something I created. 

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  4. On 12/4/2020 at 8:19 PM, AC Benus said:

    Since it's December, I thought I'd show a different sort of nut cracker... 


    (Come on, now! Chuck Norris in Daisy Dukes - It don't get no better than this! :) )


    I can just FEEL Chucky boys insecurity all over this picture lol. 

    "I don't like this. Change the name! Call them uhhhh...action pants! Yeah, Action Pants! That's manly! Also, photoshop me wearing a Boot! And label it that this is Adult Sized, I don't want people thinking it's not adult sized! 

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  5. On 11/25/2020 at 12:35 PM, Myr said:

    I'd argue more that it would be any element you introduce into a story and spent some time on.  Unless you are writing a mystery story of some sort and are seeding the story with your rope, wrench, lead pipe, candlestick and have Professor Plum hanging out in your library.

    canada lol GIF

    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  I do agree though that anything you are investing time in (versus a throw away mention of something) should have a pay off

    I'd also argue that it depends on which type of story you are writing. (M.I.C.E. - Milieu, Idea, Character, Event).  If you are writing a primarily Milieu story, then spending gratuitous amounts of time world building for the sake of world building is par for the course.  (Hello pages and pages of songs in Lord of the Rings)

    Probably a long winded way of saying yes, mostly. ;)


    I actually stumbled upon the MICE Quotient while plowing through a lecture series by Brandon Sanderson that was relatively recent. He had a guest speaker in one of the videos that talked about it. I've found it's super useful with figuring out what a scene's purpose is in the greater story and what the goals are of that specific scene. 

    I think you're right about adding that caveat about narrowing the set up and pay off requirements to elements you're investing time in with the story. That said, the proverbial cigar can say a lot about a character depending on how you use it. What KIND of cigar is the character smoking? How long have they been smoking them? Has it changed their voice any? What is the setting they are in opinions on smoking? What is the characters opinion on their own smoking habit if they even have one in the first place? 

    There's a lot you can play around with and make payoffs for later with something as simple as a cigar. 

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